Real Active Credit Card Numbers with Money 2019 (Fake Credit Card Numbers)

Real Active Credit Card Numbers with Money 2019 (Fake Credit Card Numbers) – The most popular tool for payment and financial transaction is credit card. It is reliable and efficient when you need to purchase goods and pay bill, such as taxes, insurance fee, and student tuition.

In fact, almost everything related to payment is what credit card will handle. In order to complete transaction, you need real active credit card numbers with money 2019. This means the card is legitimately from legal issue, such as bank or credit union.

Real Active Credit Card Numbers with Money 2019

Real Active Credit Card Numbers with Money 2019
Real Active Credit Card Numbers with Money 2019

This article will explore how you get the real active credit card from various sources. Furthermore, you should know how to apply and what kind of documents to prepare. It is not easy task for beginners because bank will conduct comprehensive review until all requirements are valid.

After that, you should know that online transaction has high risk, and virtual number is the solution to prevent hijacking from unauthorized party. The last section will explain more about basic principle of credit card, security code, and another card that has similar feature and function.

How to Get Real Active Credit Card Numbers with Money 2019?

How to Get Real Active Credit Card Numbers with Money 2019
How to Get Real Active Credit Card Numbers with Money 2019

What does real card mean? It refers to card where you can use with money. As you know, all payments during transaction are not from your pocket. The bank sends money to merchant and you have obligation to pay the bill including fee at monthly basis. More about this topic will be at the last section. Next, you will know how to get the real and active card from few methods.

  1. Legitimate issuer

Legitimate issuer
Legitimate issuer

First thing on real active credit card numbers with money 2019 is where you will go to get credit card. Bank is the first choice because almost credit card comes from bank. Besides bank, other sources are credit union and retailer merchant.

Bank and credit union is different organization, but have similarities. Both handle credit and related transaction for personal, small company, and enterprise. The only difference is the bank has wide range service, such as day-to-day banking, investment, loan, mortgage, even insurance.

To apply credit, you need to conduct preliminary research. Many banks and credit unions offer interesting products related to credit card. You should create the list consisting of the one that will be reliable and easy to apply.

Nearby or local bank is much recommended because you understand who and what they area. It is more convenient to open account when you apply credit card. The bank will give priority to its customers.

To get the real active credit card numbers with money 2019, you need to prepare few things. The application includes financial record and statement, income history, credit score, tax report, personal identification card, even your recent bill.

General requirements seem similar between one and another. However, they have specific assessment to decide whether the application is accepted or not. If it is rejected, you do not have to worry because there are still many banks out there to fulfill your wish.

Retailer store or merchants often have agreement to release their own credit card. It is useful as marketing strategy to attract more customers. Reward, point, cashback, less fee, and other benefits are what customers will get if they decide to obtain this card.

It seems that card comes from retailer, but actual transaction still relies on bank and payment network. The latter is company that provides system for credit card transaction. The system or platform includes card algorithm, verification and authentic process, and security measure.

  1. Virtual credit card

Virtual credit card
Virtual credit card

The next thing on real active credit card numbers with money 2019 is virtual credit card. It is different from physical card because cardholder only gets numbers for transaction. Is this number valid? The answer is yes because VCC uses real card as preference to generate the number.

Card issuer and payment network provides VCC feature as a part of their service. You can ask about this matter directly to their customer service. After that, identify yourself with real card then the generator will give the number.

Why do you need VCC? It is for online transaction where security and safety are at the high risk. You may have intention to purchase items on online store. However, you hesitate to add the real number because you are not sure about store’s validity.

Actually, all numbers and related information will be in their system. That’s a part of big data business as information for marketing and sales. Of course, the data might be in wrong though not vulnerable because it does not have PIN.

Protection is the key why you need VCC. After you get it, do the transactions then add this number into checkout cart. The system will verify and send authentication notice.

VCC is not fake number because the store recognizes it as valid, and the money is ready to transfer. However, this number has limited amount of transaction, even very short period. You might use it once or twice in a week.

After that, you still need to generate the new number again. In this case, the store will keep expired number at all in their database. This is what that means for having VCC. It is important to know as it is related closely to real active credit card numbers with money 2019.

  1. Credit card generator

Credit card generator

You can have valid credit card but it’s not capable to do transaction. It is usually from card generator that you find on website. The number is valid because it’s from similar algorithm that issuer does to release real card.

Developer of this generator applies in online website to let visitors have their own card. However, the number is fake because it does not have properties like the real one, for example the name, address, security code, and physical card.

Why do you need this kind of card? Firstly, it is useful for testing or checking environment. Virtual card is capable for real transaction where you still send money to buyer. Before doing that thing, it is better to check again in order to ensure that transaction is in valid platform.

Even though you use VCC, there is a chance that money goes to unwanted recipient. Add this number on checkout process then see whether the platform is safe or not. Besides checking, card generator is suitable for education purpose. New cardholder might have difficulty to do transaction. Instead of losing money, it is better to try using the fake one.

Each method above has pros and cons depending on what you intend to do about real active credit card numbers with money 2019. If real card and money is what you want, go to legitimate bank and apply for credit card.

For VCC, you already have credit card then request for virtual one. The last one is for fake card in order to do checking or testing. The number is valid, but it comes from unreliable source. You cannot get money from this kind of card.

Things Related to the Real Active Credit Card Numbers with Money 2019

Things Related to the Real Active Credit Card Numbers with Money 2019
Things Related to the Real Active Credit Card Numbers with Money 2019

How does credit card work? This question seems simple, but many people have issue to understand the basic principle about the way credit works. When you have credit card, monthly bills have to be completed including fee based on a particular rate.

Money is not from your pocket, but the bank gives loan in term of payment to the merchant. As the result, you have debt to complete and the bank takes profit via rate. Even though this method seems not fair, many cardholders rely on credit card ultimately.

Random Fake Active Credit Card Numbers with Money 2019

In addition, credit card affects heavily to credit score that represents creditworthiness. It does not matter whether you have big debt or not, as long as you pay a bill on time. People with credit issue receive a low score. It affects bank assessment because it shows high risk.

To overcome this situation, the bank charges more fee and limit credit. The interesting part is the person who does not have debt or any card. Is his score high or low? Bank puts this person as similar to low score because lack of record is equal with risk. There is no guarantee that he has a decent capability to complete the monthly bill.

Every card has a security code printed next to the card number. It consists of three digits, but the certain network has four digits. A security code is not PIN, but only an authentication requirement. Two cards might have similar codes. It only refers that the card belongs to a valid owner. If any merchant or store asks for your PIN, you are better to refuse it immediately.

Besides credit card, there are some similar services, such as prepaid and debit card. When you open a bank account, there is a debit card to do a transaction. It uses your own money from savings. Moreover, the prepaid card uses a similar method, but you refill money to the card account.

Prepaid is available from third-party service for people who cannot access banking service. Both prepaid and debit card do not affect credit score. In a prepaid card, you can purchase and pay everything as long as you have enough money in the account.

From the explanation above, you understand why credit card takes the major favor. People do not have to own money to purchase but pay the debt regularly. That’s similar to why you obtain real active credit card numbers with money 2019.

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