3 Ways to Get Free VPS for Students 2019

3 Ways to Get Free VPS for Students 2019 – When it comes to VPS, you may wonder what VPS really means and how to get free VPS for students 2019. VPS is beneficial for some important things in this digital era including for educational purposes.

While the details may vary one another, the hosting provider typically offers a private hosting service with lower cost. A free VPS would be helpful when you are going to use it to switch your site to get better. The easiness of scalability can also help you to provide an enhanced experience over server users.

In some cases, as students you will be able to make use the account just after finishing your studies as well. Furthermore, the rates can actually increase when it comes to account renewal.

In addition, free VPS generally include bandwidth limitations, disk space limitation and other beneficial features. Besides, there will always be a limitation on websites and projects that’s hosted by only using one account.

How to Get Free VPS for Students 2019

How to Get Free VPS for Students 2019
How to Get Free VPS for Students 2019

It’s such a unique condition when it comes to web development and design for students as well as how to get free VPS for students 2019. As you know, they actually need to apply the most up-to-date networking infrastructure and advanced tools to allow them bringing restricted sources.

In general, it works best on some non-commercial plans. Fortunately, some free VPS providers put forward the hosting plan which designed to fit the students’ necessitate at a rational price.

For your information, each VPS has a definite grouping of sources due to it, even though there’s in excess of one locating within the same server for sure. Sometimes, during the process of creating account, you will be asked to sign up in order to verify that the hosting provider is officially linked with educational institutions.

After signing up, you will need to submit some verification data like student ID to make sure you have already enrolled in certain educational program. In fact, there are several hosting providers that provide some gratis services. However, choosing the one that’s reliable and suitable is somewhat difficult.

For your information, obtaining free VPS for students is easy as you are able to prove if you are student by submitting your student ID to the providers. In addition, there are lots of beneficial offers over free VPS providers especially for student due to educational purpose.

Some Free VPS Vendors to Encourage Your Education

Some Free VPS Vendors to Encourage Your Education
Some Free VPS Vendors to Encourage Your Education
  1. GitHub student developer pack


Visit GitHub to get some promo codes with no charge. You can apply to get some interesting discount for your hosting plans. In fact, GitHub have already doing collaborated with some popular VPS providers like Amazon, Microsoft Azure Cloud, DigitalOcean and others. When you have already got some codes, then you will possibly getting free VPS for few months. In addition, there are some beneficial advantages you can take from GitHub as your VPS providers.

  • limitless private storage area

GitHub provide you with unrestricted private storage to store your applications and data. Hence, this is very beneficial for you in case you need large capacity for storage.

  • Free access to developer tools

When you need some tools on how to get free VPS for students 2019 and your VPS developer provides it, you can get all the tools with no charge. Furthermore, you will also be able to obtain some other features offered.

  • Credit on DigitalOcean

As GitHub has collaborated with DigitalOcean to improve their performance, you can get the credit over DigitalOcean. You can use the credit to making purchase on some features and services.

All educational services offered by GitHub is called a student pack. The pack contains some benefits you can take when using GitHub as your VPS provider. In order to obtain it, there are some requirements you have to follow:

  • GitHub account

First of all, you have to have an account over GitHub. There will be nothing if you don’t have any. Make sure to have the account to get some benefits from GitHub like promos and others. In case you don’t have an account, you can create your account by signing up to the website.

  • Aged over thirteen

Thing you have to fully understand how to get free VPS for students 2019 on GitHub is that you have to be over thirteen years old. This is to prevent some potential risk happen. It’s also used to prevent misapplication on application and data suitable for educational needs.

In addition, there will be a limit of time of having the student pack offered by GitHub. In general, the account will be last up to two years. After two years passed on, you will be able to renew your account. Keep in mind that you still studying in the time you are going to do account renewal.

  1. Amazon Educate Program

Amazon Educate Program
Amazon Educate Program

You may think that Amazon is the only popular online marketplace to sell and buy anything all over the world. However, it’s more than that. Amazon also released a free VPS provider to accommodate your needs on educational intentions.

In fact, it is also considered as a scholarship program not only for students but also for academic researchers and educators. Amazon aims to augment public cloud services alertness among educational communities.

Furthermore, as student you are able to receive some AWS certification series. In addition, it gains some significant expertise since the information technology should be entered.

If you are luckily receiving the grant, then you will be easily provided with beneficial credits service as well as activating your account over Amazon Web Series. Once the credits have been utilized, the subsequent usage of AWS then would like to charge toward the credit card under your account at regular rates.

Once you have received the credit, then you will obtain an easy access that will include instructional record along with webinars. Likewise, educators and students might submit an application of grant making them being a member to receive credits over AWS account as well.

  1. Microsoft Azure for education

Microsoft Azure for education
Microsoft Azure for education

Before this program known as Microsoft Azure, it was known as Windows Azure. This is considered as one of the best products released by Microsoft Inc. the program is not only for students but also for faculties.

Both of them will automatically receive credits with no charge. Furthermore, you can apply for it by submitting your real data throughout the official website. However, it is crucial to verify whether you are a student or a teacher.

In addition, they offer certain gratis credit you can use when running windows or linux over cloud especially for educational intentions. Indeed, there are three main services offered by Microsoft Azure such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

How to get free VPS for students 2019 through Microsoft Azure then? In fact, you will be able to use the service of cloud along with the applications wherever you are. Whole add-ins and macros are carried simply by files of configuration, corporate templates, and local storage.

It works based on general Microsoft Office users sometimes. The chances are you can work with numerous templates on Microsoft Office every day. It’s such a good option to consider as computing using cloud basic is becoming a trend.

Instead of maintain add-ins consume your entire time manually, Azure enable you to manage and update all templates by using one click button.  Thus, it provides instant availability to the latest compliant templates along with the content. You can use this by removing the VPN at first.

Indeed, there are many other providers with particular offers especially for students. Likewise, the VPS is free as you don’t need to pay what you get monthly. All you need to do is obtaining the credit before making use the features.

Free VPS Hosting Forever

The credit card will ask you to do signing up as you must include your real data and information before getting the credit. That’s why you do need to include your student ID to prove that you are real students who need a free VPS to encourage your educational intentions.

In case you are not a student and you want a hosting solution, then you can look for providers who provide the VPS for free without including information and data on your credit card.

How to get free VPS for students 2019 might not be an ideal answer for all websites, however, if you owe for a server improvement, they are worth taking into consideration.

Whist it can be a little bit expensive rather than shared hosting, in fact, they offer more options on customization with enhanced performance as well. Chances are, in a time you cannot give good reason for spending a considerable sum of money on continuing website, VPS is deserve to consider.

In case you keep asking how to get free VPS for students 2019, there are some reasons you have to keep in mind. If you need to outgrow your shared hosting, require additional control on hosting surroundings and you’re not equipped for a dedicated server then a VPS is the right answer.

The term of private server may sound so intimidating, that’s why you will need to fully understand about how to get free VPS for students 2019. With the VPS, you won’t be limited to host some sites like setting up your own VPN or even using it like a cloud support solution.

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