How to Use Whatsapp on PC without Phone 2019

How to Use Whatsapp on PC without Phone 2019 – You do not own any smartphone or your phone just broke down? Or, do you have any login problem using your android cellphone? You probably want to know the other way to access your WhatsApp account.

How to Use Whatsapp on PC without Smartphone

How to Use Whatsapp on PC without Smartphone
How to Use Whatsapp on PC without Smartphone

In fact, WhatsApp can be accessed through several ways aside from using phone. This article is going to show you those ways about how to use WhatsApp on pc without Phone.

The Simple and Easy Ways on How to Use WhatsApp on PC without Phone 2019

The Simple and Easy Ways on How to Use WhatsApp on PC without Smartphone
The Simple and Easy Ways on How to Use WhatsApp on PC without Smartphone

The first way is using Android SDK. The download process may take some time and it will use some space on your PC. The second way is using WhatsApp Web. This kind of web or desktop is the official version to use WhatsApp on your Mac or PC.

On the bad side, you will still need your phone to activate WhatsApp using this method. You have to scan the barcode that’s displayed on WhatsApp account in your phone to activate WhatsApp Web.

The third way is using Third Party Software which is commonly used to access WhatsApp. The examples of this third party software are WhatsApp+ and WhatsAppMD. However, this method of how to use WhatsApp on pc without Phone is not being recommended because since 2015, WhatsApp Company has threatened users who use this third party application.

Besides they will be banned, they will also be blacklisted for using WhatsApp in the future, even if they create new account or use new number.

The last way about how to use WhatsApp on pc without smartphone is by utilizing some android emulators. It is probably the most recommended way to access WhatsApp as it is legal and there are many choices of android emulator in the internet to fulfill your preferences. The usage of Android Emulators will be explained in more details in the next paragraph.

Android Emulators to Use WhatsApp on PC without Smartphone

Android Emulators to Use WhatsApp on PC without Smartphone
Android Emulators to Use WhatsApp on PC without Smartphone
  1. BlueStacks

This emulator has Android interface that suits Mac and Windows Computers. It allows you to download and operate applications you usually use on smartphone from Google Play Store, and WhatsApp is not an exception.

The company that made it, The BlueStacks Company, was founded by Rosen Sharma on 2009. He was a former’s board member and has worked also with McAfee. Recently, BlueStacks App Player has millions users to perform Android apps on PC.

Now, move forward to the important part of how to install BlueStacks on computer as one technique you can try in term of how to use WhatsApp on pc without smartphone.

How to use WhatsApp on PC Without Smartphone Using Bluestack:
  • Open the browser on your PC, then type com and surf that site.
  • You will find button to download BlueStacks, just waiting for the applications to be downloaded. The file you will get is still the installer product, so it is still not being entirely installed in PC or Mac yet.
  • Open the installer and start the installing process. You have to click twice on the downloaded file.
  • There will be some manuals or instructions in the screen. You just have to follow them carefully. Commonly, you will have no problem in doing this step because the guidance is pretty easy to follow.
  • Once you are sure that the BlueStacks has entirely been installed on PC, open it by clicking it twice.
  • Well, there are many kinds of Android apps. It makes a rather long list, so you have to find WhatsApp application carefully. If you are not patient enough, there is a search bar that will help to find the apps you want. In this case, it’s WhatsApp that you are looking for.
  • You will find WhatsApp, and all you have to do is click the install button then wait.
  • After WhatsApp is installed in your Mac or PC, just open it and input your phone number. Since you have no mobile phone number, just input your home phone number. WhatsApp should have given you a verification code afterwards, but the verification code wouldn’t be delivered because you use unusual format of number. The WhatsApp Company will notice with message that informs the failed verification process.
  • Next, click Call ME option. The automated message will be sent to your Home Phone Number from WhatsApp Company. This will be an audio message, so listen to it and remember the verification code. Of course, you just have to input those numbers into verification code section and your WhatsApp will be successfully installed to your PC.
  1. YouWave

YouWave will be the best choice if you want an easy method to download and install WhatsApp on PC. Besides, this android emulator gives some Android games you can play as well. Just like the other emulators, it will give similar look or interface as if you are using the applications on smartphone. But, the difference is you are using them in PC or Mac.

Another advantage is SD card functionality in terms of sharing your folders, variety of files, or even controlling the volume. Just like downloading BlueStacks, you will have to access the Google Play. It requires lighter resources than using BlueStacks.

If you already have the apk files in your PC then just use those similar files to perform on PC. It also has its own online store where you can literally download everything. This application seems like a worth-to-try method in terms of how to use WhatsApp on pc without smartphone. Now, let’s learn the installation process here.

Learn the installation process here:
  • Download YouWave software in its official website for free.
  • You will get the installer application of Application. The next step is to double click it and you will just have to wait for the process to be completed. There will be some manuals displayed and you just have to follow all of the steps in sequence. Read carefully if needed; click next, until it reaches the “finish” word which marks the completion of process.
  • Work the application once it’s done. You can just click the desktop shortcut. You will see a Free Trial choice, mark that out.
  • Open your browser applications and surf for the websites.
  • You will be greeted by the Play Store websites and all you have to do next is to find WhatsApp Mesengger application.
  • Login with your Google account and click on the install button in WhatsApp Messenger page.
  • The process is done and you can immediately use your WhatsApp account on PC within a few minutes.
  1. Genymotion Android Emulator

This android emulator is pretty unique compared to those two mentioned before. One of reasons is because this version is suitable to be installed on your Linux. There are some advantages for using this kind of emulator.

The first advantage is that it has easy setup configuration process and very suitable for amateurs Linux users. The second is that Genymotion has various compatibilities in terms of devices and android versions, so it is probably the best choice for you who own specific preferences. Other advantage is that you can manage the ration of resources like hard drive and RAM for each device.

Below are the steps to install Genymotion as a part of the way on how to use WhatsApp on pc without smartphone.

How to use WhatsApp on PC without Phone using Genymotion Emulator
  • Install Oracle’s Virtual Box that aims to fulfill the needs for virtual environment. It will suit the Android elements to the Linux.
  • Open your browser, go to Genymotion website and sign up to create a new account. After that, you can instantly install the apps. It has .debi format and just click twice at that link to start the installation process.
  • Open the application after you complete the installation process. Login with the previously made username and password. The next process will be pretty fun. You own shopping cart featuring all of the applications you want to be on your “smartphone” replica.
  • Click next and follow the instructions. Your virtual device is ready to serve.
  • You just have to click “play” and turn on your “phone”. Set the correct time and date settings. The last step obviously is to complete the downloading and installing process of your WhatsApp application.
  • Just ignore the unknown sources notification and let the “Unknown Sources” to complete the process.
  • Drag the downloaded WhatsApp file to your “virtual device” Genymotion.
  • Open the Google Play Up and just simply click OK for every warning you get.
  • To connect your WhatsApp, verification code will not be send through usual phone number, but through the “call me” option just like mentioned above in BlueStacks installation process.

How To Use Whatsapp On Pc Without Qr Code

From the information above, we can conclude that you do not always have an android phone to run WhatsApp account freely. Simply use your PC or unused Mac. The bigger screen, extended life of mobile battery and the ability to run multiple apps or games at the same time will make you consider searching more information about how to use WhatsApp on pc without smartphone.

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