Best Windows 10 Equalizer to Improve Audio Output of Your PC

For an avid audio listener, you may want to try Windows 10 equalizer to get the best audio experience. Windows equalizer can improve the sound quality of every type of media you play on your Windows 10 PC. Whether it be a video or audio-only files, the improved audio from Windows equalizer will enhance your viewing or listening experience.

As you may know, there are a lot of software out there which effectively improve the sound quality of your Windows PC. Just like the driver needs to be updated and the registry cleaners to take off the junk files, Windows can also use the Windows equalizer to make the best out of its audio system. If you are not satisfied with the default audio settings in your Windows 10, you can try to look for an audio equalizer to make it right. The audio equalizer can improve the quality of the current audio settings in your Windows 10 PC. With the right optimization, you can enjoy the better quality of the audio from your Windows 10 computer.

Windows equalizer works by setting up the elements of the PC audio to the best quality it can get. Overall, the equalizer will improve the sound quality of your Windows PC. Windows equalizer operates mostly by enhancing the bass or treble of the PC speakers. After setting up some of the toggles on the equalizer, you can try to listen to the audio to test it.

In order to help you in deciding which audio equalizer works for your Windows 10, you can try to look at the list we have provided below. Check out the best of the Windows equalizers to boost up your PC audio quality and see which one works best for you.

Windows Equalizer


It is a common knowledge that with its new version, Windows provides a lot of software to satisfy their user’s needs. Despite the continuous updates and many types of services it offers, some of the services still leave things to be desired. When it comes to improvements, additional software is necessary to Windows 10 services. Besides the default services and programs from Windows, a lot of developers have created their own software which purposely improve the certain Windows programs.

It does not come as a surprise that a Windows equalizer has the importance of improving Windows audio quality. As such, the Windows equalizer has the task to manage the audio equalization on your Windows PC. The way it works is to set up the balance between frequency components. Basically, the technique of the equalizer is designed from the adjustment of the real musical instruments. At the past, all the big instruments create the thing we call equalization. These instruments are now known and transformed digitally as equalizers. Today, you can manage the setup for equalization on the Windows audio on your own with this program called Equalizer. This software will help you do exactly what the old musical engineers did at the past with only a few taps and clicks. By using Windows equalizer, you can have the best version of audio to listen to from your Windows PC.

Best Windows 10 Equalizer

Best Windows 10 Equalizer
Best Windows 10 Equalizer

When it comes to Windows 10, you have a lot of choices for software to install. One of the many types you can find is Windows equalizer. Windows has a great setup in many things, but not much of an improvement in the audio quality. In case you want to make the best out of your Windows audio, then you can simply install the best Windows 10 equalizer immediately.

The equalizer will do the job well in managing the quality of your PC audio output. Instead of going by the default settings, you can set the audio of your Windows PC the way you like it. Manage each one of the audio pieces, such as Equalizer, Surround, Environment, Base Management, and others. By using Windows equalizer, you can manage all these audio features as you want them to be.

Time to check out the real deal of this Windows equalizer subject. Take a close look a the list of Windows equalizer we have curated below. Each one of the equalizer apps has unique features which surely can help you set your Windows audio better.

Windows 10 Default Equalizer

As you know, Windows has the default audio settings which work accordingly in every type of media you play. However, that does not mean you cannot play around with it. As a Windows 10 user, you can set your PC audio with the built-in audio equalizer which serves ten bands audio equalizing.

In order to get into the Windows built-in equalizer and set some features on it, take a look at the steps we have listed below.

  1. Look for the speaker icon at the right-bottom corner of the Windows taskbar.
  2. If you find it, go right-click on it.
  3. Among the choices presented, select Playback Device.
  4. Soon after the Sound dialogue window will appear.
  5. Look for the Playback tab and right-click on the Default Speaker.
  6. A list of options will appear. Click on Properties to continue.
  7. Soon after the Speaker Properties window will show up.
  8. Look for the Enhancement tab and check for the equalizer checkbox in the scroll list.
  9. At last, Sound Effect Properties will be displayed below the list.
  10. Have fun adjusting your Windows audio in the way you like.

Equalizer Pro

As one of the well-known equalizer software on the internet, Equalizer Pro will certainly measure up to its name. You can trust the audio equalization with Equalizer Pro and get the best quality in return. Aside from being one of the best equalizers in the market, Equalizer Pro is also user-friendly. In addition to equalization, Equalizer Pro can also function as an audio enhancer. Make sure to make the best out of this equalizer software for it specializes in the bass, mid, and treble segments.

As far as we can tell, none of the equalizers out there can beat the greatness of Equalizer Pro. Other than setting the bass, Equalizer Pro can give the Bass Boost effect which will blow up your speakers. This effect can increase the audio low tones without risking the sound to be messy. Equalizer Pro provides 10 band equalizing and has up to 20 presets. In addition to the default presets, you may also make your own presets. Set the equalizer yourself so you can have a great movie viewing or audio listening experience.


