How to Get Free RDP Account (Free RDP Account List 2019)

How to Get Free RDP Account (Free Rdp Account List 2019) – Computer and network uses platform based on where technology comes from. If you have Windows or any Microsoft operating system, remote network relies on RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol.

In general, it is secure network protocol to let users access server and communicate each other. To enter network, users must have RDP account as legal permission from server or administrator. Well, you may ask how to get free RDP account 2019.

How to Get Free RDP Account 2019

How to Get Free RDP Account 2019
How to Get Free RDP Account 2019

RDP is proprietary protocol that only works on Windows. It was launched to support Windows server technology. Microsoft updates and adds several changes to improve its capability and security.

With RDP, you can connect to server automatically as similar to using HTTP or FTP network. Due to remote mode, it still uses internet, but with different protocol. Before knowing about RDP account, you need to understand the basic principle and feature related the way RDP works.

How To Get RDP Free Trial Accounts 2019

RDP and How to Get Free RDP Account 2019
RDP and How to Get Free RDP Account 2019

Asking how to get free RDP account 2019 will bring you to the area where users and administrators have to understand RDP network comprehensively. As user, installation is quite complex, but the utilization is easy. After the setting and adjustments are done, RDP is ready including the account. Well, the next sections will explain what RDP and RDP account is.

  1. Basic principle and installation

Basic principle and installation
Basic principle and installation

Remote means the server and clients are not in direct network. Keep in mind this is a little bit vague because remote boundary in this term is where there is no direct cable or wire connected from one computer to others.

Server might be in the same room alongside clients, but both are separated completely. That’s why remote network becomes excellent choice. Protocol is specific signature that lets one device recognize each other.

In RDP, computer will connect to one port. The last part is desktop since RDP is accessible through desktop interface as software or application. All connection can be managed via software that appears on your screen.

Even though RDP is accessible through desktop, you still need several applications and support. RDP software is available in Microsoft official site. You can download directly and install it immediately.

You need Windows Server alongside necessary supplement if the computer acts as server. For how to get free RDP account 2019, you do not need to install such application, but you require NET framework. Most of software for end-user and clients are free without charge, unless you want to build server that needs Microsoft original license.

  1. Features


What are features on RDP? The basic feature is networking and communication. End-user becomes clients that connect to network. It is like forum where you join as member and have privilege to do as member’s right.

Server gives permission to open network for members and control remotely what they do. You can connect two computers using RDP and let one user to remotely operate clients. It looks like hacking other computers, but through legitimate way.

RDP is useful to send file, manage data, control system, and supervise activity. Sending file is similar to download and upload file using internet. Server provides folders where clients can open and have privilege to download.

On the other side, client or end-users may send file to store at server. Managing data means only file and data that has been granted will be accessible. RDP is also a practical way for control system and surveillance. You can supervise what clients do use RDP network. As mentioned above, the administrator has the right to decide what the client does and doesn’t.

  1. Authentication and RDP account

Authentication and RDP account
Authentication and RDP account

From the explanation above, RDP has a server, network, terminal, administrator, and end-user. The administrator acts as authorities with the privilege to give account for users. RDP account is an authentication code that identifies users as a legal client to enter the network. You can do this account directly from server and administrator. In small network coverage, admin and users know each other.

How to get free RDP account 2019? From this question, you think that such an account might be free or paid subscription. It depends on the network level and why do you need RDP account. VPS or virtual private server is an example of RDP implementation in the digital era.

You create VPS and let users to access it remotely. There are two ways to connect to server: by browser and RDP app. Using browser means HTTP and FTP becomes the main protocol. Users can open browser and login with username and password.

On the other side, RDP account is available when users access the server through RDP network. It needs password and authentic code to let computer connected to VPS. In this point, you already know what VPS can do.

Methods in How to Get Free RDP Account 2019

Methods in How to Get Free RDP Account 2019
Methods in How to Get Free RDP Account 2019

In the next list, you will know how to get free RDP account 2019. The account is free with no charge from a legitimate provider. The process is simple, but make sure you follow each step thoroughly.

  • Preliminary requirements

RDP only works when clients have basic requirements. Microsoft has released several RDP versions. Newer one is better than the old one. It is much recommended to install recent RDP app. However, you also need to check software compatibility, especially operating system. The latest Windows will support RDP app from at least up to five to seven years ago.

If your operating system is still the old version, choose RDP app that’s compatible, though the next issue is server level.

Windows server is different from Linux. All software and applications are proprietary, so you need license from Microsoft. The latest server version has better features and new updates. It might not be compatible for old RDP. In this case, clients should upgrade their system. Compatibility helps to shorten procedure between server and client.

  • Server provider

Server provider
Server provider

The next step is server provider or website that provides VPS service. Keeping the server takes cost for maintenance and monitoring. VPS is business, and providers need profit. It is not easy task, but still, ton of website offers the free RDP account.

  • Registration and authentication

Registration and authentication
Registration and authentication

After finding the right provider, you can go to the next step. Read term of service and disclaimer about RDP account. Free service is something that everyone wants, but you need to read everything comprehensively.

The website may look different, but the basic registration is similar. The service needs username, email, passwords, and authentication code. After you get validation, go to desktop then activate RDP application.

  • Accessing network

Accessing network
Accessing network

You need to input password to let server recognizes your computer. Network will try to adjust end-user and server. You see this process from icon that represents processing mode. Even though RDP is different from HTTP and FTP, computer relies on the internet. In this case, you need to check internet connection before RDP account is connected.

After you see that RDP connecting process is done, try to enter network. You use RDP, which means the browser will identify automatically without password on login section. VPS provider will give access to server, including what you get as free users.

People use VPS and RDP for various purposes, such as incognito browsing, access restriction website, web hosting and management, and private use. RDP only acts as cable to let one computer connect each other. However, you still rely on browser and software from provider to access the entire content. This is important thing to know about how to get free RDP account 2019.

  • Security level

Security level
Security level

You might think that free account is vulnerable. Server providers think ahead in this area and increase the security level. Microsoft is prominent name in tech market with high credibility. Windows might not be perfect operating system, but still capable to provide what web hosting and VPS provider need.

Each year, Windows server receives patch to update security side. Security in RDP is not only from server side, but also from client or end-user. Server urges users to update firewall, and install antivirus.

  • Free Rdp List 2019

admin: Password@
admin p@ssw0rd
user password
reception reception
administrator: danny@
administrator: oliver@

How does non-Windows computer connect? Linux is still at the top list as operating system for server. On contrary, most of users access it via Windows. If you use Linux as end-user, there are some applications as alternative with similar feature and function to RDP.

It might not be simple and easy compared to RDP due to different platform. Server will give instruction about this matter in detail and preliminary requirement to install properly.

Besides RDP app, Windows users also have alternative with other software. Many software developers create and release app that’s similar to RDP. Those are for end-users, not server, which either free or proprietary. This is the last resort if your computer cannot access RDP though official app.

  • How to Check Free Rdp Working List 2019

Third party software has limitation in term of security, stability, and flexibility. Most of them might be compatible to new Windows version. However, server providers might have specific policy regarding non-RDP app due to compatibility. Make sure to read all requirements before registering and connecting to network.

When you ask about how to get free RDP account 2019, first thing to do is to understand RDP and RDP account. It is not thing for beginners, but the instruction is straightforward. After that, you just follow what you need to be done until the connection is ready and available.

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