Best and Trusted Solarmovie Alternative Sites to Visit in 2019

If you love streaming movies on Solarmovie, prepare to find a better Solarmovie alternative to improve your movie viewing experience. Solarmovie may give you all the types of movies to watch for free, but you can always look for a better alternative to the site. Instead of relying on the free movie streaming sites, you can use the trusted ones out there to watch all types of movies in their best qualities.

Streaming movies can be easily done as long as you can find one functional streaming site. In this case, you may not only rely on the availability of The Internet has provided a lot of options when it comes to online streaming. In other words, there are a bunch of similar websites which operate similarly to These sites mostly offer the same type of movie streaming services to anyone who accesses it.

Since online streaming has become a great alternative option of entertainment, Solarmovie has proven to be one of the most talked streaming sites out there. Among many other websites like Coke and Popcorn and Project Free TV, Solarmovie is included as a free movie streaming site. The free streaming site comes with a collection of popular movies as well as television series to date.

However, the free site also comes with many other things which barely have any relations to movies in general. Aside from the free access, is a heavy ad-supported site, to begin with, which means the site is crowded with a lot of ads. Too many ads can often disturb your viewing experience. Therefore, we have curated a list of Solarmovie alternative websites which may improve your viewing experience. Let’s start off with the legal alternative to Solarmovie below.

Legal Alternative Movie Sites to Solarmovie

Alternative Sites to Solarmovie
Alternative Sites to Solarmovie

Instead of streaming movies from free online websites, like, you can use legal streaming sites as an alternative. Compared to, legal streaming websites have a lot more to offer and a bunch of movie collections with higher quality. In addition to that, you can get exclusive contents as well as non-stop entertainment every day.

No muss, no fuss. Just tune in the legal streaming sites to pick which movies you want to watch at the moment. Unlike, legal movie streaming websites provide various contents from the past and current releases. When a new movie heads its way towards an official release date, the legal sites will be the first one to get it. In addition to the Hollywood blockbuster productions, legal movie websites also offer a variety of original contents which will expand your movie viewing experience.

If you are keen to improve your own movie experience, then legal movie streaming sites may be your best choice. Always trust these alternative websites to Solarmovie to give you whole new content to feed your curiosity. If you are interested in this notion, take a look at the list of legal movie streaming sites we have curated below. Find the best Solarmovie alternative site that fits your preference.


If you enjoy watching many types of movies and series, then you will please to have HBO Now as to your choice of Solarmovie alternative. As one of the most renowned movies streaming websites out there, HBO Now has managed to produce a lot of high-quality contents under its brand. Aside from its own original series, like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, HBO distributes a lot of movies as well. You can tune in HBOW Now through portable devices and smart TV screen alike. Since HBO Now stands independently as a branch of HBO service, you can enjoy every single one of HBO contents from your HBO Now account.

One thing you should take note before deciding to use HBO Now is the availability of HBO providers in your country. There must be available providers for HBO Now in your area or else you cannot use HBO Now’s service.


As of today, most people from every corner of the world must have already known what Netflix is. In case you do not know yet, Netflix is home to many kinds of recently famous movies and series in 2018. From Stranger Things to Mindhunter, Netflix has provided all types of contents from different genres over the years. With its vast movie collections from around the world, you will be pleased to have Netflix on your TV screen.

Netflix has all kinds of movies and series stored in its library. A famous series, like Friends, has been in the Netflix library for more than four months. Aside from the usual popular flicks, you can also stream original contents from Netflix itself.

If you wish to use Netflix as your alternative to Solarmovie, then you have to make an account first. Simply go to the Netflix home page and fill in the required information to pass through the registration process. Once your account is verified, you may log in the official Netflix site. Afterward, you can browse all kinds of movies and series you want to watch.

