Windows 10 ISO Direct Download 2019

Windows 10 ISO Direct Download 2019 – Windows 10 is an operating system released by mega tech company, Microsoft, mid-2015. It is the next generation after Windows 8.1. Unlike the previous generation that showed radical changes, features that can be found in this generation resemble more of classic Microsoft OS, such as its start menu. By 2018, this operating system has become the most used OS developed by this company.

It is predicted that the OS is currently installed in more than 700 million electronic devices. Users are individuals and companies across the globe. If you want to install this operating system, it will be great to learn about Windows 10 ISO direct download 2019.

Windows 10 ISO Direct Download 2019

Windows 10 ISO Direct Download 2019
Windows 10 ISO Direct Download 2019

What is an ISO? It is an archive containing data that can be found in a disc, such as DVD or CD. Operating system installer often comes in disc format. An ISO is a digital format of contents within that disc.

Since the format is exactly similar as contents of a disc, in order to access this file it needs to be mounted first. Certain software works specifically for this task. Lucky for Windows users, since Generation 8, this operating system is capable of mounting ISO file.

What Can You Get from Windows 10 ISO Download 2019?

What Can You Get from Windows 10 ISO Download 2019
What Can You Get from Windows 10 ISO Download 2019

Perhaps, before learning the steps of Windows 10 ISO direct download 2019, it is important to scrutinize features that come with this operating system. It is a system that receives continuous updates from the developer. Each update adds new features that are very helpful for its users. Here are some major features that make this system a highly used OS around the world.

  1. Touchscreen System

Touchscreen device has become a major part of everyone’s life. It is because of current trend that favors touchscreen technology more. Smartphones, PCs, and laptops have equipped themselves with this technology.

Windows 10 is able to support this technology. User can zoom in and out the screen using their fingertips. It is also possible to sign a document using the OS interface. The touchscreen support only works on touchscreen device, though, so keep in mind of that.

  1. Extensive Gaming Features

User of this generation Windows who is interested in gaming will be excited to know that it offers very extensive gaming features. There is an audio control panel for gaming. During intense moments of gaming, it will be annoying if updates are popping up.

User is now capable of suppressing these updates during game. The system is also able to increase efficiency of its device during gaming. So, even if the game that you are playing is a heavy duty one, it will not experience massive lagging.

  1. Manageable and Faster User Interface

When you have learned steps of Windows 10 ISO direct download 2019, you will get operating system with interface that is easy to work with. The previous generation of Windows received criticism because it requires a while for new user to adapt to its system. That is the reason why it was not a really popular among users.

However, this generation gives throwbacks to the classic. Because of that, user no longer takes long time to navigate it freely. The OS also enables faster interface since it is highly responsive to new commands. This system makes it easier for user to conduct their desired activities.

  1. Voice Instructions

Another feature that can be found in this OS generation is speech recognition. This feature allows computer user to control their device through voice command. Artificial intelligence employed within the OS will translate user’s voice command to programming language that is understood by the device.

User can set up reminder notes, browsing for information, and even chat with the OS. The voice recognition has not yet worked in all languages. It works in English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, German, and French. If you want the OS to be better at recognizing voice command, it can be trained with dictation.

  1. Connectivity with Other Devices

It seems like many people own more than one device at a time. The developer recognizes need to connect one device to another. If user gets Windows 10 ISO direct download 2019, they can link various devices to a PC or laptop easily through various modes. It depends on technology equipped within the device.

Device that allows multiple connectivity features, such as Bluetooth, wireless connection, and cable connection will be able to connect with more external devices. Device that is equipped with this operating system can also synchronize its data easier with other devices or cloud.

  1. Higher Security System

People are expecting to see higher security system in this Windows version. They are not disappointed. It is equipped with more sophisticated security system that protects device from malwares and ransom-wares. This system offers device user elaborate and precise reports on virus, device, account protections, and device network.

The sign in system is designed to not be as complicated as its previous versions. Email address and password are not the only login credentials for logging into computer system. User can use face and fingerprint recognition to protect data within the device as long as their device supports such technology.

What are the Steps to Get Windows 10 ISO Download 2019?

Steps to Get Windows 10 ISO Download 2019
Steps to Get Windows 10 ISO Download 2019

Before you are downloading an ISO file of this operating system, it is important to note a few things. User must be connected to the internet during download process. It is also crucial to check on available data storage in the internal and external hard drive.

If the space is not sufficient to accommodate the downloaded data, download process will fail. User who wants to use external hard drive such as DVD or USB is recommended to use an empty one.

Any data written on the disc or USB will be deleted during download process. Dual Layer DVD Media might be necessary for the process if disc image file is too big during the process of burning that file into a DVD.

There are some things within the PC that needs to be checked too. It is important to recognize the type of your processor, whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit since it will affect Windows 10 ISO direct download 2019. Some devices may not be able to be equipped with this operating system, especially the past releases.

It is crucial to check on system requirements for Windows 10 to see if user’s device is matched. Language that is used within the current system should be utilized as language during installation process.

Here are the steps to get ISO file of this Windows operating system.

  • Purchase license for Windows 10 from a legitimate agent.
  • Go to Microsoft website, specifically at the operating system page, at
  • Click on “Download tool now”.
  • Make sure that device is on administrator mode. Select “Run”.
  • Choose “Create installation media for another PC”.
  • Click on “Next”.
  • Choose language for installation that is similar to the one’s employed in current system.
  • Choose edition that you wish to download or Windows 10.
  • Choose the architecture, whether the device is in 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • Choose media that is going to be used. Click on “ISO file”.
  • Wait for the installation file download to be completed.

Once user has gotten Windows 10 ISO direct download 2019, the next step is to install that file for usage. Here are the steps to do that.

  • Head to the location of downloaded ISO file.
  • Right click on the file then choose “Properties”.
  • Go to a tab named “General” and select “Change”.
  • Windows Explorer will pop up to allow user choosing which software to be used in mounting the ISO file.
  • Click on “Apply”.
  • Right click on the ISO file once again then choose “Mount”.
  • Once the file has been successfully mounted, click twice on it to view the contents.
  • Click twice on a file named “setup.exe” to start the installation process.

This ISO file can actually be burned into a DVD if you want to install it in another device. Follow these steps to burn your file into a disc utilizing Windows Disk Image Burner.

  • Go to the location of downloaded ISO file.
  • Right click on the ISO file then choose “Properties”.
  • Go to “General” tab then select “Change”.
  • Windows Explorer is going to pop up. Choose Windows Disk Image Burner as software to be used to open the file.
  • Click on “Apply”.
  • Click on the right side of cursor on ISO file.
  • Choose “Burn disc image”.
  • Wait for the burning process to be completed.

Once the operating system has been installed to a device, user can immediately use it and enjoy its diverse features. Since the system often gets updated by its developer, it is important to check on available updates every once in a while.

That will ensure that your device will be running without glitch. User can also set up for automatic updates if they do not want to do it manually. Hopefully this instruction on Windows 10 ISO direct download 2019 is helpful.

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