Lucky Patcher Original APK Download Latest V8.2.3 For Android

Lucky Patcher Original APK Download Latest V8.2.3 For Android – In fact, since the beginning of the smartphone era, people always try to bring their devices to their maximum potential. Phones can be inserted with many features that often excluded by the manufacturer, even though they can improve the phone a lot.

Tinkering with your Android device requires skill in programming and a computer, which can troublesome for you who might not have either of those.  That is why an application such as Lucky Patcher exists.

Download Lucky Patcher Original APK Latest Version 2019

Download Lucky Patcher Latest Version 2019
Download Lucky Patcher Latest Version 2019

Lucky Patcher can help you with many things from downloading applications for free, patching and hacking many programs for your android. Before you download Lucky Patcher latest version 2019, you have to understand what it is and how to use it so you can avoid downloading the wrong application.

In addition, Playstore application is sometimes still buggy and slow. Even though the Play Store regularly issues updates and patches, those can still not fix that one bug you have. One way to do it is to go online and search for a third party patch.

Forums and independent programmers often create patches for popular apps and games, but some people can have malicious intents and conceal viruses beneath those files you download. Android improves its security from time to time, but Android is still the most vulnerable operating system to invade.

This is due to its high customizability and versatility of the system that becomes its most apparent weakness. Downloading a third party app store can fix this mistake once in a while, but these app stores can inject adware in your system and ruin your phone.

How to Find and Download Lucky Patcher Latest Version 2019

How to Find and Download Lucky Patcher Latest Version 2019
How to Find and Download Lucky Patcher Latest Version 2019

Before getting into the downloading part, it’s best for you to know what Lucky Patcher is. Lucky Patcher is a third party patching app. Games or apps often mess around your phone pushing adverts, micro-transactions an alike and bogging down your phone.

The same messiness can also affect your gaming experience. These often “free” apps can cramp your experience so much with ads and force you to pay a micro-transaction or uninstall it. Maybe you are running out of space in your phone since Play Store always installs and downloads caches in your internal device storage.

You want to move these apps to an SD card but many Android OS don’t have these in default.  Then if you download Lucky Patcher latest version 2019, you can solve these problems easily. This app is very versatile for all your Android tinkering needs. It can do all the aforementioned problems but comes in extra.

If you need to crack your game, then this app can do it very easily. Removing license verification can give you full premium access to your app. Google ads spamming your games with annoying ads? This app can remove it.

If you want to modify a game with extra features and mod, Lucky Patcher can help you with that. Lucky Patcher can unlock all paid features and in-game currencies. Well nowadays Lucky Patcher is limited in ability to modify online based games since the files are mostly inside the games’ server.

But many offline games can still be hacked and modified by Lucky Patcher. Disabling system apps and backing up files to any save locations are also one of the many features Lucky Patcher has.

Lucky Patcher can be downloaded from its official website Other than the standard Lucky Patcher, they also provide a modified version of the Google Play Store. This modified version can avoid license verification check, so you can install any games without any restrictions.

Avoiding license check can also free you from country restrictions, although sometimes if your device has a location feature implanted it can’t work properly.  Disabling location or antivirus might help with that. Download Lucky Patcher Latest Version 2019 in the official website and follow these installation steps.

  1. Downloading the Installer

Download the Lucky Patcher Installer from Currently, the newest version is 8.1.9.

  1. Finding the Installer

Once you’ve downloaded it, navigate from your file explorer to find the installer, usually located in the download folder.

  1. Installation

Launch the installer, then you are prompted with an installation screen. Click yes then continue to the next step. Sometimes your device won’t install an app from unknown sources, so you have to exclude this app from the settings and then proceed with the installation. Wait for the installation which will only take several minutes.

After you download Lucky Patcher Latest Version 2019 and proceeded with the installation, you will have the Lucky Patcher installed. Now you might encounter some issues the first time. One of the common ones is the “app not installed” problem.

This is caused by Google Play’s Play Protect that scans unauthorized applications from running outside Google Play to prevent tampering with the app store. Disabling Play Protect would enable Lucky Patcher to launch and work properly. To disable Play Protect, here are the steps:

  1. Open the Play Store

Find the Play Store and open it, then tap on the top left corner. Scroll downwards, and find Play Protect

  1. Play Protect

Tap on play protects to bring up the page, scroll downwards and turn off “Scan device for Security Threats”. Once you tap it, you will be prompted with a cancel and OK. Tap OK and you have disabled the Play Protect.

Once play protect has been disabled, check the Lucky Patcher again. If it is still showing the same prompt, then try reinstalling it or try installing older versions. Make sure you download lucky patcher latest version 2019 from the official website which is If you download from third-party providers they might be bugged or even contain malicious viruses.

