IPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak 2019

IPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak 2019 – Apple is the major manufacturer and brand in smartphone market with prominent gadget called iPhone. Since the first released, people started to experience the apps that are upgraded each year based on its system.

iPhone uses operating system called iOS as proprietary platform and only available in iPhone, including iPad. However, you need to rely on iPhone activation lock bypass jailbreak 2019 if your device is locked. This matter requires exceptional steps that might illegal, but there is legal ulterior motive for this purpose.

IPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak 2019

IPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak 2019
IPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak 2019

How do you unlocking activation lock in iPhone? Firstly, unlocking means you cannot access through Apple ID. It might happen when you buy the used iPhone, but the previous owner does not get rid of the setting.

In special case, you find iPhone and want to give back to the rightful owner. For another reason, you buy it from dealer but want to remove everything. Those are the main reasons why unlocking activation lock becomes legitimate action.

Steps To iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak 2019

Steps To iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak 2019
Steps To iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak 2019

Before going further to discuss iPhone activation lock bypass jailbreak 2019, you need to know why Apple added this feature. In general, it was a part of security and safety measure for users. In new IOS, iPhone users require Apple ID in order to access everything.

Without this ID, you only see the lock screen that needs to be completed. Besides, this feature prevents stranger to restore your file. If your phone is stolen, as legitimate owner, you can use Find My iPhone app to lock and erase everything. That happens as preventive measure in order to get rid of intrusion.

Activation lock is connected to iCloud as cloud platform for all Apple users. This is why users send locking mode to their device. When you do unlocking, it means bypass iCloud unlocking code without Apple ID.

There are two ways to handle this matter: via DNS and third-party service. DNS is like local IP in your device to access internet. Changing DNS means your iPhone will have different IP, but the device is still the same. The steps for those methods are explained at below list.

  1. Open Wi-Fi access

First thing to do is to tap iPhone screen and select the country. Make sure you choose country where you live presently. Do not forget to pick language you use. After those steps, go to Wi-Fi access and setting. At the top left, tap “I” icon to find more setting. In this stage, the device is connected to network. You can disable this connection and forget the network.

  1. Change DNS

After tapping more setting button, you will find in page for IP address. Go to DNS section and input number based on where you live. You can try below numbers as preference. Make sure to pick the right one. The other is option if you are not in previous area. South America, Africa, and Pacific countries are examples of them.

USA and North America:




After you are done with DNS, next step is to go back again in network setting. Choose network using Wi-Fi, not SIM card. As usual, connect the device automatically to public or private network that’s available in your area. Private one needs password and you just fill it properly.

  1. Unlocking iCloud

The next step in iPhone activation lock bypass jailbreak 2019 is waiting. After the device recognizes network and DNS, bypass screen will appear. It shows iPhone apps and feature that’s available for you. Even though iCloud is already unlocked, the device still has protection for personal setting. Unlocking only gives access to standard or basic feature.

DNS provides limited access when you decide to apply for unlocking iCloud lock. Limited means Apple puts restriction by temporary access. It works only one time and you can start again with the same method frequently. That’s not convenient way regarding you are legal owner, but previous iPhone user did not erase his existence.

What do you need to do for unlocking comprehensively? Recommended solution is Apple Care. It is a support center for Apple users, especially in this situation. If you can prove that you are legal owner, Apple Care will remove previous Apple ID and provide the new one. Actually, it is the fastest way to unlocking activation code.

Another method is third-party service. Doing DNS step many times is frustration process for beginner. In that case, users may want quick and simple solution. This is where third-party service comes in the right place and time. This service will unlocking iCloud and let users to receive full access. The service consists of online-based, offline store, and unlocking software.

Online service is everything done by website. You do not need to visit it directly, but only rely on online method. The question is whether you can get iPhone activation lock bypass jailbreak 2019 or not.

Using software might be good option. You get license then connect to iPhone directly. The software will handle the rest to do unlocking. It is similar to jailbreak where users remove Apple restriction. Regardless your method, make sure to check twice before ordering their service. It is part of security procedure.

More Things about iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak 2019

More Things about iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak 2019
More Things about iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak 2019

The next section is about few things related activation lock in iPhone. Previous methods explain how you bypass this lock then access the features without legitimate Apple ID. People think that this is similar to jailbreak. Well, unlocking means to bypass lock feature.

You cannot enter the room because the door is locked. In that case, you try to open using lock or just open the window. However, you are not thief that breaks the key and enter the room without permission.

Unlocking is when you try to open iPhone. It is not legal issue because what you do still keeps iPhone original setting. By using DNS, you have an access to apps and games, though not in full access. However, that’s enough for users to check every file and app. If you are seller, using this method gives base preview what inside the iPhone.

This is called unlocking to enter, not breaking. People might think unlocking is about changing network. It is for iPhone sold as bundling. Users have contract with providers to activate the number and use the network for certain period. Unlocking helps to break away such contract and users can add different SIM card easily.

On the other side, iPhone activation lock bypass jailbreak 2019 might be related to jailbreak. One top reason why users like iPhone and other Apple devices is about the exclusivity.

iPhone uses the apps from Apple and users can add more via Apple Store. You cannot install the apps from unrecognizable developers. Restriction is also available to follow regulation based on where Apple sells this iPhone.

For example, you get different feature in iPhone that comes from Japan and United States. Japan device does not provide silent mode when taking picture using camera. It is part of regulation that Apple needs to follow and adjust every device sold in this country.

Most users do not have issue with limitation property, but some of them feel urgent to unlock the entire phone. This is where jailbreak started at first time. In general, Jailbreak does not focus on iPhone, but the platform installed, such as iOS version. Every jailbreak method is specifically to get rid of iOS restriction, though advanced process has capability to change the hardware mode.

Using jailbreak method to do iPhone activation lock bypass jailbreak 2019 has pros and cons. From good side, users can do whatever they want. Usually, they install app or game that’s not available in iOS.

You can download the app and install it directly without warning. Moreover, you may connect iPhone to other device, such as PC, laptop, Mac, etc. Those are the things that people try to accomplish when doing jailbreak.

Jailbreak seems have good sides, but there is opposite matter to consider. With this process, iPhone does not get full support from Apple because of losing warranty. It affects update and upgrade process. If need new iOS, you can do jailbreak again because it does not work for new platform.

The problem happens when Apple enhances security feature. For your information, Apple receives support from the security company that tries to pass iOS. With their opinion and input, new iOS is different from the predecessor. It means you cannot do jailbreak as similar to what you have done.

On the other side, jailbreak is permanent solution for bypass activation lock. After iPhone is unlocked, you can connect to computer. Using software, iPhone is being turned into jailbreak mode. It is good opportunity as it’s more efficient.

Changing DNS takes time and it does not always work every day. Relying on third-party services is not reliable to do because you will let them access personal information. This is where jailbreak has promising thing to consider.

From the explanation above, unlocking and jailbreak seem interchangeable terms. Some people think both of them are different, but the others have different perspective. Regardless that matter, you need to focus finding the right way to do iPhone activation lock bypass jailbreak 2019.

Many forums discuss about Apple ID, iCloud, iPhone, and iOS. Of course, you should look for forums that do not have issue to do sensitive steps. That’s what you should know about unlocking activation lock and jailbreak in iPhone.

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