Top 30+ Free Anime Streaming Sites in 2019

Watching anime from free anime streaming sites will allow you to experience all the fun and enjoyment with only one click. Many streaming sites out there provide free movie and series as well as music streaming, but they mostly do not provide anime. It is unfortunate that some of the famous streaming sites do not include anime on their watching list.

Most people that know about the existence of anime streaming sites have mostly constricted within fanbases or fandom. Any defects in our products are corrected before shipping them Peachtree City acheter stromectol to you. This causes many ivermectin dog injection price men to suffer from infertility problems. If you are buying a tablet, you can simply select it and the best offer will be selected, where it. Gemstone jewelry store is a wholesale jewelry & earrings store located in chicago, il, united states. They include differences in adverse where to buy ivermectin in uk Wittlich reactions, differences in prescription, and differences in therapeutic doses. In other words, anime is still largely enjoyed by a certain community. While anime has begun to gain popularity over the last couple of years, it is no denying that the large acknowledgment picked up a bit late. The due time of public acknowledgment largely has something to do with the intensity of internet culture over the last couple of years. By now, most people have at least known what anime is.

As far as the streaming sites go, the most popular ones out there only include Hollywood movies and series in general. Despite their vast libraries, anime still cannot be found under a bunch of blockbuster movies and famous series. That is why anime streaming sites tend to separate themselves from the likes of movie streaming sites.

Free Anime Streaming Sites

Free Anime Streaming Sites
Free Anime Streaming Sites

In order to watch anime comfortably everywhere, all you need is a working streaming link and internet connection. There are a couple of famous anime streaming sites out there. If you have not known about their existence, then you probably miss the most of the delight.

We have curated a list of free anime streaming sites on behalf of the anime lovers out there. Take a look at the list below and see which one works for you.

Anime Heaven – Free Anime Streaming Site

Another anime streaming site worth remembered for its anime related name is AnimeHeaven. This free anime streaming site allows you to explore all kinds of different genre within one click. In addition to anime series, you can also look for movies on this site. AnimeHeaven also offers two options of modes to watch the series. Either you prefer to watch the dubbed version or the subbed version, AnimeHeaven will give it all to you.

Aside from streaming, you can download your favorite anime as well. In case you do not want your video to buffer all the time, you can download the video from Anime Heaven.

Gogoanime.IO – Free Anime Streaming Site

As one of the well-known anime streaming sites on the internet, Gogoanime.IO has curated almost every anime you know and love. The vast library on this site will allow you to stream any kinds of shows you want. If you have a hard time trying to figure out which shows to watch, then you can look at the categories neatly curated on the site. There are New Season, Popular, Movies, and many more things you can explore. If you feel like you want to watch a certain anime, then you can simply type the name of it on the search bar. A list of shows with similar names will show up and all you have to do is click on the show you intend to watch.

Anime Streams – Free Anime Streaming Site

You may not be able to find another a neat display of a free anime streaming site like AnimeStreams. You can pick anything from the site library to watch by looking at each category. If you have difficulty with seeing anything foreign apart from English, you can simply look at the anime with English dub or sub. In addition to the neat interface, AnimeStreams does not have a lot of pop-ups appearing around the website. In case you cannot find the show you intend to watch, you can request it in the fill-in form as well.

Chia-Anime.TV – Free Anime Streaming Site

If you are not familiar with anime, you might not hear about Chia-Anime.TV before. As one of the most used anime streaming sites, Chia-Anime.TV has a specific feature that no other sites have. In comparison to any other streaming sites, Chi-Anime.TV has a ten-time speed which enables you to stream whatever you like seamlessly.

