4 Ways to Use iMessage on Windows 2019

How to Use iMessage on Windows 2019 – Apple becomes one of the famous brands for mobile devices and PC. This manufacturer is well-known for the great specification and exclusiveness. It is true that devices from Apple are exclusive.

When most of PCs and computers from various brands have Windows as operating system, Apple does not do this. The company develops MacOS, and this can only be used by PCs and computers made by Apple.

Then, in term of mobile devices, Apple has iOS while other devices from various brands mostly use Android as operating system. Actually, its exclusiveness is not only in term of operating system. Some apps are developed by Apple and these are only available for Apple devices.

How to Use iMessage on Windows 2019

How to Use iMessage on Windows 2019
How to Use iMessage on Windows 2019

iMessage becomes one of them and it makes many people look for the way of how to use iMessage on Windows 2019. They want to get the same access of iMessage because the app is very interesting.

In fact, iMessage becomes the other exclusive thing from Apple. As its name, this app is developed to give easy access for sending message. It is different from e-mail since it provides interactive platforms and just feels like using common chatting platforms.

However, this is able to work in both Apple mobile devices and PCs. In other word, users of iOS devices can send message to MacOS PCs. Moreover, this is not just for texts. The media, starting from photos, files, and even videos can be shared by using this platform. That’s why many Windows-based PC users want also to get access of this app.

Some Ways of How to Use iMessage on Windows 2019

Some Ways of How to Use iMessage on Windows 2019
Some Ways of How to Use iMessage on Windows 2019

For those who use PC with MacOS, you can easily download iMessage. Although you have to download it first, you have access for this app and you are free to use all of the features and benefits of the app. The same cases also happen on iOS devices since Apple only dedicates the app for Mac and iOS devices. There is no access for Windows and other platforms.

Surely, this makes some Windows-based PC users want to try the same things. Well, you may be the one of those people. Although principally Apple does not provide access for other platforms, there are alternative ways to choose.

Development of technology has made many things possible to do, and accessing iMessage in Windows PCs is not big problem to deal with. There are some interesting and easy ways to use. These can become good information for you.

Well, there are some ways to try. In order to know How to Get iMessage on PC 2019, you will need to pay attention on details and follow the instruction well. It is because they require great attention in order to make sure that iMessage can be successfully accessed on Windows. These are some of those accesses.

  1. Google Chrome

It may sound strange to use Google Chrome as the solution of how to use imessage on windows 2019. People have known that Chrome is app of internet browser. This is used to access websites and web pages.

Although there can be many extensions and plug-ins, there is no extensions named as iMessage. However, there is a way to use iMessage by using this browser. If you still do not know how to do it, you can follow these complete steps. It will help you to know the whole processes.

In this way, you will need two PCs. The first one must be Windows PC and the second one is MacOS PC. This is the requirements and without these two types of PC, you will never be able to access iMessage by using Google Chrome. Both of them are needed since later, authorization must be given by using certain codes. In case you have no MacOS PC, borrow it from your friends if they allow you to use it.

When you already have those requirements, you can follow these steps. Each of them must be followed well to make sure it can be successful.

  1. Download Chrome browser on both of computers and install the app.
  2. You will need special extension called Chrome Remote Desktop extension. This is needed on both computers.
  3. After the extension is ready, it can be installed and launch the app.
  4. In MacOS computer, additional app must be installed and it is Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer. This is important since it is needed to connect and synchronize both computers.
  5. Find the location of Host Installer file in the directory or hard drive of MacOS PC. It must be run to finish the installation process.
  6. You only need to follow the instructions and process. In most of cases, you need account and password of Mac computer to make sure that you are the owner who is fully aware of its installation.
  7. After it, run the Chrome Remote Desktop on Mac computer. After it runs, the code will appear in screen, and the code has 12 digits. This code must be noted since this is needed for your Windows PC later. In this part, you must make sure that you are the only one who knows the code. Well, those who have this code can access the computer of MacOS remotely.
  8. Go to your Windows PC, run the Chrome Remote Desktop and input the code. Then, you will have remote access.
  9. Now, open the App drawer in your Windows PC and find iMessage. After it, you are able to try the app and all of the features.

These steps must be followed and none of them can be skipped. You have to pay attention on the details since each of the steps are important. This is the first solution of how to use iMessage on windows 2019 that you can try. Although it takes time and many steps, this way has high possibility of success since many users have tried this way and they are successful.

  1. Cydia

This is quite different from the previous step. It is quite complicated compared to the access in Chrome browser. In this case, you do not need Mac computer. You only need iOS devices and your Windows laptop or PC.

However, there is requirement to do. It is necessary to jailbreak the iOS device to get the access when Cydia is run on PC. Well, it is quite risky to do since the jailbreak may make the device more vulnerable.

In some cases, this step is not recommended because of jailbreak. However, after you can jailbreak the iOS device, you are able to get access and Cydia will be able to get connected to the device.

This app is like the bridge that will connect your PC to the Windows computer. The steps are easy to do, and this is not as complicated as the first way. However, you have to jailbreak the device, so some people avoid this way.

How to Use iMessage on Windows 2019 by Using Emulator

How to Use iMessage on Windows 2019 by Using Emulator
How to Use iMessage on Windows 2019 by Using Emulator

Google Chrome and Cydia are not the only access to use iMessage on Windows PC. You will be able to use and access this messaging app by using emulator. Emulator is a special app developed to bring framework of certain operating system or interface.

Therefore, it can be accessed in other devices. There are many kinds of emulator. Some of them are made for games, so the games for certain consoles can be played in PC easily. Related to how to use iMessage on windows 2019, emulator of iOS can be chosen.

iPadian is the options of iOS emulator. By installing this in your PC, you will be able to run framework and interface of iOS. In other word, it is like having two kinds of operating systems in a single device.

It’s very easy to use compared to Chrome Browser and Cydia. You only need to download and install the app. After that, you need to find iMessage in search bar. By using this, it is like having iPhone or iPad installed in your computer.

Well, it is true that this is very easy. You do not need to do authentication and other long process. You also do not need Mac computer or iOS devices to know how to use iMessage on windows 2019. However, this emulator makes your PC work harder as it has to run two frameworks of operating system.

PC with good specification and processor will not have problems to run the emulator, but some PCs will have extra workload, so running other apps may make the computer run slowly. It becomes the consequences that you have to deal with.

Those are some alternatives to access iMessage on Windows devices. Although principally Apple only provides the app for Apple devices, there are some alternative ways. Those ways are the possible things to try on how to use iMessage on Windows 2019.

Among three of them, emulator and Chrome browser is recommended since they have less risk and can be done quite easily. You only need to follow each step carefully. Even, emulator can be accessed very easily. This is not just for iMessage, but other apps exclusive for iOS devices.

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