People Who Give Money Away Online (Free Money From Rich People Fast)

People Who Give Money Away Online – Have you ever heard some rich people are giving money away through quizzes or competition? Despite of its controversy, giving money away can be a wise act for individuals who have budgetary hardships. Those people might feel inconvenient to beg some money, and online giveaway can be the best solution to help them out. Do you know people who give money away online? Some millionaires were noted to make money rain and other sort of things. However, the online giveaway is typically performed by foundation of people.

The foundation creates specific website to allow people access the site and join the giveaway. This method is considered effective since the needy can get cash money to support their life. Unfortunately, there are plenty of illegitimate sites created by irresponsible people who promise money giveaway. This is what you need to be aware of. Make sure the site is legit and trustworthy so that you will not be deceived. Check this out for legitimate site that give money away online.

People Who Give Money Away Online 2019

People Who Give Money Away Online
People Who Give Money Away Online

How to Get Free Money From Rich People Fast

Wait up! Do not be so hurry to figure out the legitimate people and site who give money away. Before going straightly to the list, it sounds much better if you know the procedures to follow money giveaway through websites. Following the procedures is important to make sure whether the giveaway is lawful or not. Whether you are the needy who wait for the promo, here is the procedure to know.

  1. Create an account

    Create an account
    Create an account

The very first thing to join the promo from people who give money away online is creating an account. This is how you get into the circumstances. Some sites do not charge for this enlistment stage. But before creating an account, it is essential to find out the legit and trustworthy websites. Whether you find any suspicious thing from the site, you better move to the other one. Read some reviews about the website before enlisting your name to the account.

  1. Provide story

Provide story
Provide story

Some giveaway online require you to provide story to win. If this is what you need, start to write the real story as required. Make sure you write directly to the point because too long story will not attract the mediator to read.

  1. Send the story

Send the story
Send the story

When the story is done, send it to website mediator. This time, you can start to wish that your story will be interesting enough to promote. Usually there will be advertisements posted to advance your story. When it is promoted, it means you win the money.

  1. Get the money

Get the money
Get the money

If you win, the sites typically require you to have a PayPal account. People who give money away online will send the money to your account that can be exchanged to cash. It is very easy, isn’t it? Not surprising if there are more and more people would like to join the giveaway.

Actually give money away is not always about creating a story. Sometimes it also requires you to join a quiz or solve a riddle. It is definitely upon to the sites or people who give the money. Do you know? The activity to join money giveaway is called a begging. But, do not underestimate with this term because online begging through giveaway is lawful. It is because the people who give money away are not compelled—they do on their own desire.

If money giveaway is so helpful and lawful, why would people dis this act? Regardless to the fact that it may help the needy with budgetary issue, this action potentially turns out to become les moral. When you are begging money to someone with false stories only to get money, this is the problem. Not to mention some fraud sites that offer money giveaway with returns. Be cautious when picking up the sites to join giveaway.

Sites List to Ask Money from Rich People 2019

Free Money From Rich People Fast
Free Money From Rich People Fast

It’s enough with the procedures, now you can figure out the people who give money away online. Please note that you will not find any people’s name. Instead, there will be legitimate websites where you can join the giveaway. It is because the people creates certain foundation and also sites to make it reachable. If you really need fund, refer these sites.

The first site where you can beg money from millionaires is This website allows you to ask money by simply writing up “ask” on the right place. You also need to choose the classification of your need, whether you want to pay for school, food, lease, or others. The millionaires will see this and decide whether or not you are eligible to get the money. Only this simple, you will get fund from the rich without too much effort.

Instead of getting fund from millionaire, this website allows you to get money from strangers. The website is more like online fundraiser where the mediator will receive reports about people in need. The site then raises money from people who want to help with their money. This website suits best for individuals, whether for medical or hospital bills. There is no deadline applied or goal requirement. Even if it is only partially funded, you can withdraw the money charged by 2.9 percent of processing fee and 30 cent for each donation.

Good things from this site, GoFundMe is mobile friendly and is very easy to use. You can share on social media, allowing more people to help. It also keeps you updated with the progress of fundraising. Therefore, you can keep track on how much it can collect money. It was noted that GoFundMe have raised more than $5 billion collectively.

As a site that can be joined for money giveaway, Fundly allows people who give money away online to promote and sort out the fundraising according to the location. It sorts out the needy that is near you. Supported by Facebook Feed, this is a substantial association for money giveaway.

This is also considered as an ideal way to reach a goal of helping people. If you want to join this site, you can create the campaign for free. However, they charge you 4.9 percent for each donation you get. You also need to pay 3 percent for the processing fees. Good thing from Fundly is you can withdraw the money even though you do not reach the target.

Kickstarter is another fundraising website that is considered best for you who need fund for business idea, invention, or certain product. When joining this site, you need to follow the rule. Partial funding is not allowed. It means if your goal is $50,000 but you only raise $35,000, you are not allowed to withdraw the money. Kickstarter, however, will charge your fund for several purposes including 5 percent of total fund, plus 5 percent of processing fees, and 20 cents for each pledge. To raise more money, you need to give sufficient information about your project.

If you wish to find a legit site for nonprofits and individuals, Indiegogo should be listed. Unlike Kickstarter, you can get the money even if the fund is only partially raised. About the cost, it charges you 5 percent of total fund raised. You can post almost any project as long as it is not illegal. Most people who join this site have creative and innovative ideas for the project.

People who give money away online through Indiegogo will figure out whether or not you are eligible for their money. In case you can only raise the fund partially, that is okay. You can extend the campaign or withdraw the money. If applies 30 to 60 days of deadline, Indiegogo does not apply deadline.

Are you running a small business and need capital by now? Whether you are in this situation but there is no big company who wants to help you, Crowdfunder will give a solution. This fundraising site is best for small business which needs capital. When joining this site, you need to pay for subscription that starts from $299 for each month. Crowdfunder helps you connect to the investors who want to give their money to develop your business. This site is able to raise more than $150 million with premium package starting from $299 to $499.

The last but not least, there is BoostUp where you can find people who want to give money away. This site works best for individuals which long-term goals such as buying a car or home. There are no funding rules, and it is totally free since BoostUp will not charge anything. To start your campaign, make sure you have savings account. Friends and family will donate to your account.

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List of Millionaires who Give Away Money Online 2019

  2. GoFundMe
  4. YouCaring
  5. GoGetFunding

After all, begging money online offers breakthrough in helping people in need. You can easily find people who need fund for different purpose. However, it is essential to be picky to determine which one is eligible and which one is not. Through those websites, you can easily find people who give money away online.

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