How to fix iPhone Not Connecting to iTunes 2019

How to fix iPhone Not Connecting to iTunes 2019 – iTunes is a popular program of media player which is generally used for downloading, playing, saving and also organizing media files within your Mac or even Windows computer. Furthermore, it also can be used for iPhone.

Moreover, it can help you to backup, manage and sync data on your iPod, iPad, and of course, iPhone. In case you experience some issue when making use iTunes on iPhone, you have to fix it as soon as possible to prevent serious errors like how to fix iPhone not connecting to iTunes 2019.

How to fix iPhone Not Connecting to iTunes 2019

How to fix iPhone Not Connecting to iTunes 2019
How to fix iPhone Not Connecting to iTunes 2019

Your iPhone can possibly having difficulties on ‘connect to iTunes’ display for many reasons. Furthermore, it can be really very insolvent condition as you might not be able to access your phone anymore. Each time you find this issue occurs, you will not be able to access the device as well as unable to fix the issue.

In short, this will occur when you are unsuccessful to jailbreak your iPhone as it should be. Furthermore, another reason might happen when you are trying to upgrade the phone to the latest version of iOS, but it goes wrong.

How to fix iPhone not connecting to iTunes?

How to fix iPhone not connecting to iTunes
How to fix iPhone not connecting to iTunes

As you know, iTunes is such a powerful tool that is fully recommended by Apple to manage and sync iPhone data. Many people use iTunes regularly whenever they want to sync the files from their device to computer or additional device.

However, you may be getting panic when finding your iPhone cannot connect to iTunes. Well, just follow these steps below to fix those problems. There can be several reasons on iPhone to experience that issue, such as how to fix iPhone not connecting to iTunes 2019.

In fact, there are some advices that are provided to overcome this problem. It is fully recommended to restart your phone to resolve this issue. Moreover, if it still continues, you have to re-install the iOS to enable you fixing this problem.

Whenever you find that your iPhone cannot connect to iTunes, you have to check your lightning cords as well as your iPhone lighting port and other ports. It is possible that the cable is in damage, so you can’t connect the phone to iTunes.

This is considered as the first solution to think about since many users miss this thing. They tend to think that their phone is error, but actually the case is just the misplaced USB port.

Quickly inspect your cable and then check for any damages or disputing. If you consider there is a problem with cable, you will need to use your friend’s phone. In case your PC has multiple ports of USB, you could use the other ones.

When it comes to how to fix iPhone not connecting to iTunes 2019, first of all, you can consider restarting it. Take it into account that restart method is only able to apply for Apple devices that include iPad, iPod and of course, iPhone. If your phone stuck on connecting iTunes but cannot do so, restart the device with these methods.

  • If you use iPhone 6 or earlier iOS version, try to press then hold Sleep/Wake along with Home buttons at once for ten seconds right till the logo of Apple come up to the screen.
  • If iPhone 7 is your phone, press and hold on Sleep/Wake button along with Volume down buttons together for ten seconds till the logo of Apple pop up on the phone screen.

When restart method doesn’t work on iPhone to fix the iTunes connecting problems, you are recommended to try reinstalling the iOS. Bear in mind to install the most up-to-date iTunes version on PC to complete this work. As a note, this process can erase all data in your phone. That’s why you do need to back up the phone data first before doing this method.

  • By using USB cables of data, try to connect your iPhone to PC to establish a connection between PC and iPhone. Afterward, put your iPhone in recovery mode. Simultaneously, you will see a message saying that there is an issue inside the device which needs to be restored or updated.
  • Hit the ‘update” button off to start the reinstalling process. During this method, you don’t need to worry to lose the data. Avoid hitting the “restore” button as it won’t install the operating system on your phone.
  • In case the issue still persevere, it will better to advance to the subsequently method.

In case your PC runs iTunes on older version, your phone may not recognize it. If the PC is Mac, try to open App Store and then hit “Update” button at the screen top. If the update for iTunes is available, click right on “Update” button then. You will never see the button of Update if your iTunes is already advanced.

If the PC runs Windows system, go search on iTunes then hit the “Help” tab at the screen top. Afterward, hit “Check for Updates” button off. If the iTunes update available, a message saying update will come up on the screen promptly.

Now and then on how to fix iPhone not connecting to iTunes 2019, you are probably going to perceive a pop-up which ask whether you want the iPhone to “trust” your PC. The pop-up will always appear at the initial time you connect iPhone to a computer.

Well, you enable the phone to hook up to iTunes. In addition, there is an opportunity the iTunes will not recognize your device since it does not trust your PC. In fact you perceive a pop up of “Trust This Computer?” keep in mind to hit “Trust” button afterward.

If your computer runs old version of software, it can infrequently collide with insignificant bugs and glitches. Updating it to the most up-to-date version is such the quickest way to fix the issue as soon as possible.

The Troubleshooting iPhones Problems

The Troubleshooting iPhones Problems
The Troubleshooting iPhones Problems

The last option to fix your phone that does not connect to iTunes is by making use of application from third party. Sometimes, it works to fix the problem. The system recovery of iOS can be somewhat essential and also handy for fixing any kind issues occur on iOS.

It will help you to dispose of death, white screen, frozen screen and also certain conditions wherever you find the iPhone to be fixed. It typically works with the iOS latest version and also supported in both Mac and Windows platform in order to offer the best comprehensible experience.

Just take into account that your whole personal data inside the phone will be conserved, and it’s guaranteed there will be no data loss. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about doing this method.

Installing and opening iOS recovery system is the next step you can take on how to fix iPhone not connecting to iTunes 2019. Connecting your device to computer by making use of USB cable is first thing to start with.

Just wait for it for a while till your computer software detects the device. Right from the software’s display, consider choosing “system recovery” then hitting the “start” button to start the process.

On the next page, you will find that you are asked to fill the detail of the iPhone. During this process, make sure you provide the actual details in such a way that you know how to download the well-suited firmware.

After terminating the information provided, go click on “download” button. It will begin to download the appropriate firmware of the phone automatically. This process might take several minutes since those files are large.

Once the download process is terminated, the software, furthermore will try to restore the device automatically as well as installing the operating system on iPhone. Now, you will be able to reboot your device and it would start as usual.

If your phone still won’t connect to iTunes although you have tried all solutions mentioned above, alternatively, you are recommended to remove all settings along with the contents due to how to fix iPhone not connecting to iTunes 2019. Contrasting with the earlier way out, all data, applications and also personal settings will be obliterated from the phone. Therefore, you have to do data back-ups.

To try this way, go to Setting and click General then Reset straightforward to “Erase all content and settings” button. Afterward, you have to tap “erase all content and setting” in order to confirm. When your phone is already erased, it will automatically restart.

In case you have tried them and find out that your device still cannot connect to iTunes, you don’t have to worry. All you have to do is visiting the Apple Store for further reparations. They will do the best for your iPhone as they will guarantee to give the best service.

Moreover, if your device cannot be fixed due to how to fix iPhone not connecting to iTunes 2019 just like it used to be, they might give you a replacement on a brand new iPhone with the same series.

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