10 Ways to Get Free Cars for Low Income Families 2019

How to Get Free Cars for Low Income Families 2019 – Owning car has many advantages for daily activity. In past time, the car was luxury thing because only rich people, government, and military could afford to own the vehicle. In modern era, everyone needs the car to support many daily activities.

Unfortunately, buying car still requires much money, and it becomes unreachable for low income family. How to get free cars for low income families 2019? The answer will be explored in the following section.

How to Get Free Cars for Low Income Families 2019

How to Get Free Cars for Low Income Families 2019
How to Get Free Cars for Low Income Families 2019

You might think about public transportation. Actually, government and municipal provide many ways for commuting, such as bus, subway, train, even bike. If you live in the city or urban area, subways and buses are easy to get.

On the other side, people who live in suburban and rural area have difficulty to get them on time. Furthermore, bus is only ready based on schedule. Besides commuting, you need the car to transport the goods for trading in market.

Finding Program for How to Get Free Cars for Low Income Families 2019

Finding Program for How to Get Free Cars for Low Income Families 2019
Finding Program for How to Get Free Cars for Low Income Families 2019

Low income does not have to be poor or homeless. They are the household where income barely reaches minimum. Money is only capable to pay foods, medical bill, and mortgage. They do not have enough budget for purchasing car, especially paying loan. This situation is where you should consider how to get free cars for low income families 2019.

  1. Welfare program

Government has welfare program for this issue. Each state has different regulation regarding car donation and free car. Keep in mind that both are different, though they sound similar. Car donation means program to receive unused car, while free car is giving away vehicle.

However, both programs may be interchangeable each other because their objective is similar. If you need a car, visit government agency directly and ask for welfare program. Start from the local area, such as state and expand to department in capital. Access their websites and look for this kind of program or event.

  1. Charity

Another source to find free car is charity event. This is place for people to donate and receive donation directly. As similar to welfare program from government, you should check the local charity. Why nearby place is your starting point? Charities use information from government and they know what demography looks like.

They put local citizen as the top priority to send free car immediately. You can search using internet database. Use keyword related to free car or car donation. Charity and philanthropy activities usually use the website to expand their recipient.

  1. Non-profit organization

Non-profit organization has several programs to support poor and low income family. One of them is free car where people can get the car without charge. What is difference between this organization and charity? When asking about how to get free cars for low income families 2019, charity is independent, and the budgeting may come from various sources.

On the other hand, many companies create their non-profit organization to manage fund for corporate social responsibility program. In different area, non-profit organization integrates to charity directly because of similar purpose.

  1. Religious organization

Religious organizations often provide support for people in needs. Church is the right place where low income families need the car. Besides church, many religions have their way to help each other. They might not have legal organization, but usually use community prayer.

Furthermore, religious organization is similar to charity in term of community helping. However, they are not non-profit organization because money or funding comes from different resource, mostly donation.

  1. Direct donation

What does direct donation mean? Rich people have their way to support homeless, poor, and low income family. They create charity, participate in church, and involve in non-profit organization. If those things are not enough, they might take unique way, that’s called direct donation.

They will see family with financial difficulty and send the car immediately. There is no charity, welfare program, or any philanthropy event as legal action for free car. It is usually called as giving away, but direct donation seems to be more appropriate word.

So, how to get free cars for low income families 2019? If you want quick solution, find people who want to give the car to others easily. Direct donation also happens during personal charity. The event does not use organization because he/she is solely person who will provide free car. As long as the car is in good condition, there is no issue to do this way.

  1. Low rate loan

Free car means no payment to get the car. If low-income families still have difficulty to join free car program, low rate loan is another solution. Buying the car using loan seems much burden, but the car is what they need.

Unfortunately, their income might be a little bit above minimum, but barely to keep the basic needs in check. Family in that condition is like standing in the edge of bridge. They have probability to go down, but still standing out of danger. One single push will turn down their financial status.

This is where low rate loan for the car becomes possible solution. They may apply to purchase secondhand car that’s enough for daily activity and transportation. Sometimes, the loan does not have rate, but the period is limited. That’s enough for them to support in life.

Things to Prepare For How to Get Free Cars for Low Income Families 2019

Things to Prepare For How to Get Free Cars for Low Income Families 2019
Things to Prepare For How to Get Free Cars for Low Income Families 2019

Finding charity to get free car seems easy. Nowadays, everything is available on internet. Non-profit programs want to expose the information to gain attraction and more support. Welfare program is available in many states, even the local town.

Religious organization is people favorite, while direct donation becomes popular choice every day. The most important part on how to get free cars for low income families 2019 is the step to submit and apply. Read the next sections for further explanation.

  1. Document and application


This is the key in free car program. As it mentioned above, free car is only for low income family. The question is how to identify whether family is in low income category or not. The requirement urges applicant to provide financial statement, bill, loan, and tax.

Based on regulation, low income might be different in each state. In this case, make sure the family belongs to the right category. Document assessment is preliminary process to select the family that will receive free car. Therefore, prepare every document in detail before submitting.

  1. Interview and direct assessment

Interview and direct assessment
Interview and direct assessment

After the document selection is done, the next step is interview or direct assessment. Charity or welfare programs usually use both methods that take longer time until the process is done. Direct assessment means charity sends investigator to visit the family directly.

During this visit, they will ask about everything presented in document.

Checking is crucial because verdict will use their judgment. Interview also happens before or after direct assessment. To clarify whether the data and information is valid or not, they need to visit family to know the living condition. This is what welfare programs do because of strict regulation and only families in the right category deserve free car.

Do not apply more than one program at one time. It shows that you do not have patient, and free car is only for personal gain. Apply one charity or welfare program then follow every step until the verdict states that you are the recipient or not.

If one program is fail, start again from scratch. For your information, government and private organizations have their own method to gather data. They know that you are rejected in particular program and want to apply it again. It is not bad thing, but make sure the data is valid and no false information.

  1. Maintenance and license

Maintenance and license
Maintenance and license

Free car program for low income family has additional requirement. Family should have enough money to do car maintenance. Having the car is not free from such responsibility. You still have to spend money for gas, reparation, maintenance, even tax. It is part of financial information.

You need to obtain driving license as part of how to get free cars for low income families 2019. Charity wants to know the person who will be in charge as driver. For that requirement, driver license becomes important part.

  1. Tax and insurance

Tax and insurance
Tax and insurance

Government makes every car for charity with no tax. In certain case, the tax might be only deduction, not the complete payment. What you should do when having a car from charity or non-private organization? The car that listed as charity will be their responsibility.

In term of tax, family might need to pay everything. Having car does not mean free from cost because the tax is still burden. This condition is similar to direct donation since changing the ownership also involves cost to pay.

Besides tax, another thing to consider is insurance. Insurance that involves in this program becomes legal requirements. You need to have insurance for car and driver.

Free car helps family with low income to fulfill daily transportation. Several sources are legitimate to obtain that car. However, there are steps and regulation to follow, including the complete document and insurance paper. Those are what you should know regarding how to get free cars for low income families 2019.

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