Get the FXSound equalizer to get the best audio quality from your Windows PC. As most of the equalizers on this list, FXSound serves the purpose of enhancing the sound of your Windows speakers and make it terrific. FXSound is equipped with the booming bass, crystal clear audio, and high fidelity tools which can give you the best audio quality. All of these can give you access to customizer your own preferred audio settings in real time. FXSound offers the best studio-quality listening experience without requiring a high-end speaker or headphones.

The FXSound equalizer operates in the background and provides a seamless 3D surround sound experience. It works by reprocessing sound frequencies to mimic a studio quality listening environment. Get the FXSound equalizer to make the best out of your Windows audio quality as you like.

Realtek HD Audio Manager

You may have probably heard about this Windows equalizer. As one of the most recognizable equalizers, Realtek HD covers all the ground of audio management in the best way it can. You can enhance the quality of your Windows audio with this software tremendously.

Realtek HD Audio Manager is more than a Windows equalizer. Other than its default settings, Realtek HD is also operated through an open source. You can get a lot of options for a graphic equalizer for Windows 10 with this program. With Realtek HD Audio Manager, you can manage the audio settings on your device speakers, microphone, stereo mix, and line-in. Just like the common equalizer out there, it is equipped with a ten band equalizer setting. Not only that, but it also provides the sound effect options separated in two categories which are Equalizer and Environment. You can easily operate this program as it has a user-friendly interface. Do not let the simple interface fool you because Realtek HD Audio Manager has a lot of packed features in its settings.

RealTime Equalizer

If you still have the old audio files in your Windows 10, then you can try RealTime Equalizer to make the best out of it. This software has the capability to process music files like that of WAVs and MP3s. It can also modify the audio signals in real time and allow you to have a better audio listening experience. Other than that, RealTime Equalizer also allows you to set the frequency spectrum transmitted during the playback. This software can amplify the sound level within ranges from –INF to +90 dB in two intervals. You can easily operate all of these features from RealTime Equalizer because it has an easy and simple interface.

Bass Treble Booster

If you only need one thing to make the audio output of your system great, then try out Bass Treble Booster. This software provides simple and great Bass and Treble Frequency editor to make the best out of your audio output quality. It is also equipped with file conversion features. You can also use Bass Treble Booster to customize the output of the songs and files in your music collection. In return, you can get the best audio listening experience from your Windows 10 speaker. Use Bass Treble Booster to manage files like MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, WMA, APE, AAC, WV, AIFF, and M4A.


If you want to find a full package Windows equalizer, then this one is perfect for you. As one of the Windows 10 equalizers packed with many features, Viper4Windows is famously known for its equalizer. The equalizer can produce the best audio output of the system. Rather than ten bands, Viper4Windows can customize the audio by the eighteen bands. In addition to the self customization, you can also set your audio output to the available presets like Rock Music, Super Bass, Jazz Music, etc.

Aside from the available settings, you can also set the audio output to the surround option. This setting will help you manage the sound effects depending on different surroundings. Some of the commonly available surround options are that of a small room, smallest room, mid-size room, large room, largest room, etc.

Viper4Windows can also give you an additional feature like ViPER XBass. It will help you to give the bass more juice and amplify the sound quality. Try ViPER XClarity as well to manage the noise distortion. Make sure to set the Reverberation to include various effects, such as wet mix, early mix, pre-delay, and many more to the audio output.

Equalizer APO

If you need an advanced equalizer for your Windows 1o PC, then Equalizer APO will be the best option we can offer. It is one of the Windows 10 equalizers which is regarded to have a system-wide parametric equalizer. Equalizer APO provides an advanced technique to adjust the audio output on the system. Use this feature to improve the quality and power of your speaker sound.

Other than the great equalizer features, Equalizer APO also offers unlimited filters. In order to input a new filter, you must make it in the configuration file. Overall, Equalizer APO has a great equalization capability and a simple technique to operate.

DFX Audio Enhancer

Aside from equalizing the balance of your audio system, you can enhance the quality as well. Use DFX Audio Enhancer to make the best out of your current device audio quality. As one of the simplest equalizer software on this list, DFX Audio Enhancer is fun to operate on Windows 10. This software has all kinds of popular sound effects like 3D Surround, Ambience, Fidelity, Hyperbass and Dynamic boost. In addition to that, you can also manage the sound effects to fit all kinds of moods and situations. Try to use every sound effect available too because you will not know what you miss from this software.

Graphic Equalizer Studio

Try Graphic Equalizer to adjust the audio output of your Windows 10 system. This software can fix the errors in the Windows sound app or DVD Player software easily. The way it works is it will correct the audio stream as it detects the errors. Graphic Equalizer Studio is also provided with Limiter and the Compressor. These features will allow you to check whether the audio signal is too low or too loud. Try Graphic Equalizer Studio to make your movie viewing experience greater than you could ever hope.


Windows 10 is equipped with many wonderful things, but you can always improve it. One way to improve the quality is to install audio equalizer. As the sound output from your Windows 10 improves, you can get the best experience of movie viewing or audio listening right from your current device. It does not take a complicated method to get it done for many Windows equalizers out there have the easy interface. Try one of the equalizers we have curated above to make a difference to your Windows audio quality.

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