Request Money From Millionaires 2019 (Ask For Money Online)

Request Money from Millionaires 2019 (Ask For Money Online) – Because of the world’s economy system, there is no way that wealth can be equally distributed. Some people will always have more money than other people. Many people with low financial welfare are having issues in making ends meet. This may prevent them from fulfilling basic needs, such as: food, clothing, homes, and education.

Luckily, there are many rich people out there who give out money for good cause. If you want, you can request money from millionaires to fund your cause.

Request Money from Millionaires

Request Money from Millionaires
Request Money from Millionaires

In order to receive money from these generous millionaires you should know where to reach out for them. You may find them through various online platforms. There are websites that enable you to do it out there. You can even send old fashioned emails to these millionaires if you prefer to be more personal.

Not every request or cause will be funded, though. You should come out with good proposal that will surely gain the millionaires’ attention. This article will give you guidance to obtain money from charitable millionaires in more effective manner.

How to Request Money from Millionaires More Effectively?

Perhaps you have heard some strange stories of people who ask for money from ultra-rich people and actually being granted. While many of these stories may sound bizarre, they are not too far off from reality. Some millionaires will grant you certain amount of money to fund your cause.

The cause can be targeting certain community or group of people. However, you will also find some personal financial issues being granted of funding. What are the steps to get money from charitable rich people around the globe? Pay attention to this particular list!

  1. Researching Millionaires with High Interest in Social Cause

Based on 2017’s data, there are about 36 millions of millionaires living around the world. Most of them reside in United States. Small percentage of these millionaires, about 2,754 of them, can be categorized as billionaires.

They hold half of total global wealth. Although the number of millionaires seems abundance, you may not have fruitful efforts if you are blindly reaching out to any millionaire around your area for money. You have to specifically request money from millionaires who are interested in funding social cause.

Lucky for you, there are many millionaires who have conscience to share their wealth to people who need it. You need to note which wealthy people who are notorious in this specific area. Finding their names is not a difficult task, thanks to the internet.

You can get lists of rich people from various sources like Forbes. Follow stories related to charities done by these people on social media or news outlets. By following these stories, you will also notice which causes that certain millionaires are interested in. Send your proposal to wealthy people with interest that is in line with yours.

  1. Finding Legitimate Online Forums of Generous Millionaires

As you have noted, there are millions of loaded people on earth. Not all of them are exposed by the media. However, more often you will find these closeted rich people to be very generous. They may own personal websites that enable people to ask money from them. You can locate these websites by doing thorough research on the internet, since they may not be as palpable as other sites.

If you are researching thoroughly, you may also stumble across some online forums where wealthy people gather to pitch in money for projects or causes that they are interested in. In most of these forums, those who plan to request money from millionaires are posting their proposals on to the website.

Rich people who read the proposal and become interested in it are going to contact you to discuss funding. However, you should be careful when researching and try to find legitimate websites. There are various scamming attempts nowadays. Surely you do not want to be one of the victims.

  1. Obtaining the Millionaires’ Contact Information

The next thing that you need to do after obtaining the millionaires’ names is finding their contact information. Many famous rich people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett own charity foundations which act as platforms for them to administer their wealth for charity purposes. These foundations are most likely having their own websites.

You can find contact information from these sites along with instructions on ways to create suitable proposal to be funded. However, such foundations focus more on community or large scale projects than the individual one.

If you wish to receive money for your personal financial issue, the best way to do that is contacting the millionaires directly. Most millionaires enjoy privacy, so they are most likely not going to flaunt their personal addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers.

You must research various sources to obtain it. If not, enter specific keywords on your search engine and see whether there are some millionaires’ personal websites dedicated for charity. You may find better luck in online forums that are mentioned in previous part too.

  1. Coming Up with Interesting Proposal

What to do after you have obtained the contact information of millionaires that you are going to ask money from? You should come up with interesting proposal to attract millionaires of your choice. It is important to note that you should not be lying when asking for money from them.

They have resources to find out whether you are utilizing the money for what you have told them or not. Surely you do not want to be accused of fraudulence.

Nonetheless, when you request money from millionaires, you should make the request attractive. As stated before you should match your condition with the interest of your intended donor. Take this hypothetical case as an example.

If you are a struggling film student who has trouble to pay for your education, you should contact wealthy people who work in film industry such as actors and directors. Since you have similar experience to what they might have experienced in the past, your proposal will illicit sympathy in them. The chance of obtaining funding for that is higher than if you request money from other sources.

Making Proper Proposal to Request Money

If you want your proposal for money to come through, you should create content that will attract people’s attention and sympathy. The emotional content is not the only thing you should enclose in your proposal, though. You also have to mention some practical things including terms of condition and the amount of money that you need.

The first thing that you have to mention in your proposal is the background of your cause. If you request money from millionaires for community project, you have to explain the type of project you are going to launch. It should include the location and duration. If this proposal is for your personal needs, you should introduce yourself briefly.

You have to explain clearly why you need the funding so the millionaires will know what they are in for.

List Of Millionaires Who Give Away Money 2019

  1. Chuck Feeney

  2. Tim Cook

  3. Warren Buffett

  4. Ted Turner

  5. J. K. Rowling

  6. Jon Huntsman Sr.

  7. Sara Blakely

In the next part of your proposal, you should elaborate the value of donor’s contribution. If we are talking about community project, you have to explain impacts that this project has over the community. While you should highlight the importance of donor’s financial contribution, you should keep things as realistic as possible.

For your personal request, you have to mention what kind of value you have for your surroundings to promote your case. Donor will be interested in funding your cause if you are an active and contributive individual in your community.

Many donors will fund projects without expecting something in return. However, you may find some wealthy people who expect to see certain results after their donation. This happens especially if the amount of donation is significant. You should mention how donor’s contribution will benefit the donor.

Best Sites to Ask Millionaires Giving Away Money Online 2019

  4. Social.Fund

Perhaps you are going to promote donor’s name as your community project’s title. If it is related to your personal case, you may ask donor what they expect you to do after the donation. Some people offer to work for rich people after their cases are being funded.

The next part of when you make proposal to request money from millionaires is a very practical one. You should state the amount of money you require from the donor. The gist is not the only important part. You have to describe a detailed explanation of that number.

How To Ask For Money Politely

It is crucial How To Ask For Money Politely for what activities you need specific amount of money. All of these must be elaborated clearly so your donor will know that you are a responsible person who is capable of making systemic planning. If your requested money does not cover your entire expense, you should explain how you will cover up that discrepancy to prospective donors.

After you have sent the proposal, all you can do is crossing your fingers and hoping for the best result. There are many millionaires out there looking forward to share their wealth to people who have less than them. If your first attempt to request money from millionaires fails, what you can do is try again.

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