How to Use Lucky Patcher without Root 2019 – Lucky Patcher may be a great tool to have to play games. Not a few of people use this freeware to enjoy the games they are playing intensely. There have been many good reviews about it saying that it is a must-have tool if you want to crack any app.

Hence, there are many people who want to find a way how to use Lucky Patcher without root 2019. As known, using Lucky Patcher means you need to root the device while rooting is known to be a bad thing to do for the device. So, is it possible to use it without rooting? It is surely possible thing to do. It will be explained below.

Download Lucky Patcher  APK For Android

download lucky patcher
download lucky patcher

How to Use Lucky Patcher without Root 2019


How to Use Lucky Patcher without Root 2019
How to Use Lucky Patcher without Root 2019


Before jumping on a way to use Lucky Patcher without rooting the phone, it is a good thing to know further about this tool. You may have known this tool before or overheard from someone or somewhere, but have you known the use of it?

This one is known to be used to hack any game and app on Android devices. As for games, you can obtain as many coins as possible and it can be done for free. As for apps, you can bypass the verification that is needed by premium apps. Is there anything more? Let’s discuss it below.

Learn Quickly How to Use Lucky Patcher without Root 2019

Learn Quickly How to Use Lucky Patcher without Root 2019
Learn Quickly How to Use Lucky Patcher without Root 2019

What have been mentioned to you are only few advantages of this amazing tool. There are still other advantages that you may want to know before installing it in your phone and knowing how to use Lucky Patcher without root 2019. Here are things to know further.

  1. Modify the permissions

It is not a secret anymore that many apps out there try to dig a lot of information from someone’s device. You must have been used to allow apps to get an access to your gallery or contacts for example.

It can be said that those apps are very invasive. It is not really good idea, but you need to allow the app to do so to use it further. Gladly, Lucky Patcher can limit that access.

  1. Create backups

Some devices have provided this feature in which storing all the information of your device when it will be cleaned or reset. For some devices that cannot do so, this tool can help you out saving all the things in your device and restore them later. A good advantage like this should trigger you to know more about how to use Lucky Patcher without root 2019.

  1. Remove adds

Countless apps also come with countless ads inside. It is quite annoying since it can pop up anytime. Ads in form of videos are the most annoying ones since it takes your data. Now, you can remove them easily with a help of the tool. It can block those ads and you can enjoy the apps with more peaceful.

  1. Remove license verification

License verification will pop up in several apps. It may appear because you are currently using a trial app and it needs to be upgraded to the pro version to use it longer. Sadly, it needs you to pay the charge.

Yes, it is widely known that pro version of an app takes some money from its users. For those who do not want to do pay the charge, try to use Lucky Patcher to remove its license verification. It will be a big help since you can use an app for a long time without paying any charge.

  1. Create an APK

There are people who like to modify an app to become another version that is favored by others. The modified app will be turned into an APK, so other devices can install it. This way can be done with a help of this tool. The great tool can turn a modified app into an APK, so more people can enjoy it as well.

After knowing all the advantages mentioned above, you must have wanted to know how to use Lucky Patcher without root 2019 right now. Before going there, the tool needs to be installed first. Steps to install are given as follows.

  1. First thing first, you must allow the device to be able installing apps from unknown sources. It is necessary since the tool is not from official store of apps.
  2. There will many web pages that provide download link to the Lucky Patcher, so just go with that and download the tool. Wait for some moment.
  3. Once it is downloaded, you can install it by now. Allow the device to operate the system and it will run shortly.
  4. Follow all the instruction to install and wait for the installation process to be done.
  5. Once completed, you can run it right away.

After knowing how to install the tool, let’s get to know how to use it without rooting the device. As mentioned earlier, Lucky Patcher initially needs the device to be rooted. A rooted device can use this tool for more things.

Yet, you can still use it without rooting the phone. If you do not want to root the device, you need uninstall all the un-patched APK on your own. The next thing to do is to reinstall it manually. It is very easy so just give it a try.

Now you have known how to use Lucky Patcher without root 2019 that can be applied easily. It is the time to know how to use Lucky Patcher to enjoy its advantages. Three ways of using it will be given below. Please read on.

  1. Removing ads from apps

Ads that can be removed are the ones from Google Ads. Here are the steps.

  • Open the tool and search any app that contains a lot of Google Ads.
  • Click on the ‘menu of patches’ and there will be a pop-up window. Choose ‘create modified APK file’. In no time, the APK will be ready.
  • You may be asked about which patches you wish to apply, just leave it that way.
  • Now tap on ‘rebuild the app’ and then, get into ‘rebuild and install’ button.
  • Now open the APK you have created before and click on ‘uninstall and install’ option. All the data will be deleted and you need to install the app once again. Just do it anyway.
  1. Remove license verification

Premium applications require its users to pay for some money. It is not like that anymore if you use Lucky Patcher. Here are instructions to follow.

