XSplit VS OBS: Which One is The Better Streaming App?

Setting up a live stream has become essential to gamers nowadays that it sparks the discussion of XSplit VS OBS all around the internet. From Reddit forum to gamers sites, this discussion has created followers of these brands. Even though these two streaming apps are hyped a lot, many gamers still prefer using alternative streaming sites like Twitch or YouTube to record the important moments of their favorite games.

Nevertheless, some of the pros have used platforms like  XSplit Broadcaster and  Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to connect with their audiences. These streaming platforms have something in common. They both use software that shares their special gameplay experiences with the world. Though they’re similar at heart, they also have differences in terms of specs and features.

In order to search for each of their specialties, we will break down the specs and features of XSplit and OBS. Through the breakdown below, we will try to decide the better one of these two game-streaming apps based on selected categories.

XSplit VS OBS Performance

XSplit Gamecaster
XSplit Gamecaster

Testing both of these streaming apps with a similar game can be a good start to compare their performances. With XSplit Broadcaster, you can have a smooth interface. The smooth display makes the choosing game feature easier and more automatic. Since the streaming app has a free and a premium version, you may wonder how it goes with the free version. Good news for you that the interface remains as smooth as well in the free version. The display screen will have no delays or annoyingly freeze at times.

XSplit Broadcaster also feels more instinctive due to fewer steps required in its operation. Feel free to customize the window screens with a few tweaks. The greatest part of this feature is a “drag-and-drop” choice that allows you to resize windows as well as customize your webcam videos. The wide window can be very useful to add some tabs. For instance, you can use the right side of the window to add a commentary tab.

Time to compare it to OBS’s performance on a similar game. It’s easy to operate the recording on OBS despite the demands of heavy CPU capability. In the beginning, the interface does not look awfully smooth. There are also a few irritating occurrences of frozen screens. Nevertheless, everything will look good within ten seconds after a necessary restart. Since OBS was created to keep the extra functionalities for a community-driven open-source project, the overall interface can feel slightly rigid.

Result: XSplit wins the performance category over OBS, thanks to its stability, increased precision, and more instinctive features.

XSplit VS OBS Customizations

OBS Plugins
OBS Plugins

We have come to the second round of XSplit VS OBS comparison battle. In terms of customizations, a streaming app should have a lot of options. Not only in its core settings but also in flexibility when it comes to a game with certain requirements. In order to make sure what you can do with this feature in both OBS and XSplit, let’s take a look at their most known customization features.

XSplit has the feature to customize the window screens. The greatest part of this feature is a “drag-and-drop” choice that allows you to resize windows as well as customize your webcam videos. The wide window can be very useful to add some tabs. For instance, you can use the right side of the window to add a commentary tab.

OBS, in return, has support from the third-party plugins. You can check out these plugins at the website. The availability of the plugins makes OBS more customizable in comparison to the XSplit’s established interface. Find all the plugins you need in the OBS official website. Read the specs of each plugin to make sure you get what you need. When you stream a fighting game, you can use a plugin called “Display Fightstick motions” to follow the path of various different strikes and blows delivered to the opponent in a seamless motion.

Result: OBS has an upper hand in this category. The open source app allows you to get far greater support from the community. With extra plug-ins, you can have a more customized streaming experience.

Audio/Video Quality

XSplit Video Quality
XSplit Video Quality

In this round three of XSplit VS OBS comparison battle, we will take a look at the best feature of each brand’s audio/video quality. XSplit has various options when it comes to local recording. The options for the video quality include that of x264 and x265 video codecs. This makes XSplit a suitable competitor for YouTube uploads. XSplit also has a well-thought-out feature that allows audio and video optimization for YouTube.

In the past, XSplit limits its capability to support certain video quality. Unlike OBS, the app was unable to support 60 fps. Days come to pass and XSplit has more options today. Selecting any frame rate up to 60 fps and customizing it even further are among many features you can enjoy from XSplit. With the 60fps option, you will still get the best quality of a video even when the game is moving faster than the blink of an eye. This feature can solidify your trust to XSplit when it comes to capturing the epicness of your gaming experiences.

In comparison, OBS may not have the best features to optimize the quality of the audio and video. In return, it does offer more file format options. You can choose several video formats, including VLC. The OBS factory system was set at 30 fps for 1280×720, which is considerably lower in quality than XSplit’s recent development.

Result: Without a doubt, XSplit wins this round because of its high-quality audio/video support. When it comes to a high-quality game, you should also provide the best streaming quality. Make sure to always consider the best option for your video when it comes to resolution and bitrate.

XSplit VS OBS Features and Price Comparison


Finally, we have come to the last round of XSplit VS OBS comparison battle. Since we compare features and price, we will start with XSplit as the established streaming application. When it comes to features, XSplit has more extra options on its sleeve compared to OBS. The factory streaming application has options such as direct upload of streams to several streaming sites. All the known streaming sites like Skype, YouTube or Twitch are included in the list. This feature is very useful for massive multi-player role-player (MMORPG) games.

Not only the various features of video streaming sites, but XSplit also allows you to edit videos on the go. In order to access this feature, you will need to pay it because it is only available as a paid feature. You can pay around $20 to get a 3-month license. If you intend to use the app for the long term, you can pay around $60 for a 12-month subscription and 150$ to get 36 months of access.

Let’s talk about the competitor. OBS is a completely different app compared to XSplit at heart. As a community-driven project, OBS remains absolutely free. Even though XSplit allows you to create and edit private recordings without any nuisances, the best features remain available for the Premium subscriptions which cost differently based on your needs.

Result: If you’re low on a budget, then OBS can be a great streaming service for you. OBS will let you manage to establish your own brand as long as you’re willing to learn the manuals on how to use it properly. On the other hand, you cannot refute the advanced features of XSplit. Although OBS being a free app easily wins in a price-performance contest, this round should be considered a tie.


After weighing all the options above, we have come to a conclusion of XSplit VS OBS battle. The final verdict of the streaming app battle is that XSplit has professional advantages over OBS. The established brand offers you great features which allow you to customize your videos on a professional level. In addition to the factory feature, XSplit also consistently improves in terms of both of its features and performance.

When you use XSplit, you won’t have to dedicate your time to learn all the things you need to know about the app. In short, you can use the streaming app almost immediately. On the contrary, you can operate OBS for free but that’s not with the manual procedures to learn beforehand. OBS offers a flexible way and a wide community to discuss the improvement within the app, but it will only mean a little if the professional hands do not come down to help. If we exclude money in this entire battle, then XSplit is the one champion of streaming and video recording app for your gaming needs.

Even though XSplit takes the reign of the best video stream app, OBS and other free video recording software do not need to feel down. The open source app may not thrive on the quality today, but it keeps improving over time. The power of a community will create a difference in time. As long as everyone contributes to the cause, OBS will manage. At the end of the day, what defines you is the content of your video, not the best app with pricey features to go.

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