From the get-go, you can see the new and most popular movies and series to stream on the Netflix official home page. Once you find the movie you like from the home page, you can simply stream your select movies on Netflix with the best quality. Unlike, there will be no annoying advertisements flying over your screen all the time. For the first-time user, you can try the streaming experience for free during a trial period. You can access all kinds of movies and series from this streaming site for free within a 30-day trial. When the trial period ends, you may continue to stream the movies and series from Netflix with a paid subscription.


You may know Hulu as the competitor for Netflix today. As another legal movie streaming site which is currently on the rise, Hulu has what it needs to be one of the best streaming sites today with its diverse contents. Unlike, Hulu will actively provide the best and recent contents from popular movies and series for you. Other than the contents from the cable channels, Hulu produces original contents in forms of movies and series as well.

You can enjoy all the contents Hulu has to offer if you subscribe to Hulu first. As a legit Solarmovie alternative, Hulu will provide you all the options of movies and series which will surely entertain you all day. Aside from the high-quality contents, Hulu will regularly update its movie and series collections every month. In other words, Hulu’s collections always change over time according to the new releases and the contents of the month. With Hulu, you can expand your view on movies with all kinds of movies and series provided from different genres and styles.

Similarly to any other legal streaming websites, you must make an account first to gain access to Hulu. Once you get your verified account, you may explore and enjoy all kinds of movies and series available. If you are a first-time Hulu user, you can stream everything for free during a trial period. When the trial period ends, you can continue to stream any kinds of movies and series from Hulu with a paid subscription.

Amazon Prime

As you may know, Amazon is a famous delivery agent which provides great service across the country. Other than providing great delivery service, Amazon also produces and distributes movies from its subsidiary site called Amazon Prime. Just like any other legal movie sites, Amazon Prime compiles all kinds of movies and series in its neat library. Aside from streaming its collection of movies and series, you can also access a whole lot of different channels from this streaming site.

If you use Amazon Prime service, you may get some interesting deals from Amazon. Aside from the promo from the streaming service, you may also get to enjoy the additional features from Amazon itself. When you make a subscription to Amazon Prime, you can get a free shipping deal, pay deals, and other specific features from Amazon. All of these can be simply achieved by only paying one bill of the streaming service.

Get more special service from Amazon Prime if you are a student. Eligible students may get up to six month trial period with .edu email. Once the trial period ends, the eligible students will only be asked to pay half the price of the premium subscription.


As one of the legal movie streaming sites out there, Crackle surely has a chance to give you a better chance at expanding your movie experience. In comparison to, Crackle has a better-curated collection of movies and series no matter if they are recent or old. Aside from providing the movie and series collections, Crackle also provides anime streaming service. Even though the Sony Pictures streaming site still lacks a lot of features, it can still give you a legit movie viewing experience.


As one of the alternative websites to, Vudu can easily fulfill your movie streaming needs. This streaming site serves you with all kinds of recent movies and series to date. Contrary to a couple of streaming services on this list, Vudu allows you to download movies and series from the site in the best quality. You can start off by browsing each corner of Vudu’s library for the movie or series you wish to watch. Other than that, you can also search the specific title and look on the genre tab to find the ones you look for. When you have found your favorite series, you can look for the download link below the video. To download the video, you will only have to press the download link. Afterward, select the video quality which is compatible with your device. Finally, just wait patiently until the downloading process is done.

Tubi TV

Just like any other legal movie streaming sites on this list, Tubi TV provides all kinds of movie and series with the best quality. Unlike free streaming websites, like, Tubi TV manages to keep their collections in order. In case you want to try out Tubi TV service, you have to make an account first. Once your account is verified, you can log in to Tubi TV site and enjoy every content available on the site.


If you live in Asia, then you can stream every favorite movie you can think of on Hooq. This streaming site will make your movie time more interesting than ever. Unlike any other legal streaming sites on this list, Hooq offers everything produced by Asian movie production to its users. Ever since its first launch in East Asia and India, Hooq has managed to provide every single type of movie and series from different countries. As one of the best Solarmovie alternative websites, Hooq can give you access to streaming the most popular and recent movies to date.

