5 Ways to Get Free Money Right Now 2018

5 Ways to Get Free Money Right Now 2018 – To get free money right now 2018, there are many things that you can actually do. Extra money is indeed very required because everything today is a kind of pricey. If you only rely on your monthly earnings from the main job, the money is probably never going to be enough.

Most full time jobs, especially for those who just started a career, have small salary. The average hourly rate for the jobs is very little. It is barely enough to provide for yourself, let alone for your family. This is why fresh extra cash is going to be very helpful. It will help pay your bills and buy the stuff you need every day.

How to Get Free Money Right Now 2018

Get Free Money Right Now 2018
Get Free Money Right Now 2018

In fact, making “free” money can be done online, although there is nothing so called “free” to get the cash. You still have to do some efforts to get that extra cash. However, usually the efforts are not difficult at all, making the money you gain from them seems easy-to-get.

If you feel suspicious right now as you have never been making free money online, here is the in-depth information about it. Down below, you should find everything you need to know about making extra cash online for free. Just check those ways then pick the best one based on your passion.

How to Get Free Money Right Now 2018 Using the Internet?

How to Get Free Money Right Now 2018 Using the Internet
How to Get Free Money Right Now 2018 Using the Internet

To get free money right now 2018, you can surely use the help of internet. Online money making has been very popular for the last few years because people do like them and they get satisfied by the extra cash this method provides.

We do know that everything is related to the internet, starting from selling stuff to taking surveys. What we probably do not know is that they can be used to send some extra money to our wallets. How so? Here’s how you do it.

  1. Searching for Websites that Pay Money

Searching for Websites that Pay Money
Searching for Websites that Pay Money

If you think that surfing the internet do not get you money, you are not 100% right. There are numerous websites that willingly pay you. Most of these kinds of give-away websites are search engines. They are relatively new search engines and in order to complete with giant names, including Google, they need a lot of people to visit their sites and use the search feature.

Basically, all you need to do get free money from the websites is just using their search features. Most of these sites are using points system that can be traded with money and gift cards in the end. The more points, the more money you get.

To gain the points, you can do many tasks on the websites besides using the search feature. You can click on ads, watch some videos, take surveys, and play simple games.

Some of the examples of websites that allow you to get free money right now 2018 are Gift Hulk and Swagbucks. They provide search engine for the visitors to do everyday searches, just like any other search engines you usually use. Both of those websites allow visitors to collect points while browsing on sites. They also provide tasks for the visitors to complete and offer more points for it.

Moreover, one thing you have to remember when visiting such sites is to manage your time wisely. They can be very addictive, especially when you deliberately need the money. You can spend hours to collect the points and eventually forget that you have many things else to do. Visit the sites only when you are on leisure time, such as on weekends.

  1. Taking Online Surveys and Make Money

Taking Online Surveys and Make Money
Taking Online Surveys and Make Money

There are a lot of companies around the world and most of them often conduct surveys as the part of their market research. They want to know what people think about their products, new features, innovations, and many things else. This is why surveys are always out there on the internet, waiting for people to participate.

Most online surveys pay $1 to $3, by cash. Each survey probably takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete. If you can do this daily and take 1-2 surveys every day, it is possible for you to earn more than $70 per month. Considering that you can do it anytime and anywhere, this is probably a great way to gain extra money.

If you want to participate in online surveys and do it in daily basis, the best way is by looking for paid survey websites and make accounts there. The more surveys you take, the better your reputations there. If you take frequent surveys, your will have bigger chances to get selected for “premium” surveys, in which it pays more money.

The things to keep in mind when you want to get free money right now 2018 are never to participate in a survey that requires you to pay some money or make deposits and always read the privacy policy well. Avoid surveys that seem to ask your personal information very often. Also, if you want cash only, avoid surveys that reward the participants with gift cards or free products.

  1. Testing New Website and Get Paid for It

Testing New Website and Get Paid for It
Testing New Website and Get Paid for It

As we know, new websites are being established in daily basis. To test the usability of a website, of course the owners and the developers of websites need someone to test it. Testing website and giving feedback to the owners and developers can bring some cash money.

Most of the time, this kind of test brings large amount of money (new websites often willing to pay $10 to $20 for the testers) for something that you can do in 15 minutes or so.

Normally, a new website test revolves around performing some certain tasks or scenarios on the website. Some tests also require you to record yourself doing the tasks. Say for example, if the website you are testing is a newly-established retailer one, the developers may want you to test the process of searching, selecting, and buying a product there.

In addition, to get free money right now 2018 by doing this website test, you need to have PC or laptop with webcam and microphone. Also, you need to have updated the web browser. Most importantly, you need to have reliable internet connection.

Most sites that will give you money to test new website are usually asking the participants to send screenshots or reports on their internet connection speed first before allowing them to take the test.

The examples of sites to go when you are looking for extra money by testing new websites are including YouEye, User Testing, User Feel, and WhatUsersDo. They allow you to create an account there and take test in daily basis.

  1. Participating in Online Tutor to Make Money

Participating in Online Tutor to Make Money
Participating in Online Tutor to Make Money

If you always have the passion for teaching and want to get money from there, you can do it quite easily these days. You do not have to be an actual teacher and work at schools to do that. Instead, you can be an online tutor. Being an online tutor is excellent since you get to pass your knowledge to other people in more flexible way.

A lot of companies provide the service of online tutors. The tutors’ service varies from helping elementary school students to do their home works to discuss with college students about thesis writing.

Apparently, this is not the “free” way to get money because there are efforts you must invest. However, this seems to be a fun way to make money, especially when you want to help others as well as use your knowledge and educational background every day.

In order to get free money right now 2018 by being an online tutor :
  1. You need to have your own PC or laptop and strong internet connections.
  2. Then, you have to sign up to sites that hire online tutors, such as HomeworkHelp.com or Tutor.com.
  3. After that, you can complete your profile (do not forget to display your educational background there) and the customers of those website can pick you to be their online tutor.

How much money does this kind of effort make?  It heavily depends on the educational background of yours and the subject you will to teach. In average, most online tutors these days can make between $10 and $30 per hour.

Now, you know that there are quite a lot of efforts that you can try in order to give supplements to your income. Well, you can try them right now. It is always nice to gain extra money, especially when you do not have to do much to get it.

This is why even though you do a full-time job, from Monday to Friday; you still have to do all those efforts above. Most of them can be done in your spare time after working or during weekends. To get free money right now 2018, those efforts above are just mandatory to try.

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