iMessage for Windows: How to Download and Install It

If you get bored with the current messengers on your PC, then try iMessage for Windows to make a fresh change of your routine. A lot of messengers are equipped with many types of interesting features and services. From emojis to different types of designs, messengers are bound to thrive as the communication agent in this time. To this day, Windows has made available all these types of messengers to its devices. Besides the compatibility, the various messengers give the users the freedom to choose their medium to communicate as well.

As you may know, iMessage bears the Apple signature on its name. It certainly has a different type of elements to Windows apps in general. In theory, an Apple program cannot make do on the other environment aside from the Apple product itself. Nevertheless, the iMessage program can work fairly well on a Windows device with a couple of tricks.

iMessage has a lot of interesting features to offer. Even though messengers out there provide a lot of different services to date, nothing can simply take the reign of iMessage down. As one of the most exclusive messengers out there iMessage attracts the curiosity of non-Apple users. Luckily for you, non-Apple users can use iMessage now as Windows provides the right tool to make it happen.

You may have probably seen people use iMessage on their Apple products, like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. As such, the common practice of Apple users has taken over the tech world in general. Today, you can even use iMessage on your Windows 10. In order to use iMessage on Windows, you need to follow some of the rules we have curated below. But first, take a look at the brief overview of iMessage in general.



To Apple users, iMessage may seem like a necessary communication tool in daily life. Most of Apple users tend to use this messenger rather than the other types of messengers out there. While iMessage does not have the commercial status on the market, it does have a special place in the mobile device community. Especially with the way the Apple brand has become, the popularity of iMessage has taken on the rise.

As an inbuilt messenger on iOS devices, iMessage has the perks as the exclusive program to only exist on Apple devices. If you have a couple of Apple devices, then iMessage can surely make your communication method easier. iMessage has a simple interface with a clean and neat design. It looks similar to a regular texting tool on your Windows device or Android phone. The only difference is it works like a messenger instead of a regular message texting program.

With the Apple brand continuously on the rise, iMessage has gained the popularity not only among Apple users but also Android users. The demand to get iMessage available on devices with an operating system like Windows and Android has increased over time. Windows users, moreover, have inclined to make use of iMessage on their device. Even so, iMessage does not make compatible for any devices other than the ones which operate with iOS system. While it may seem unfortunate, the brilliant minds out there have found a way to make iMessage operating on your Windows device.

iMessage Features

iMessage Features
iMessage Features

With the magic of some of the emulators out there, iMessage can finally operate well on your Windows device. As the exclusive messaging program for Apple, you can now use it on your Windows devices. Before we get to the method to install iMessage on Windows, you may want to get to know more about its features.

Aside from the exclusivity, iMessage also offers you simplicity and practicality. As one of the most equipped and easy messengers today, iMessage can make for a nice communication agent in your busy daily life. It has come to a point where most Apple users boast about iMessage greatness over time.

To start it off, iMessage allows you to send messages at the cost of your mobile data. If there is a Wifi connection near you, then you can definitely use it and send messages for free. Every time you send a message, you will get the report and many other pieces of information which make the communication easy. As an Apple user, you will not have to download a third-party messenger app, for iMessage will do the job finely for you.

Aside from the functional features, iMessage also has a great interface which simply makes the entire messaging activity efficient. The graphics on this messaging program do not come off as too flashy for it focuses solely on the functionality of the messenger itself. Nevertheless, you can still make the messenger colorful and interesting with the emoticons and smiles available on the iMessage and the keyboard utility. Make sure to send every important file you need via iMessage as well. iMessage can help you send audio, video, and image files all in one go.

With iMessage, you can send every information as fast as possible. You can send an unlimited amount of texts, documents, voice mails, or images with this messenger program. By only tapping on creating a group chat option, you can manage a couple of friends to have a conversation within a group. Other than that, you can also use the extensive features from iMessage for free.

iMessage for Windows

iMessage for Windows
iMessage for Windows

In case you want to make the process of texting easier, you can simply use iMessage on PC. The widescreen will provide you more space to work. Windows may not be a compatible device for iMessage, but a lot of methods out there can provide you a way to use this messenger program on it.

In order to download the iMessage app for Windows, you need to take a look at some methods we have curated in this article. Since iMessage for Windows does not bode well with the official regulations, you have to make sure to follow these instructions on using the app. Take a look at these methods below to download and use iMessage on your Windows PC.

Using Chrome Remote Desktop to Install iMessage on Windows

In order for this method to work, you will need an essential device like a Mac and a Windows PC. With the Chrome Remote Desktop as the link between the two, you can install iMessage on your Windows device.

Follow these steps below to make do of this method.

