How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2019

How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2019 – Having a car is great idea. This vehicle is good choice since it is good for travelling. There can be more people to go with and it is very possible to bring many bags and other stuff. This is also perfect to protect from weather, including rain and snow.

That’s why people love to choose the car. If you also have cars, surely you know well the comfort and benefits coming from its driving experience. However, it will be different story when the car is no longer comfortable for driving.

If you do not know what to do, you can follow the instruction on how to donate car to Salvation Army 2018. This can be beneficial things for you instead of keeping the car in the backyard or garage.

How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2019

How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2019
How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2019

It is true that donating car for Salvation Army is great option. When you have one that you do not need anymore, it is better to make it into good use. Salvation Army becomes good option since the army will need and they can use the car into good use.

You can save your spaces used for car, and just give contribution for something good since the car will be used to help other people. Even, you can get chance to get tax deduction. In this case, donating your car to the army is great decision.

Several Steps of How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2019

Several Steps of How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2019
Several Steps of How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2019

Donating your car is great idea. There are some benefits to get from doing this good action. However, you need to know well the complete steps of how to donate the car. There is complete information to follow, so there will be no problem anymore. These are the steps.

  1. Read Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

The first thing to do is to gain information, and reading thoroughly the IRS is the solution. This is like the part of guideline related to how to donate car to Salvation Army 2019. To be specific, it is guideline for you to get the tax deduction. This benefit can be useful and that’s why reading the IRS thoroughly is necessary.

You can find complete steps and other information about tax deduction from IRS. Moreover, there is complete guideline about regulation related to the deduction and how to claim. You can get the document from many sources.

First, the document and its form can be downloaded from official website of IRS. It is easy to find in the website and it can be downloaded for free. Then, it is also possible to get them from tax advisor. For some cases, tax advisor is needed to get complete comprehension about its tax deduction.

  1. Visit website of Salvation Army Donation

After reading the complete information about tax deduction, it is time to access Salvation Army donation website. This will be the main part of how to donate car to Salvation Army 2019. It is different from IRS since IRS is specifically talking about the tax deduction, yet this donation website will deal with the donation process and other supporting information.

It is necessary to visit the website since it is the main channel to do the donation. Moreover, there are different regulations and processes to donate the car. Your location will determine its location and that’s why visiting the website is important.

There, you need to enter ZIP code to find specific information based on your region. For alternative, making call can be done. This is a good alternative when there are still other things to ask since the information from website may be still limited.

  1. Input the information

From the website, you get whole information about the process of donating the car. The website is also for processing the donation. When you have fully understood the terms and processes, you can proceed to the next step. You only need to input some kinds of information about your car.

First information is about car’s Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. Its location is around the body of car and it is necessary to read the car manual book to get precise location of the number since every car may have different location.

The other information is about manufacturer and model name of car, including its color and production year. Different from VIN, these kinds of information can be found as these can be found in the document of car’s ownership.

Current plate number and address as seen in the car’s registration must also be entered in the website. These are several points of information for car identification. Each point of information cannot be missed. Therefore, it is necessary to recheck to make sure that the information is correct.

  1. Set time for the car to be picked up

After those steps of how to donate car to Salvation Army 2019, you need to set the time to pick up the car. In this case, Salvation Army will be proactive to pick up the car, so it is not necessary for you to take it. The army wants to help, so you can save your time and energy.

Right after finishing the car information, you can set the time. It is going to be precise time, so you need to choose whether it is in the morning, afternoon, or evening. The date and time must also be precise.

It is also possible to give additional information related to the process for picking up the car. You can insert the notes in the website. For example, you can give precise location and direction to go to your house.

You may also give your phone number, so it is easy to make phone call. Related to the phone, actually you can process the whole information, starting from car identification up to these additional notes, by call.

After these processes are done and all of the information has been completed, usually Salvation Army will make confirmation by contacting you within three days. This may include also when there are still some additional information that you need to complete.

  1. Clean your car

The next step of how to donate car to Salvation Army 2019 is to clean the car. Actually, this step may not be part of the regulation for donating car. However, it is more about politeness and initiative since the car will be used by other people.

You need to clean the whole car, including its exterior and interior. In this case, it is also better to check some parts of car to make sure that there is nothing left behind, such as papers or documents in the dashboard and other locations.

  1. Hand the car to Salvation Army

When you have fully cleaned your car and there has been confirmation from Salvation Army, you only need to wait them to pick up the car. This will be the last step on how to donate car to Salvation Army 2018. When they come, you only need to hand the keys and some documents related to the car. After that, you only need to sign certain letters.

When they come, they will also give you receipt. The receipt is needed to proceed and claim the tax deduction later. For other additional documents and information, Salvation Army will send them to your email once the vehicle has been sold. In this case, it is better for you to ask some questions when you still have some parts where you do not understand.

The other important thing to do is to check and record odometer of the car before Salvation Army brings it. The record will be needed in the process of claiming deduction. Without the record, there can be some problems and even the deduction may not be claimed.

How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2019 and Proceed The Tax Deduction

How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2018 and Proceed The Tax Deduction
How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2018 and Proceed The Tax Deduction

Once your car has been picked up by Salvation Army, it is time to take one of its benefits. It is about your tax deduction. It is your right to get the car deduction and IRS will also facilitate all donors who have donated their car for Salvation Army. In this case, all of the regulations have been mentioned in the website of IRS.

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Since regulations may change in certain years, it is important to always recheck it. In addition, it is better to have tax advisor to help you since sometimes things may be quite confusing and the advisor is the right person to help.

It is true that having tax advisor is the best option to make. It is because there are still some steps to do in order to claim the tax deduction. Well, at least you need to consider about sale price of your car. For this, Salvation Army will give the complete information once the car is sold.

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Then, there is form 1098-C to complete and submit to claim the deduction. These steps may take time and it can be longer when you have limited information about it. That’s why it is necessary to have tax advisor to help you. With this, you can easily know how to donate car to Salvation Army 2019 and how to proceed and claim your tax benefit.

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