As usual, you can scroll through the home page to look at the recent and most popular anime to date. If you want to browse further, you can take a look at the categories which are arranged by alphabets. You can easily find them all on the home page and click on a certain alphabet to search your favorite show. This streaming site offers a high-quality stream and a vast library consisting of a lot of anime shows. Aside from streaming the anime, you can also opt to download it. – Free Anime Streaming Site

It is not hard to notice what this website is all about from the name only. works best for you who look for free anime streaming sites among the countless number of movie streaming sites out there. This site curates the anime series which have the legal license from US companies. You will not see any annoying advertisements and the other things which pop up to the screen on this site. Watch the show in the highest resolution as well to get the best experience.

AnimeSeason.COM – Free Anime Streaming Site

Many anime streaming sites use anime on their domains, but one named AnimeSeason must be easily remembered among many others. AnimeSeason is one of the best free anime streaming sites you can ask. There will be no annoying ads and pop-ups blocking you from the video you watch. You will also be able to watch your favorite anime with captions as well as animated features in between. Although there is no search bar, you can always look for the anime show you want to watch by clicking on the well-curated category. There is also additional information besides the name of the show which tells you whether the show has been completed or still ongoing. – Free Anime Streaming Site

As one of the best streaming sites for anime, KissAnime provides the best quality of every title of the show you can think of to this day. Along with KissAsian, KissAnime has given the Asian series fans a space to enjoy its contents for free. This free anime streaming site gives you high-quality anime series, television cartoons, and many more. You can find every type of anime on this site along with Western cartoons from the past and the present. Pick the resolution of the video you want to watch in accordance with your internet connection. Everything will work out fine if you have the best connection with the fastest speed.

Manga-Anime Here – Free Anime Streaming Site

Are you a big fan of anime as well as manga? Then this website will be a perfect place to fulfill your need compare to any other sites out there. Manga-Anime Here has a lot of manga and anime shows to offer. As soon as you open the home page, you will see a list of recent or upcoming episodes of the ongoing shows. You will easily navigate the site because it has a user-friendly interface. In other words, it is well managed and neatly organized without rubbish ads in between. The well-maintained home page may look unusual for a free anime streaming site. Manga-Anime Here may seem like a premium site when it is actually free. Check out the home page by yourself to prove it. – Free Anime Streaming Site

As one of the well-known anime streaming sites, AnimeFreak can provide you with all kinds of animes across every genre. The diverse library will be a good ground where you can look up to specific anime genre which some sites rarely include. All the things on this site can be accessed for free as well.

With free access comes the necessary ads. It is only possible for the website to operate for free with a lot of ads to support. You can look for more than 10,000 episodes on this anime streaming site. Considering this is the free anime streaming site with a large number of shows in its library, this can very well be the best choice for an anime freak like you.

Crunchyroll – Free Anime Streaming Site

Another well-known free anime streaming site that everyone knows of is Crunchyroll. As far as anime streaming sites go, this site is best known for its diverse content and availability in certain countries. Aside from anime, you can also look for Asian drama on this site. You can simply explore the list on the homepage or go straight to the search bar to type the show you intend to watch. Alternatively, you can explore the category tag in case you want to explore more of the genre of certain anime.


As one of the best of free anime streaming sites, Funimation offers a lot of anime collections for anime lovers out there. Its library includes all kinds of anime from across every genre. Funimation is also one of the greatest anime streaming sites in North America. Keep in mind that Funimation does not provide service in certain countries. In other words, you can only access this site in certain areas.

To gain access to the Funimation collections, you must log in with your account first. If you do not have one yet, you can always create an account first then go to the login page. Once you gain access, you can enjoy all kinds of different anime with subtitles from different languages.

watch anime – Free Anime Streaming Site

A free streaming site usually handles the funding from ads and pop-up ads which lurk around the website. However, that is not simply the case for This free website offers you the streaming service for free. Not only the free streaming service, but you can also get high-quality video above all else. As usual, you can explore the home page first to familiarize yourself with the website interface. If you have not found the anime series you look for, you can simply go to the search bar or browse the categories to look for it. – Free Anime Streaming Site

If you love Asian series, then this website will be perfect for you. Anime Nova provides you a large collection of anime series, anime movies, as well as Korean dramas for free. You will get a daily dose of anime series and movies along with the newest updates of Korean dramas from this site. In addition to the regular update, you will also get the best quality of the video. Aside from boring ads, Anime Nova will give you the visually pleasing ads out of all the garbage ads you often find on free sites.

