12 Best Games Like Age of Empires 2019

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Best Games Like Age of Empires 2019

Best Games Like Age of Empires 2019
Best Games Like Age of Empires 2019

If you have done playing it, trying to play the best games like age of empires 2019 can be worth to try. There are several games that are similar to the age of empires and won’t disappoint you.

Before jumping on the list of the games, it is best to talk about the age of empires briefly. The game was first released in 1997. The developers consist of Big Huge Games, Hidden Path Entertainment, Ensemble Studios, Relic Entertainment, and Robot Entertainment.

Meanwhile, the publisher is Microsoft Studios. They are such great men who create a great game. This game consists of three spin-offs and seven titles so far. The newest game was released on 20th of February 2018 namely Age of Empires: Definitive Edition.

Top 12 of Best Games like Age of Empires 2019

Top 12 of Best Games like Age of Empires 2019
Top 12 of Best Games like Age of Empires 2019

Since the latest game of age of empires has been released sometimes ago, there must be people who have done playing the game. Are you one of them? Therefore there are best games like age of empires 2019 that can be played while waiting for the next series. These alternatives are quite similar to the age of empires. Let’s see what they are.

  1. Warcraft III

Similar to the age of empires, this one is a real-time strategy game. Blizzard Entertainment is the one that develop the Warcraft III. For your information, the complete title of the game is Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos & The Frozen Throne.

Multiplayer component is presented and there will be an extensive story campaign. The world map is created in a large field where you can see seas, rivers, mountains, and cliffs. As expected, establishing settlements is necessary. In order to make strong defenders, three resources to obtain are food, gold, and lumber.

  1. Age of Mythology

Another real-time strategy game to play is Age of Mythology. Taking set in the classic era, it is made according to mythological beliefs. As a spin-off, Ensemble Studios is the one that develops the game. The focus is placed on the well-known Greek, Norse, and Egyptian myths and legend.

What to do in the game includes managing resources, building an army, and conquering another civilization. Additionally, there are three civilizations (Greek, Norse, and Egyptian) that you can choose one of them. This one is one of best games like age of empires 2019.

  1. Empire Earth

Are you craving for games like age of empires? Empire Earth can be an alternative. This real-time strategy game is developed by Stainless Steel Studios. Released in 2011, it takes place in the prehistoric age.

Furthermore, the game runs forwardly meaning that the set will change into the space age. In this game, the civilizations are various. You can choose one of those or create your own. This is the interesting part. Again, a number of campaigns is presented and gives different experiences.

  1. The Battle for Middle-earth II

Do you know the movie series entitled The Lord of the Rings? Have you watched the movies? As known, the movies show great wars to be enjoyed. The movie comes in form of game and it is addicting. The set of the game is in the universe of Lord of the Rings.

One thing to be highlighted, it gives chance to the players to experience being good and evil. It can be done by joining both evil and good campaigns that are available. Factions that are given are six in total. Each of them has different units and structure.

  1. Empire

This is another one of best games like age of empires 2019. Just like any other real-time strategy game, you must build up your empire. Everything starts from the ground and so does Empire. Try to find how to build the empire to be a powerhouse.

A strong empire can demolish the oppositions. Since it is very similar to the Age of Empires, the goal that is set is not much different. what makes it different lies in the multiplayer component that is played by online. in addition, you are able to trade and build alliances.

  1. Etherium

Etherium makes a feature with a sci-fi narrative. In the game, there are three different empires. The players must fight over the etherium as the titular resource. Solo or multiplayer modes are given and players can select whatever they want.

The controls are made in basic and they are easy to use. The newcomers will feel no difficult since the tutorial is provided. Just so you know, in terms of lore, the solo campaign of this game does not have that much. Therefore, it is not for you if you are the one who are a big on stories.

  1. Anno Online

Are you looking for a game that shouldn’t be in an app? Anno Online can be the answer. The game is available online. It can be accessed through browsers. Although there is no app to be downloaded, you can play it safely through browsers.

Created by Ubisoft, the player will like this game. Building a city is the goal OF Anno Online. Again, managing the economic processes is important. Do not forget that there are rivals that will attack to the city. Then, prepare the city very well to be able fighting against those rivals.

  1. The Settlers Online

To add your list of browser games, include The Settlers to the list by now. It can be played online and accessed through browsers just like the Anno Online. As one of real-time strategy game, there are things to do including unlocking all the contents provided there. Bandit camps are presented as well to create an interesting game. In addition, the players can make an interaction with others. This can be a way to get new friends.

  1. Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders III is one of best games like age of empires 2019. This is considered as an old strategy game, but it is still worth to play. The players will act as the leader of a kingdom. The main activity is to explore the world.

Interaction with other kingdoms should be done during the game in order to make your own kingdom to be stronger. Dealing with other kingdoms can be done by diplomacy or warfare. The fantasy visuals are clear and cool.

  1. American Conquest

History is the set of American Conquest. The year of the set place is around 15th to 18th century. This one comes with various units and factions. As expected, those different units and factions have unique elements that cannot be underestimated.

The campaigns are presented in detail and long ones. Those are very fun to be played. Moreover it will enrich the players’ knowledge related to the history lesson. It educates and pleases you at the same time.

  1. Homeworld

As a real-time strategy game, this one takes a place in the space. in this matter, there are not many games that uses the space as a battle field. Mostly, the battle field takes place on the ground. Back to the game, the game tells a story about Kushan race. It is narrated that they are expelled from the planet Kharak.

Taiidan Empire is the one that destroys the home of Kushan race. The players need to help the race to reclaim their home. During the game, the players will meet traders, pirates, allies, rebels, and mercenaries. What important thing to do is to build a fleet by collecting resources and accomplishing different missions.

  1. Starcraft 2

This one is another game that takes place in the space. Although the battle field is different from the Age of Empires, it is one of best games like age of empires 2019. A science fiction universe is created and the year is around 26th century. Just like others, there are three different species: Terran, Protoss, and Zergoffers.

As a player, choose one of the species and try to do things to survive. For your information, three parts of the game is prepared and they create a complete story of the game. Therefore, playing all the three parts may be needed to understand the full story.

Have you decided which game to be played first after finishing the Age of Empires? All of mentioned games above are worth to play after you have done with the previous game.

Indeed, those are best games like age of empires 2019 that cannot be ignored easily. As suggestion, you should try them one by one. That’s all that can be shared by now. Have fun with the games.

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