Kickass Movie Download Fast and Free 2019

Kickass Movie Download Fast and Free 2019 – You might know about torrent, but still have vague definition about it. One of popular torrent directories is Kickass that has been around since 2008. You will find many files to download freely.

Kickass Movie Download Fast and Free 2019


Kickass Movie Download Fast and Free 2019
Kickass Movie Download Fast and Free 2019


So, how to get Kickass movie download fast and free 2019? In general, torrent is not complex tech or method. As long as you understand the basic principle, everything will be easy to understand.

This article will explore about Kickass movie download specifically. On the other side, Kickass provides tons of files mostly music, TV series, and movie. You also obtain books, news, rare and old files, etc. Basically, everything you cannot get from regular download will be in torrent. In order to know more about this topic, read the following sections.

Torrent and Kickass Movie Download Fast and Free 2019

Torrent and Kickass Movie Download Fast and Free 2019
Torrent and Kickass Movie Download Fast and Free 2019


Before exploring kickass movie download fast and free 2019, you should know torrent and torrenting. Both are related, but they come from the same principle. Torrent involves metadata, index, directory, peers, seed, and leech. The last part is how to download via torrent client.

  1. Torrent and Torrenting

Torrent is a type of file containing metadata to specific file. For example, movie is content with file type video container, including integrated audio and subtitle. This file is in your computer, and you can share to other. To access it, other users need the key to access movie file. That key is torrent and torrenting as the way you download that file.

If torrent does not contain real file, how does user get file from yours? After metadata is completed, all files are completely transferred. During download session, you use torrent client software, usually Bittorrent. In this software, there is information how much portion from metadata that’s already downloaded. Good thing about torrent is the file will be there as long as it’s connected.

You have file and share that makes you seeder alongside other users that do the same thing. Users who download are leech because they take file from torrent network. Both create torrent network as peers. In torrent, there is no server because the download comes directly from peer computers. This network is called peer-to-peer platform.

  1. Index and directory

Where do you find torrent file? This is where you need kickass movie download fast and free 2019. Some users create websites that contain tons of torrent file and magnet. To make everything easy, you need index to find certain file. On the other side, directory is website as search engine to gather all file torrents from network.

What is torrent magnet? It is alternative with the same function as torrent file. Magnet is like URL to direct torrent client to particular file. You need to download torrent file and upload to client. For magnet, you just copy and paste then the network will crawl and get file directly. Magnet is useful because it’s more dynamic and up to date.

  1. Peers, seed and leech

Torrent will include peers, seed, and leech. Why they are important to know? Kickass movie download fast and free 2019 provides them as additional information. You see torrent movie and ready to download. After checking, there is no peer and seed.

This situation is common issue because you cannot download without seed. That’s logical because seed is where the file located. No seed means the file does not exist even though torrent file is available. This is the reason why magnet link becomes preferable.

Moreover, peers contain network in torrent platform. When downloading the file, you become leech but have contribution to network as seed. It means you upload and download simultaneously. If leech is more than seed, download speed is slow.

This happens vice versa for tons of seed but low leech. New movie usually has more seed, and the link is fresh. On contrary, old file and movie might only have at least two computers as seed. One seed is not enough because it puts too much stress on network in client side.

  1. Download via torrent

Downloading via torrent is different from regular one. You need torrent client installed in your computer. Moreover, the computer will be exposed to open network. There is a chance that the file is not safe and proper. However, torrent client has received update from provider to improve security aspect.

Explanation above is the basic thing related kickass movie download fast and free 2019. Kickass is not torrent client, but search engine and directory. You access their website then type keyword.

After that, tons of torrent files are available with additional information, such as magnet, seed, and peer. Many similar websites adopt kickass platform as preference. To know more about kickass torrent, check the list below.

  1. Torrent search engine and directory

Kickass is directory where you get torrent file from various sources. One keyword, such as movie, will have various sources. If you want download new movie, check resolution and quality. Blue-ray is the best quality at all to download.

Kickass does not store torrent file but get from third provider. From kickass, users go to specific file. Most of them are public, but few are private. You cannot access the private torrent provider without invitation.

  1. Internet blocking

There is nothing illegal about peer-to-peer network. However, some countries and ISP put restriction to torrent. User cannot access and download because the network blocks torrent client. This situation includes kickass as popular directory. Kickass has several domains with the same service to prevent blocking.

  1. Verified torrent file

There are hundreds of torrent files for single movie. Which one has the right content? The answer is torrent file from verified source. To provide result, kickass uses tracker to gather every file in internet.

Sometimes, private torrent is protected and does not available in directory. There is nothing you can do about this file. As free user, you just focus on public file that’s available in kickass. Kickass will show verified sign to ensure the file is safe and legitimate.

  1. Download from Kickass

After you find the file, next thing is to download directly. For movie, check the file information to make sure you get the right file. Click download link then torrent file is directly stored in your computer.

You just open torrent client and upload to network. Wait until verification is done, and the download process starts immediately. For magnet, you just right click and open new tab in browser. Just copy the URL at address bar and place in torrent client. The next process is similar to torrent client.

More about Kickass Movie Download Fast and Free 2019

More about Kickass Movie Download Fast and Free 2019
More about Kickass Movie Download Fast and Free 2019

How long do you get complete file from torrent? Kickass movie download fast and free 2019 depends on several factors, mostly your own connection. Download uses most resources and similar to upload. If your network restricts torrent activity, few tips below are worth to try.

  1. Proxy and VPN

You can use VPN, VPS, and proxy to bypass restriction. VPN protects your computer and IP address while downloading. Another way is proxy with source that does not restrict torrent. Last method is VPS where you use virtual computer to enter and access torrent.

  1. Direct download

Most of internet users do direct download from server. Torrent is different, but you can transform into similar process. In general, you download and upload simultaneously from computer to computer without server. Several providers offer direct download to torrent. You can use their service.

How does it work? You just copy magnet or upload torrent file to their server. They will do torrenting with their own computer. After the file is already in their server, you just download directly as regular process.

his service is also called torrent leech because it acts as leech to download and provide file directly. It has benefit as your network does not see torrent activity. On the other side, you can save time and bandwidth. If the file has many seeders, torrenting is faster and vice versa with low seeders.

  1. Download manager

One issue when using torrent is you cannot integrate into download manager except torrent client software. This is where torrent leech becomes prominent choice. You can download as regular process using download manager. File is directly from server.

Those tips are useful for beginner and user with restriction. Which one is faster between direct torrent and using leecher? Both have pros and cons depending on availability and resource. If you have stable network, direct torrent provides faster process.

Torrent leecher is suitable if you do not have time for torrenting. The service is free, while paid subscription comes with different feature. Free service has limitation in term of size, file availability, and capability. You get more service when paying money for subscription service.

There is one thing you should know about torrent. Anything you take is at your risk. Torrenting is legal, but file you download might be copyright infringement. At first initiation, peer-to-peer network was for safe and easy access without routing to network. However, the content was responsible for seed and leech.

From what has been explained above, you understand that kickass torrent is good source to obtain many movies. Tons of file are ready to fulfill your desire. People rely on this service because they cannot get from legitimate source in their countries. That’s what you should know about kickass movie download fast and free 2019.

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