Anilinkz – Free Anime Streaming Site

English speakers who love anime will love this free anime streaming site. This free site updates the recent and all kinds of anime series alike regularly. Unlike some of the streaming sites out there, you cannot download the video on this site. In order to watch your favorite anime series on this site, you must have a stable internet connection and fast speed. If you cannot multitask by watching the subbed video, you can find the English dubbed of your favorite anime series as well here.

Narutoget – Free Anime Streaming Site

The name of this site speaks largely to the anime fans. Narutoget will provide you anime movies and mangas in their service. Just like its name, this site also has the collection of original Naruto Shippuden along with the rest of the manga collection and the movie versions of it.

While this site offers high-quality videos, unfortunately, you will not be able to download any kind of videos here. Nevertheless, you will still manage to have free access throughout its entire library. In case you only come for the Naruto series, then you can go ahead and enjoy it.

Anime Ultima

As an English speaker, it must be quite difficult to look for anime series in English. Anime Ultima can provide you a service to accessing all kinds of anime series in English. You may gain access to everything the site has to offer for free. Aside from the recent and popular anime series, Anime Ultima also has a lot of anime movies in its collections.

While the streaming site may be free, it does not contain any disturbing ads as you see in many other sites. Other than no ads, you can also get to watch your favorite anime series and movies alike in high quality. In case you are not fond of any unnecessary ads in between your viewing, then Anime Ultima may be the best choice for you.


Enjoy high-quality anime series and movies for free with Masterani. Just like any other free streaming site, Masterani does not deal with the complex interface. Instead, it has the simplest display of a homepage out of the other sites in this list.

Aside from streaming, you will not be able to download the video you watch. If you want to look for a user-friendly site, then this one may be for you. No complicated navigation and you can enjoy your favorite show with only a few clicks. Watch the recent to the most classic anime from this site for free. After all, it is a rare thing to find an anime site which provides the new and the old anime all the same.


As the site which primarily focuses on anime and cartoon, Viewster can definitely be a great choice to please your hobby. The anime and cartoon based streaming site has a lot of options to offer aside from anime. There are documentaries, pop culture boxes, and many other features you can enjoy from Viewster. Apart from the site, you can also access Viewster from a mobile app. By installing the Viewster app, you can enjoy watching your favorite anime shows wherever you go from your mobile phone.


This one may be a little bit different compared to any other streaming sites on the list. TOKU! is a TV channel which provides a streaming service to its shows as well. The site works similarly to Netflix with a 30-day trial for first-time users. You can watch the first episode for every series on TOKU! for free. In case you want to continue to use the service, then you can subscribe to it for around $3.99 per month after the trial.

Midnight Pulp

Watch the strangest thing you can watch on Midnight Pulp. Aside from anime, you can watch other strange things on this site. Look out for weird horror and fantasy shows that you have never seen on any other sites before here. The strange look of the website may also tell you what kind of anime you can watch here. If you feel like you are in for some weird stuff, then Midnight Pulp will gladly take you on the strangest journey you’ver ever had.


Another streaming site which curates the most classic anime to date is KuroAni. Unlike any other free sites with a lot of ads, you can easily stream your favorite anime series and movies without any of that here. Other than the latest anime, you can enjoy the old and classic ones from the time before now. If you want to get to know more about the anime world, you can simply chat with other people in the chat room provided by the site. Having a discussion with other people may expand your knowledge about anime.


