How to Refund a Game on Steam 2019 (After 2 Hours/14 Days)

How to Refund a Game on Steam 2019 (After 2 Hours/14 Days) – As a gamer, you may have some collections of game. Although you may have got many of them, this does stop you to keep upgrading and buying new games because there are always new releases.

In a year, there can be up to 10 great games released, and you cannot just see them. You need to have and play. To buy these games, there are many places and Steam is one of the most popular ones to get them. All players must have known that this place is like the right choice to get new games and other things related to this.

How to Refund a Game on Steam 2019

How to Refund a Game on Steam 2019
How to Refund a Game on Steam 2019

Of course, Steam is not just place to buy games. There are also some interesting services offered by this provider, including the service of refund. In case you find problems with game that you have just bought, it is possible to refund it. There are complete steps of how to refund a game on steam 2019.

The refund services make people love to go to Steam whenever they need to find games. Although this website provides access to refund, it does not mean that the process can be easy to do. There are some processes in order to refund the game.

If you are interested to know the complete steps of refunding what you have just bought, you come to the right place. Here, you will get complete steps and other important things related to refunding services offered by Steams. This can become good information to help you whenever you need to refund.

Information and Steps of How to Refund a Game on Steam After 2 Hours/14 Days

Information and Steps of How to Refund a Game on Steam
Information and Steps of How to Refund a Game on Steam

Refunding what you have just bought or purchased is possible to do in Steam. There can be many reasons that make you want to refund. First, it can be because you buy the wrong games.

This can happen because you click or choose the wrong games and it is already processed. The other reason is that the games cannot work in your device because of insufficient specification.

For your information, some games have certain basic requirements of PC, starting from dedicated memory and storage, operating system, and other hardware. There are also some people who find that the game has some troubles or technical issues, so it cannot be played.

These can happen since it may have bugs and crashes. Based on those reasons, Steam has listed some category related to their refund services and you must pay attention to this. Therefore, you will not have problems related to how to refund a game on steam 2019.

  1. Downloadable contents or DLC

When you purchased DLC from Steam, you can refund it. However, there are some conditions that allow you to do the refund. First, refunding application must be made within fourteen days after purchasing the DLC. Then, DLC is still played less than 2 hours. When you can fulfill these terms, then DLC is refundable.

  1. In-game purchases

In some conditions, players may have in-game purchases and this is also category of items that can be refundable. However, there are conditions and they are similar to the previous condition. Besides, the in-game items must not be transferred and modified. It will also be different treatment when the items are from third party.

  1. Pre-purchased title

There are games that can be pre-purchased before they are released. It is like booking the game first. However, when you do this and want to cancel the booking, it is possible to do as long as the game is not released yet. Even if the game has been released, you may refund by following the same conditions as the previous categories.

  1. Steam wallet

In case of steam wallet, you can also make application of refund as long as the wallets are bought in official Steam, and they have not been used. There is also condition to refund in within 14 days after it is purchased.

  1. Steam hardware


Hardware is not just about games and supporting items. There is also hardware and you may need to know about how to refund a game on Steam 2019. For the case of hardware, you have duration up to 30 days after its delivery.

Moreover, this hardware must be shipped back to Steam within 14 days after you request a refund. It is important to make sure that you are buying the hardware from official Steam.

Those are some categories of items and other thing from Steam that’s refundable. You must pay attention to the conditions stated above. You may also find more specific conditions when you are accessing the website of Steam. It must also be clear that you get the games and other items from Steam since this website is not responsible for things obtained from third party.

Then, there are also some contents or items that cannot be refunded by Steam. For example, video contents, such as movies and tutorials cannot be refunded. You may not also get access to request a refund when your account is banned. The banning may happen because of cheating and other things that against the policies stated by Steam.

When you are sure that the purchase is included in those category, and your accounts are not banned, you can make request.

Related to the steps of how to refund a game on steam 2019

  1. Access the official website of Steam and login into your account.
  2. Click on menu Steam Support then go to menu of Purchase.
  3. In this menu, you will find lists of games and other items you have purchased. You only need to click the purchases that you are going to refund. In case you do not find what you want to refund, it means it’s ineligible to refund.
  4. Once you find the purchase, choose the problems or reasons why you want to refund it.
  5. Click on “I’d like to request a fund
  6. Complete the form and submit it.
  7. Later, you will get notification and confirmation via email.

Other Things to Know Related to Refund a Game on Steam After 14 Days

Other Things to Know Related to Refund a Game on Steam
Other Things to Know Related to Refund a Game on Steam

There are still other things to know about services of refund. This will not be about steps and category of refundable items, but this is about tips so you do not need to make request of refund. These tips can helpful as a part of your consideration, so you do not need to know about how to refund a game on Steam 2019.

  1. Make a wish-list

This is useful step to do. Instead of buying the game directly, just make wish-list and there is feature for this. In this menu, you will not need to pay anything. Yet, you will get notifications when there is discount or promo for the listed items. This can be helpful in making consideration.

  1. Look for cheaper games

When you are afraid of price, you may look for the cheaper games. It is possible to find the games, although this means you may not find the latest ones. Well, the latest games will have high price, yet those that are released last year can be cheaper. There are also promos and discount you can look for in order to get lower price.

  1. Find list of Game of the Year

This list is interesting since it recommends you the popular and favorite games in the year. This is not just about interesting ones, but you may get special prices for the additional quests and other bundles. They are usually offered in a cheaper package.

  1. Consider your budget

It becomes important point as well. You must be aware of your own budget, so you will not buy over-priced games or other packages in Steam. Although you may be able to request a refund, this still can take time and it is better to make consideration before deciding to buy.

These considerations are useful when you are going to buy games and other items, but you are not sure about the price. These points can be good to consider since you may get cheaper prices of games you want.

Although Steam has feature of refund and there are complete steps of how to refund a game on Steam 2019, it is better if you do not need to make refund. It takes time and even there are possibilities that your request is not granted by Steams.

By following the steps and those kinds of information, you will get easier access to refund whenever you find problems with things you have purchased. Actually, the steps are not too difficult to follow since Steam has provides access for refund request and application.

However, it may take time since you still have to wait for its confirmation. Furthermore, you must pay attention to the conditions and terms for requesting refund. You have to be aware that not all purchases are refundable and the items from third party will get refund.

Then, there are also some considerations to make. When you pay attention to those points, there will be no difficulties related to how to refund a game on steam 2019.

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