Best Trusted Sites to Watch Modern Family Online Free in 2019

In case you crave for a more family-friendly television series, you can watch Modern Family online for free. As a long-running series, Modern Family has earned the popularity which can be compared to the likes of The Cosby Show. It has a fun premise and a fun story to come. As such, it is also a suitable television series for a modern family in this era.

Ever since the premiere in 2009, Modern Family has maintained its status as one of the popular family drama series to date. After the first season, Modern Family takes the sixth spot for the most beloved scripted show in America and the third-highest rated new show. Continuing its impending success on the second season, Modern Family was awarded Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series. In return, the second season of the series became the highest rated show on Wednesday during its premiere week. The rating also managed to rise 34% from the first season among adults between the ages of 18 and 49. With this demographic, the award is complementary to the public love for the series.

Watch Modern Family Online

Watch Modern Family Online
Watch Modern Family Online

As you may know, Modern Family is produced by ABC. Unlike HBO or Hulu, ABC mostly airs family-friendly series. Like Modern Family, most of the series which come from this network tends to deal with a similar theme all around. If you need a refreshing and funny series to watch, just look for the available sites to watch Modern Family online for free. Instead of watching gritty television series or superhero series online, you can watch Modern Family to refresh your mind from the bleak and violent world.

Aside from watching Modern Family on ABC television channel, you can simply look for online sites to watch it. Online movie streaming sites will provide you the right platform to watch Modern Family. The Internet also offers a lot of options to watch series like Modern Family online. A few online sites offer no signing up service to watch your favorite series or movies, the others offer free service to watch movie online. As Modern Family runs for a long period of time, you can simply find it on any movie and series streaming sites you meet. All you can do is simply watching Modern Family from your comfortable spot.

In order to give you the best viewing experience, you can try to watch Modern Family online from these sites below. We have curated a list of trusted streaming sites for your best Modern Family online viewing experience. Check out the list below and see which one suits your preference.


As the series produced by ABC, you can always watch Modern Family on ABC streaming site. With a bunch of entertaining and informational programs, you can get everything to watch from ABC streaming site. This site will be perfectly functional if you happen to leave your home for some time. Instead of boring yourself, you can tune in your device and open the ABC site. Since ABC offers a live stream, you can also watch the latest Modern Family episode as it is scheduled to air.

Tubi TV

Watch Modern Family online from Tubi TV and enjoy the rest of its collections. Since this site has all kinds of movie and series to watch online, it will probably not miss a famous show like Modern Family. Finding Modern Family will not be difficult for Tubi TV always arranges its collections in order. If you want to gain access to the Tubi TV collections, then you have to make an account first. When your verified account is ready, you can finally log in to Tubi TV site with your verified account and enjoy every content available for you.


No streaming sites curate its collections like Netflix. As one of the most diverse streaming sites, Netflix can provide you a great platform to watch Modern Family online. The site has famously known to have a lot of famous series, like Friends, in its collections. Other than that, you can also watch other great Netflix original contents if you are up for a wild movie night. If you use your Netflix account for the first time, you can watch Modern Family online for free during a Netflix trial period. During 30 days trial, you can watch every type of movie and series you want, including Modern Family. Keep in mind that when the trial period ends, you may still gain access to all contents from Netflix with a paid subscription.


Always rely on Hulu to get the best streaming experience. Along with many types of movies and series on its collections, you can easily watch Modern Family from it. Other than Modern Family, you can also enjoy watching a lot of family-friendly movies and series as well. While you’re at it, you can also watch Hulu original series online too.

In case you are interested to use Hulu service, you may subscribe to Hulu first. The process is quite similar to any other streaming sites on this list. You will only have to create an account and verify it. When the account is ready, you can access everything Hulu has to offer including Modern Family. If you are a first-time user, then you can watch movies and series like Modern Family for free during a trial period. Once the trial period ends, you can continue to use Hulu service with a paid subscription.

Amazon Prime

A series as renowned as Modern Family can always be found on Amazon Prime. Other than ABC, you can always rely on Amazon Prime to stream Modern Family. With a vast collection of old and new movies and series, you can easily pick everything you want to watch here. In case you feel like relaxing, you can watch Modern Family from the comfort of your sofa with a stable internet connection and taps of fingers to proceed with the stream.

If you intend to use Amazon Prime, you will get a whole lot of interesting deals from Amazon. When you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can get a free shipping deal, pay deals, and other specific features from Amazon by only paying one bill of the streaming service. Other than that, you can also watch Modern Family or other series for free during the free trial period. Get a special service as well if you are a student. Eligible students may get up to six month trial period with .edu email. When the trial period ends, the eligible students will only be asked to pay half the price of the premium subscription.

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