  • First steps are similar to the previous one. You need to search the app that you want to bypass the license verification and click on the ‘menu of patches’.
  • A new window will appear and you can create an APK there. On the next window, choose ‘APK without license verification’.
  • For this one, you can choose ‘other patches’. It is the third option. You may need to do trial and error to find the best result. It is normal, so keep going.
  • Once completed, go to ‘rebuild and install’.
  • Now find the APK and open it.
  • Click on ‘uninstall and install’ and you need to install it later.
  1. Hack games

Many users install this tool because of this advantage. The gamers will like this for sure. Follow these steps.

  • As usual, open the Lucky Patcher and find the game you want to hack.
  • Click on ‘menu of patches’ and a window will appear to ask you creating the APK.
  • On the next window, choose ‘APK rebuilt for in-app and LVL emulation’.
  • Check on all the options shown to you. Now hit ‘rebuild the app’ button.
  • Now select ‘rebuild and install’.
  • After that you need to open the APK that is just created and go to ‘uninstall and install’.
  • Right after the app is uninstalled, reinstall it again.

You have known how to use Lucky Patcher without root 2019 by now. All the steps mentioned to you are easy to follow, right? To be noted, there are some errors in the process of rebuild the app. it is totally fine and you can give it another try.

As seen there, you will be able to use it without any need to root the phone. Although you must uninstall and install the apps, it does not take a long time. Thus, it can be applied with no difficulties. You will be very pleased to use this helpful tool.

In addition, this tool may not be used in several apps. What you can do to know whether it works or not is by trying to use it on the app. if you don’t want to waste your time to try it out and fail, you can look up on the internet what apps that can and cannot use the tool. It is very effective way to do. That’s all the information about how to use Lucky Patcher without root 2019.

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How to Use the Features after You Download Lucky Patcher Latest Version 2019

How to Use the Features after You Download Lucky Patcher Latest Version 2019
How to Use the Features after You Download Lucky Patcher Latest Version 2019

After you download Lucky Patcher latest version 2019, so now you might be wondering about how to use all of these features. Mainly this app is used for removing license verification, Google Ads, custom patching, changing app permissions, and modifies APK software. This is a general guide to all of the previously mentioned functions:

  1. Removing/disabling license verification

Firstly you need to pick original APK software files made by official developers. Find the application from the app, then tap “Remove License Verification”. Sometimes the result would yield negative, so use “Auto mode (Inverse)” or “Extreme Auto Mode”.

It might take a few tries, but once you got it your program will be registered. Returning the application back to the original state can be done by tapping “Remove ODEX with Changes” or “Restore”.

  1. Removing Google Ads

Removing Google Ads

Select the application you want to remove ads from, then select “Remove Google Ads”. After that there will be another prompt, choose to “Patch to Remove Google Ads”. After you’ve done the steps above, try to test the app with an internet connection.

If the ads are still coming on, go back to Lucky Patcher and tap “Disable ad Activities”, then just choose the ads and disable them. Google Ads should’ve disappeared once you completed these steps. Returning the application back to the original state can be done by tapping “Remove ODEX with Changes” or “Restore”.

  1. Custom Patching

As the name of this app implies, it can do custom patching for selected apps. Find the custom patch you’re going to patch the app within the official website After downloading, launch Lucky Patcher, tap the application you want to patch and select “Custom Patch”.

Test the app with an internet connection.  If it runs like usual or better, then the patch has been installed. Returning the application back to the original state can be done by tapping “Remove ODEX with Changes” or “Restore”.

  1. Creating Modified APK

Select the app you want to modify, then tap “Create Modified APK”. Then you pick “Patch Modification of APK”. After several moments, the modified installation file will be created in the /sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Modified.

The rebuilt APK file isn’t the same as the stock one, and can sometimes don’t work properly. It may require several tries, but once you got it working it will run as smooth as or better than the stock one.

  1. Changing Application Permissions

Select the app you want to modify and tap “Change Permissions”. There is a red and green button that will be prompted to you. The red one is for disabling permissions and the green one is for enabling it. Pressing apply will reboot the device and after the reboot start the app again to test it.

For your information, download Lucky Patcher latest version 2019 might be the most convenient way to maximize your phone’s potential. Either you want that or you just want an edge in your mobile gaming experience.

Lucky Patcher will cover most of your Android related problems, but again it has its limitation. Some online based games won’t work and if you try tampering with it you can risk a ban. So use this application wisely and have fun with your improved application.

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