How to Get iMessage on PC 2019 (Imessage for PC)

How to get iMessage on PC 2019 (Imessage for PC) – Nowadays, a lot of devices support many kinds of messaging. Sending message is no longer difficult to do, and it is very fast to access. Various applications are available, so people can send more than just texts. Audio, pictures and photos, and even files can be sent via messaging apps.

Related to this, Apple also has its own exclusive messaging services called iMessage. It is very exclusive since this platform is only available for all devices manufactured by Apple, starting from its PCs and laptops, smartphone, and also the tablets.

How to get iMessage on PC 2019

How to get iMessage on PC 2019
How to get iMessage on PC 2019

Well, many users of other devices look for information about how to get iMessage on PC 2019. They also want to get the access for its exclusive chatting and messaging platform even if they do not use iOS and MacOS devices. Of course, its features are the reasons why people want to use this platform.

iMessage is very interesting. This is like a unique messaging platform that can connect gadget to the PC manufactured by Apple. The function is like sending SMS, and it can use Wi-Fi connection or internet data. This is very useful since usually people can only send message from gadget to PC just by using emails.

Sometimes, this is not easy to response. By using the app, you will be able to enjoy sending message with appearance and interface of common messaging app. That’s why people want to get access for this app although they have no Apple devices.

Information about Imessage for PC

Information about Imessage for PC
Information about Imessage for PC

Luckily, iMessage is no longer exclusive platform of messaging for iOS and MacOS devices. Now, devices powered by Windows can also access it. However, the step is not as simple as using the iMessage in Apple devices since basically the manufacturer does not provide the app. However, technology has developed. Although there is official app, some alternatives ways of how to get iMessage on PC 2019 are available.

  1. Emulator

The first option is emulator. Recently, emulators become popular apps to use. By using this tool, people can have access for various interfaces. For example, people can find many emulators for playing games dedicated for certain consoles.

Even now, there are many developers that create emulators for Android, so this can be used in PC. In other words, PC can have two types of operating system: Android and Windows, although this is only clone made by the emulator. However, it has most of the access.

In case of iMessage, the solution is also similar. You only need to find emulator that gives access to get iOS in Windows PCs. By using the emulator, your device can have appearance and even interface of iOS.

This will allow you to access many apps exclusive for Apple mobile devices, including the iMessage. This is great thing that’s very easy to do. As reference, iPadian Emulator is the recommended app that can give iOS framework on your PC.

It is very easy to get the access of the app. To get and operate it, these steps will help you, so you do not need to worry even if you have no information about it.

  • Download the app. You can find many sources of the app, but it is better to find official source if possible, so you can get the latest version of emulator.
  • Once the download process is done, install it. This may take time and you only need to wait for its installation process.
  • Once it is installed, open the emulator and start to explore the interface. After that, find the search bar to look for iMessage.
  • Then, you only need to download the file by clicking Install button.
  • After its process is done, the app is ready to use. In this case, you will need good internet connection to access. This is required since it is not the real platform, so it needs better environments in order to make the app run well.

This emulator is surely becomes great alternative of how to get iMessage on PC 2019. You will not find difficulties since basically you turn the Windows PC into iOS framework.

However, this is just an app, so you still have the Windows OS. You are still able to use both of the OS at the same time although this may give extra workload for PC since it has to run on two frameworks.

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop

This is the other solution for how to get iMessage on PC 2019. It may not be as simple as the emulator, but it is still good to try. As its name, you will need Chrome browser installed on PC. Then, you will also need to have Mac computer or laptops.

These two are the main requirements since you will need to get access from Mac computer in order to get permission to use the feature of iMessage. Of course, you may ask for helps from your friends if you have no Mac PC.

To do this, you will need to follow the steps since some details must get your attention to make sure the iMessage can totally work.

  • Make sure the iMessage is installed on the Mac PC that you are going to use. Since this is not default app, users still need to install it first.
  • Download the Chrome browser on Windows and Mac PC. It must be installed on both of the devices.
  • Once the download process is done, you can download specific extension called Chrome Remote Desktop. It must also be downloaded on both PCs.
  • Launch the Chrome and its extension on your Windows PC. In Mac PC, you still need to have additional app called Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer.
  • After you download the installer, you only need to follow all of the instructions and install it. After it is fully installed, you will get notification appearing in your screen, and this shows 12 digits of number as code to copy. This code will be needed to connect and synchronized both of the PCs.
  • When you open the app in Windows PC, you are required to input the code. Moreover, you only need to enter those 12 digits that you obtain from Mac PC.
  • Then, now you can have an access for iMessage. Just look for the app in your app drawer of Windows PC.

Those are some alternatives of how to get iMessage on PC 2019. They are totally easy to do, although the second option may require more process to get the access. However, although this needs more processes to take, your PC will not need to get extra workload since basically it only runs an app. It is easier than running two frameworks at the same times.

Considerations Related on How to get iMessage on PC 2019

Considerations Related on How to get iMessage on PC 2019
Considerations Related on How to get iMessage on PC 2019

It is true that some considerations must get your concerns when you are going to run the devices. These are needed to make sure you can get full access and services of iMessage. These are some of the points.

  1. Check the OS version

In fact, iMessage is exclusive for Apple devices. However, this requires certain version of OS for both the mobile devices and PC. At least, it must be iOS 5 for the mobile devices, and it must be at least OS X Mountain Lion for Mac PCs. When these requirements are not fulfilled, the platform cannot be accessed even if those are the Apple devices.

  1. Check the required specification

In term of emulator, you need to know the required specification after getting the information about how to get iMessage on PC 2019. This is important for you as emulator will give extra burden for PC processing unit. The PC will work harder, so you will need good specification. To do this, check the basic requirements first.

In case you do not have PC that meets the required specifications, you should try the second option. Although it may take longer processes, it is easier to run on PC. It is helpful if you want to get access and try the features of iMessage.

  1. Check the source of app

When you download the emulator, make sure you get it from the safe sources. IT is fine to download from many sources as long as it is safe. This is important point since some viruses may infect your PC from emulator.

In order to prevent bad things to happen, you can scan the app before installing it. This is safer to do since you are sure there is no virus or malware detected on your PC. This may take extra process, but it is still better to do.

That’s the information about alternative access of iMessage. This will not be exclusive for Apple devices anymore. There are some ways to get the platform, and those points help you to get it. After you know the information about how to get iMessage on PC 2019, you can use it anytime you want.

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