How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected 2019

How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected 2019 – Commonly, you just install the app then try to access permission setting. Unfortunately, there might be an error message stated that the screen overlay is detected.

In that situation, screen might be frozen for a moment in order to adjust excessive setting. So, how to fix screen overlay detected 2019? You can do several steps to overcome this situation. They will be listed at below sections.

How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected 2019

How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected 2019
How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected 2019

Before going to the fixing steps, you should know why overlay error happens in Android device. Knowing this issue helps to identify quick solution. After that, you should start to follow every step in general.

Keep in mind Android smartphones have different setting menu depending on platform and manufacturer. However, this article will explain the general rules that are applicable to most of devices in market.

The Steps on How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected 2019

The Steps on How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected 2019
The Steps on How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected 2019

First thing before knowing how to fix screen overlay detected 2019 is detecting the cause of overlay itself. When overlay issue happens, two or more apps might access one particular setting at the same time. The display overlay is permission to let certain app creates icon, bubble, or notification directly on screen, not from alert board.

Usually, Android will list every notification at the top bar. In overlay mode, the app has privilege to put extended icon at front screen. When you tap it, it directs to the app function. Be careful if it is different from icons themselves.

Common example of display overlay is Messenger. You see its app floating around even though you open another app. You might tap this icon unintentionally that makes crash access. Another example is dictionary app that appears after you bold particular word. It is not full floating, but will create screen overlay when you access it.

The problem appears because you open new app, but this overlay mode may bother your activity. The simple issue is wrong tap because the icon is located in area that disturbs your touch. Android provides permission setting, such as photo, contact number, camera, sound, internal storage, etc.

You might tap this overlay app when true intention activates camera or sound. The system recognize tap as two accesses for permission and overlay app. You can expect what result in that situation. This is where you need to understand the causes before knowing how to fix screen overlay detected 2019.

Another cause is the app that’s activated after you open the lock screen. It might not big problem, but has potential to create overlay error. You cannot tap properly and wait for a moment to see the screen in normal mode.

Overlay issue might occur if you open the apps excessively without closing the rest properly. Memory will work hard to keep your activity. Smartphone with low memory, old operating system, and overload storage will have this problem.

From explanation above, you now have insight about how to fix screen overlay detected 2019. As it mentioned above, the steps are for majority Android devices, regardless brand, OS version, and manufacturer. For your information, every Android version has the same principle when handling overlay error.

  1. Overlay apps

First thing to do is to check which apps create this situation. Messenger app with floating access is common issue. You might install the app related to real time service, such as weather, trading, or anything that sends information directly to your device. They have overlay icon, relatively small attached anywhere. You can move that icon without widget setting.

  1. Permission setting

As it mentioned above, most issues are related to permission setting. You might want to enable permission at particular app. Pop-up window usually will appear to direct this setting directly. Unfortunately, the process is disabling due to overlay setting.

You can go to setting section then select the app to get particular permission. For overlay app, you might choose to disable it. This process is usually available directly from the app itself. Login to overlay app then go to setting mode. Deactivate, disable, or turn off this part.

Due to different setting area, you might need to explore more. In Android, general setting is similar in each device. However, smartphone with old Android version might not have overlay setting. In that case, you will see small icon without giving permission.

Besides, some devices completely do not have this setting, though the system has been updated. For example, old Xperia model is plain without overlay permission. You only need to disable directly on app itself.

  1. Re-enable overlay mode

Next step on how to fix screen overlay detected 2019 is to re-enable again into original setting. Keep in mind this is not reset process. At previous step, you disable or deactivate overlay permission to let other apps handle their own task.

After everything is done, you need to put overlay permission in active mode. It is for checking whether all apps are in proper function or not. Normally, you will not find any issue after overlay is activated in your phone.

  1. Restart the device

Restarting the device is another method to fix overlay situation. You can turn your device off then start it again from beginning. Be careful not to reset into original setting. That process will delete many apps, data, and other files in your phone.

Restarting might take time to adjust. If you feel that your device is too slow, it is time to disable some background running. When the device is ready, check it again to access permission setting while floating app is on screen. Normally, it will solve temporary solution.

  1. Disable and uninstall application

Keep in mind that disabling and uninstalling application is the last resort. Which app should you disable? You can choose between new app that’s already installed and floating app that creates overlay screen.

Before installing the app in Play Store, check compatibility regarding your device and operating system. Nowadays, minimum requirement for most apps is Android 5.0 or higher version. The old one is not bad at all, but it is better to have new system in your device.

If overlap app becomes nuisance, you just need to disable or uninstall it immediately. Some apps take much resource which is lowering memory level. In that case, you need to maintain the screen as clean and light as possible. After uninstalling is done, new app does not have issue anymore to get full permission. This is the last recommendation to do.

Third-Party App to Fix Screen Overlay Detected

Third-Party App to Fix Screen Overlay Detected
Third-Party App to Fix Screen Overlay Detected

Another way on how to fix screen overlay detected 2019 is by using third-party app. You can install this app to protect from screen overlay issue. This kind of app usually does two actions: button unlocker and windows checker. More about them are explained at below list.

  1. Button unlocker

Button unlocker
Button unlocker

The main function of button unlocker is to override screen when crashing due to overlay permission. This app has its own setting to make sure the installation button works properly. You can install it directly at Play Store then let the system recognize it to get full features.

  1. Window checker

Window checker
Window checker

Another app is called window checker. From its name, you can expect that this app has capability to check every app installed whether it has overlay permission or not. This is very useful if your phone does not have overlay setting.

When this app is activated, you will see menu consisting of every app related to overlay screen. You have choice to disable or uninstall it. When particular app needs overlay setting, Window Checker produces notification. Therefore, this app is additional support for device that does not have overlay menu in setting section.

Overlay screen might have different causes due to low memory and storage. This situation happens when smartphone has data and file. Normally, the device sends notification regarding storage capacity. If the available space is less than 25%, you will receive the first alert.

In the smartphone with big capacity, this is not crucial issue because there is more space for storage. Unfortunately, the old phone does not have much option in term of internal storage. Quick solution is to put every file in external card or you just backup data via cloud or hard drive in PC.

Low memory often creates unstable loading in smartphone. You might experience crash, even the overlay screen issue every time you access heavy resource app. For example, the device that’s not for gaming is installed with advanced graphic game. In that case, there is issue during loading, though you set the graphic level as low as possible.

Few Android users suggest that overlay screen will not be any issue after upgraded to new version. That’s alternative if your device supports the basic requirements for newer Android.

The device that has Android 4.0 OS might be capable to get Android 6.0, but not 7.0 version. Manufacturers produce devices or smartphones with consideration that the future Android will be released each year.

However, they still do not know what feature that’s available in new Android. Usually, flagship model has the best specs, which keep up to date for more than five years. However, you will not see such thing in low entry or middle-end segment.

If you still experience screen overlay problem, the best solution is to uninstall the app that uses overlay permission. It is the simplest way when asking how to fix screen overlay detected 2019. However, you should try some steps above before relying on simple thing.


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