  1. Start it off by installing Chrome Remote Desktop on your Windows Google Chrome browser.
  2. When the application runs, navigate your way through it and look for Add to Chrome option.
  3. Click on the option, then wait until the downloading process finishes.
  4. Afterward, you can install the Chrome browser.
  5. Look for the options under the Browser apps section. Select Launch App to continue.
  6. Proceed to download Chrome Remote Desktop host installer on your Mac.
  7. Once the downloading process finishes, install it.
  8. On your Mac, set up security pins or password to gain access to another screen on the Windows PC.
  9. Look back to your Windows device and look for the remote Mac.
  10. Find the Start screen and select the option to share the information on Windows.

By using Chrome Remote Desktop, you can gain access to iMessage from your Mac. Now, you can use iMessage on your Windows PC with the help of the Chrome browser. In case you do not have a Mac to perform this method, then you can try to find other iMessage emulators for Windows.

Using Cydia to Install iMessage on Windows

If you want to use an Apple program on your Windows PC, then you should never get enough with iOS emulators. There will be no need to perform a jailbreak on your iOS device, for you can always make do of what you have on your Windows 10 device.

In order to get iMessage operating for your Windows 10 PC, make sure to follow these quick and easy steps. Enjoy all the exclusivity of iMessage once you have iMessage installed on your Windows 10 PC.

  1. To start it off, get Cydia emulator on your Windows 10 PC. You can also get Cydia to look for the app stores on your mobile devices.
  2. After the downloading process finishes, you can search for Remote Messages.
  3. Following that, wait for the Cydia app to install it and wait for the process to get completed.
  4. Once the installation is done, go to the Settings tab and look for Remote Messages.
  5. As soon as you click it, a window with the Use Authentication option will pop.
  6. Proceed to tap on the option to enable it.
  7. On the new window, create a username and password. Make sure that your iOS device and Windows 10 PC are connected via the same Wifi connection.
  8. Access the browser on your Windows 10 and then type in your IP address under the enable tab. Click enter to continue.
  9. Soon after, a Windows prompt with password and user details will appear.
  10. Enter some of the details required to complete the setup.

At last, you can operate iMessage from your Windows 10 PC. Now you will not have to worry anymore if your Apple device runs out of batteries for you can always access iMessage from your Windows 10 PC.

Using iPadian to Install iMessage on Windows

Another type of iOS emulator you can use is iPadian. Get this software for free and gain access to all of those legit Apple programs on your Windows 10 PC.

  1. Go to the official iPadian website and look for the software for Windows 10 PC.
  2. Grab the iPadian emulator for free from the website.
  3. Afterward, proceed to install downloaded file on your Windows 10PC.
  4. Once the installation finishes, you can run the emulator.
  5. A window will show up and offer you a look at the terms and conditions. Check on the accept option and continue.
  6. Once the terms have been agreed to, you can run the iPadian emulator.
  7. On the iPadian emulator search box, you can see a search box.
  8. Type iMessage on it and look for the iMessage program on the search list.
  9. Proceed to select on the iMessage app to download it.
  10. Finally, the iMessage downloading process has begun.

After following these simple steps, you can finally use iMessage on your Windows PC. No more waiting for an Apple device to get the iMessage to run.

Using Bluestacks to Operate iMessage on Windows

Emulators are widely used in many different types of devices. A lot of Windows users have used iOS emulators and use them on their Windows 10 PCs. Since iMessage has specific compatibility for iOS, then you must use any other methods to use the iMessage service on your Windows 10 PC. By using Bluestacks, you can get iMessage to work on your Windows 10 perfectly.

In order to use iMessage on your Windows 10, follow these steps below.

  1. Look for the Bluestacks emulator online and download it.
  2. Once the downloading process finishes, install Bluestacks on your Windows PC. Wait for several minutes until the installation process is done.
  3. When the Bluestacks window appears, proceed to run the emulator.
  4. Afterward, a search box will show up. Type iMessage on the box and you can download it on the App store page.
  5. Find the iMessage app and download it.
  6. To finish it off, set up the iMessage on your own.

Voila, the iMessage program can now run on your Windows. You can now use the messenger program to connect with your family and friends.


Since iMessage is widely available to use through iOS emulators and other methods, you can now have more options to access it. In a way, it may not seem convenient to go through all of those methods we have curated above to make use of a messenger app. While it may seem so for some people, iMessage actually has the exclusivity that not everyone can have. As one of the simplest and efficient messaging apps today, iMessage has the ability to make the communication process easier. Instead of using it on mobile devices only, you can always make it available on your Windows 10 PC. Only with the clever tricks above can you download iMessage use it on your Windows device. If you want to make texting over iMessage much easier, try the methods we have curated above.

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