If you have a membership on Hooq, then you can access a lot of different types of series and movies. You can start off from the popular and recent movie tags to search what movie you look for. If you do not manage to locate the movie or series you look for, you may simply type in the movie or series titles on the search bar. As a streaming platform for Asian television series, Hooq will make the best Solarmovie alternative for you.


Another Asian-based streaming site which is worth a try is Viu. Just like Hooq, you can stream your favorite movies and series with the best quality here. Unlike free movie streaming websites like Solarmovie, Viu provides the best of the oriental movies and dramas aside from the most popular movies to date. Apart from the Asian contents, Viu also provides the movie and series collection from across the world as well. As one of the most known movies streaming sites in Asia, Viu also curates a lot of different movies from Australia, USA, UK, India, Japan, and many others. With Viu, you will be able to expand your movie knowledge.

Enjoy the diverse movie and series collection from Viu to improve your streaming experience. Unlike the other legal movie streaming websites, Viu will allow you to access every kind of movies and series from its library through both premium and free subscriptions. In a way, you can explore and stream everything from Viu for free. If you wish to get premium contents, then you can subscribe to Viu.


As a new streaming site based in Southeast Asia, Iflix slowly climbs up to be a reliable source for a movie streaming platform. Since it can get difficult to access sites like HBO and Hulu in Southeast Asia, Iflix offers a legit streaming platform which will fulfill your cinematic experience need with up-to-date movies and series.

Just like any other online streaming websites, including, Iflix curates all the web series and movies from across the world. In case you want to take a look, the website main page is full of the choices you can pick. If you have a specific title in mind, you can search it under the categories of movies and series available on the site. In case you want to try new things, you can try to stream Asian movies and series on Iflix. Just simply click on the genre tab and begin your search.

As a legal movie streaming site, Iflix will readily provide every type of movies and series to your screen. Once you get your membership, you can simply access the site. In case you cannot find the movies and series you like from the categories tab, then you can type down the title of the movies and series alike in the search bar.

Free Alternative Sites to Solarmovie

Free Movie Sites like Solarmovie
Free Movie Sites like Solarmovie

In case you want to stream movies for free, we have curated a list of free alternative websites to Solarmovie for you. Other than the legal streaming sites above, free alternative sites, like, can also provide good contents as well. Even though the choices may be limited, you can still stream every available movie and series on each respective free site below.

Pluto TV

Stream movies for free like there is no tomorrow with Pluto TV.  Technically, Pluto TV works differently from the other streaming sites. Instead of picking movies you wish to watch from the library, you can choose which channels you want to stream. It works similarly to Amazon Prime channels in essence.

With this feature, Pluto TV gathers an extensive collection of movies provided by its diverse channels. You will get to enjoy all kinds of documentaries, indie films, original content, network television shows, news, web series, and many more. Aside from the general TV programs, you can also tune in contents from CNET, IGN, and many other independent sites.


As the streaming site operating like YouTube, Vimeo has got to be on the radar of streaming freaks like you. Vimeo provides a platform for many individual and aspiring filmmakers out there. This site can also make a great option as a Solarmovie alternative. Unlike any other streaming sites, Vimeo is provided with a sharing video feature. In other words, Vimeo allows you to upload your own content. You do not need to worry about the video quality on this site for Vimeo always provides HD videos. If you like to watch independent or short films, then you can try Vimeo as your own Solarmovie alternative site.


If you look for a movie streaming site which provides classic films, then you can visit SnagFilms. This site provides a great alternative to explore the old time. As a fine choice for Solarmovie alternative, Snagfilms curates all types of rare indie films instead of popular films. Ever since its first launch in 2008, SnagFilms has proven to be a legit indie film streaming site with around 5,000 films in its collections. With SnagFilms, you will not need to make an account to enjoy and stream everything on it. If you cannot access the site for some reasons, you can stream the movies from the SnagFilms app.