Dive into the proper anime culture with Anime-Planet. On this site, you can stream over 45.000 legal anime episodes which are all supported by the industry. Aside from streaming anime, you can also engage in the community by writing reviews or joining the forum. Try to look up for some mangas as well for a reference to certain animes you watch. If you have not visited the site before, then you can create an account first. Afterward, you can log in to the site and enjoy all the things you can see on this site.

Aniplus Asia

As another community-based site for anime lovers, Aniplus Asia can give you more knowledge about anime. Other than a platform to stream anime series and movies, Aniplus Asia offers many more. You can look for the schedule of the ongoing anime series as well as news about anime in general. In addition to the helpful information, you can also purchase unique and particular attires to fulfill your anime obsession in the store section.

Free Movie and Anime Streaming Sites

Free Movie and Anime Streaming Sites
Free Movie and Anime Streaming Sites

Sometimes you do not have to go through the full length of difficulty to search an anime streaming site. A couple of movie streaming sites often incorporate this popular cartoon genre in their collections. Some of them even curate the most recent anime series you can think of without you realize it. Besides, it is always a stroke of luck if you can watch anything you want from a single site no matter how different the language of certain series and movies can be.


As a generally known movie streaming site, you will probably wonder what this site has to do with anime. In addition to movies, Crackle also provides a considerable amount of anime under its belt. Although the Sony Pictures site has less to offer in this area, at least it is still worth a try to look up to some anime on this site.


As a German-based streaming site for movies and anime, WATCHBOX can only certainly be understood by Germans. Even with such significance, you can still navigate through the website if you have basic German skills. Try to put that skill to use and look up for the anime collections in this site. Aside from the website, WATCHBOX is also available as a mobile app.

Asian Crush

If you love anything Asian, then you better search and visit Asian Crush. Aside from anime, you can find Asian movies and series on this website for free. The easy and neat interface may help you navigate this site better. Once you open the home page, you will see some of the choices of genres you want to watch. Simply click on the anime box if you only intend to watch your favorite anime series. When you get directed to the anime page, you can type the name of the anime you want to watch. In case you want to explore certain genres, you can choose one genre among many others on the list.


Other than a useful reviewing site for movies, SideReel also allows you to look for more information about anime. On top of that, you can read reviews of each of the episodes of your favorite anime show. The rating and the word of the community will help you navigate your way around the anime world better. You can also look for all kinds of info needed regarding the available streaming site which airs the shows you intend to watch here.

Tubi TV

Similarly to streaming sites like Netflix or Hulu, Tubi TV offers choices when it comes to anime. Aside from specifying their service to one medium, Tubi TV provides many kinds of genres with its vast collections in their library.

In order to get access to this site, you will need to create an account first. Afterward, you can confirm your account through an email from the website. At last, you can log in to the site to see what it has in store for you.


While Hulu may not seem to be the one to deliver the anime content, it may surprise you to see its collections. The anime collections in Hulu are all you can hope in this advanced technological era. From the classic Akira to the weird One Punch Man, Hulu has all kinds of anime across every genre in its pocket. Nevertheless, you can only access this site if you have a Hulu account. In order to watch some of the shows, you must pay a few dollars first along with a confirmed Hulu account. For the first thirty days, you will get a free trial which allows you to access everything for free. As for the following month, you must pay for the service. If you want to consider subscribing to this streaming site, then you can take a look at its terms and conditions first.


As one of the most well-known streaming sites out there, Netflix is home for many kinds of shows. Along with the old and classic movies as well as series, Netflix has its own role in producing its original contents. If you subscribe to Netflix, then you can have access to all of these features. However, you should remember that you need to pay for a subscription.

Aside from the vast contents of movies and series which change every month, you will get to access the anime. Among many features, Netflix allows you to change the audio of the video you stream. In other words, you can change the audio from the anime series you are currently watching. Streaming the anime with the dubbing option will be your choice. Other than that, you can also turn on the subtitle if prefer to watch the subbed one. All these things are what makes Netflix the best candidate and the most reliable site to stream anime series and movies alike.

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