Besides old and indie films, SnagFilms also curates all types of documentaries within its collections. If you wish to explore more of non-mainstream contents, then you can definitely try SnagFilms. Stream all kinds of older films and B-rated films to expand your view about old cinema. With SnagFilms, you can get the best contents about independent cinemas.

Even though SnagFilms provides free service, it has a strict regulation about its movie collections. Unlike Vimeo, SnagFilms manages its collections instead of providing user-uploaded movies. Even so, SnagFilms still makes an exception to directors who want to submit their movies for a review.

IMDb Freedive

Every movie freak must have known a site named IMDb. While the site has known to provide movie and series information, it does not provide a streaming service. Ever since Amazon took the brand name, IMDb now has a movie streaming service called IMDb Freedive. You can watch every movie available on IMDb Freedive from FIre TV. Every Fire TV user in the U.S can stream all kinds of contents on this site for free.

In case you do not reside in the U.S., you can try to use the proxy network to get to know about this streaming site in depth. In doing so, may find a lot of movies and series which you cannot find in any other free platforms. Enjoy contents varying from genres like documentaries and historical biographies on IMDb Freedive. Other than the rare movie collections, you can still find the usual popcorn flick to spend your free time.

Retrovision Classic Movies

In case you love black and white movies, then Retrovision Classic Movies will make a fine choice as your personal Solarmovie alternative. Unlike many other free streaming sites, Retrovision Classic Movies serves all kinds of classic goodness to the table. Even though this site mainly streams old movies, the quality can be guaranteed as there is a team who inspects each one of the movies on this site. Enjoy your visit to Retrovision Classic Movies for free. By simply typing the name on the web search bar, you can get access to the site with one click.

Unlike the rest of Solarmovie alternative sites, Retrovision Classic Movies offers a vast collection of classic movies dated back from the 1930s to 1960s. You can stream all kinds of classic horrors, dramas, and sci-fi movies on Retrovision Classic Movies without worrying the paid subscription.

Film Chest

If you are a sucker for a classic movie, then you can try to stream from Film Chest. As a media company which solely focuses on restoring and archiving classic films, Film Chest has a lot of historical films in its collections. Despite the traditional archiving system, Film Chest allows you to easily browse the site through its simple user display.

As of today, Film Chest has about 2,000 films in its collection. You can find some of the movies in other streaming sites as well. Do note that this site has the right to restore some of these films instead of only functioning as a streaming platform. In other words, Film Chest provides the kinds of movies you find on the other sites with better qualities.

Find every classic Hollywood production dated from the 1930s and 1940s on Film Chest. Aside from the old Hollywood dazzle, Film Chest also includes foreign films in its collection. The old movies will get through the restoring process first so you can enjoy them in the best qualities.

Asian Crush

Enjoy the heart-fluttering contents from Asian movie and series productions provided by Asian Crush. You can watch all kinds of Asian movies and series on this website for free. Besides watching the movies and series, you may also watch anime here. Explore the site’s library with ease through its neat interface. Overall, you will have a nice experience if you choose to stream movies on Asian Crush.


With the name like Popcornflix, you will definitely get to enjoy all kinds of exciting movie contents for you. As a legit alternative site to Solarmovie, Popcornflix has a lot to offer. You can stream any kinds of movies from public domain movies to the original contents from this site for free. Pick any movies available from Popcornflix library varying from different categories like drama, action, comedy, horror, and many more.

In case you are in need to watch TV series, then Popcornflix can simply give you the right contents. You can stream all kinds of series you love straight from the Popcornflix library. Just like streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, Popcornflix also produces original content under the name of Popcornflix Originals.

Navigate your way to Popcornflix easily through its great interface with a neat and simple layout. Explore the collection of movies and series under the Movies and TV Series categories. If you further, you can find the neat sections and find the movies and series to stream online.

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