How to Donate a Car in California 2019

How to Donate a Car in California 2019 – Donating car is good thing to do in order to get rid of unwanted car. You can give vehicle to charity or any organizations that care for people in needs and poor. How to donate a car in California 2019? Many things need to put into consideration before deciding to donate the car.

How to Donate a Car in California 2019

How to Donate Car in California 2019
How to Donate Car in California 2019

You should prepare paperwork, appraisal, and find the right charity. Most importantly, the car donation has law and regulation that’s different in each state, including California.

Why do people donate their car? There are many reasons why people do not want their car anymore and decide to donate it. After having the car for long time, you might decide to purchase new one. Usually, selling is the best way to get rid of the old one.

But, charity and donation become your choice because you want the car to be more useful. Secondly, the car is no longer capable to serve its purpose. You might spend huge amount of money just for fixing. Selling is not good option as the price is extremely below the market. In this case, the solution is donation and let the charities do what they want for the car.

More about this topic will be explored in the following sections.

Ways on How to Donate a Car in California 2019

Ways on How to Donate a Car in California 2019
Ways on How to Donate a Car in California 2019

Charity has several plans for your car. Mostly, they will sell then use the money as donation. Why don’t you sell by yourself? Sometimes, people do not have time to manage selling old car, so donation will save the time. Besides, your car might become the vehicle as transportation. You relinquish car ownership to charity foundation. It is still similar to give away the car as donation, but not in money form. Only vehicles with proper condition will be in this category.

  1. Find place to donate

Find place to donate
Find place to donate

How to donate a car in California 2019? First thing to do is to look for car donation. California is big state with tons of charity event, foundation, philanthropy, and nonprofit organization. You can ask local municipal about the local vehicle donation. They will provide a list of charity that involved in car donation area.

The simplest way is finding via internet. Digital era brings new level of charity to let people donate easily. You can use keyword and find many websites related to vehicle donation. Start form the top list and read everything in the website. Go to contact information to know the address, phone number, and important people who involve in their work.

After first one, you do the same thing to the next website and gather all basic information. Compare one charity to others to know their similarities and differences. Choose the one that suits your purpose.

  1. Completing paperwork

Second step on how to donate a car in California 2019 is related to paperwork. Car donation has contact to let people ask about paperwork. Each may have different policy, but the basic procedure is similar. You should provide information regarding car condition, such as brand, year production, type, mileage, ownership status, maintenance history, last driven, etc.

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Those are necessary information that every charity needs to know. If the car is quite new and in good condition, there is possibility to be a daily transportation. On the other hand, the old and unused car is better to put in auction or selling.

In California, you do not have to visit charity directly. Website has submitting form to gather basic car information. You need to fill the name, address, zip code, and car data. They review and notify car’s owner if the preliminary requirements are completed. If your car is what they looking for, there is a follow up session for further paperwork process.

You just prepare everything when their team comes to your house.

  1. Sending car off and pickup

Normally, car donation will pick vehicle directly from owner address. Paperwork appraisal also includes car inspection. They will check the engine, exterior, interior, tax, insurance, and plates. When the process is done, you will have data when the car will be picked up from your house. When time is due, make sure you are at home or have someone who knows about this matter.

  1. Receipt

After the car is delivered to charity, you will receive receipt as a proof that all procedures are done. Why receipt is important? It is part of paperwork to explain the car is no longer in your hand. Receipt is also useful for other purposes, such as IRS paperwork and tax deduction. Besides, it shows that you do legal way to dispose car the through donation.

Above steps apply only if you donate car without selling by yourself. The car donations may use different approach to collect money. They work together with owner to sell the car, and the money will put in charity. It involves both parties and gives opportunity to know how the car donation works.

Furthermore, you know that the car is in good hand. The process is legal from start until the complete paperwork.

Well, short answer for how to donate a car in California 2019 starts from finding charity, submitting and completing paperwork, towing car, and getting receipt. Those are general steps when you intend to donate car.

You may have additional procedure, like appraisal to know full condition. As it mentioned above, every charity has different rule and you should choose the one that suits your preference.

Things Related To How to Donate a Car in California 2019

Giving away the car for charity sounds simple, but there are few things to know. Besides donating steps, the car donation involves several aspects, such as tax, insurance, repairing and maintenance, and fraud. The latter is very crucial because many car owners have the bad experience.

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Your car condition is the top thing that cannot be ignored. Charity or non-profit organization needs comprehensive information regarding car condition. It is a part of important aspect on how to donate a car in California 2019. The old car tends to be put in disposal process.

On the other hand, the car with good condition has benefits. If it is sold, the money is more than the old one. If charity decides to put in use, the car becomes asset to support event and activity. They may add and repair the engine to make better condition.

  • Tax deduction

You get tax deduction up to $500 for sold the car through charity. The car owner needs to pay tax for ownership and palate. When the car is old, the tax is higher that brings burden to financial situation. Selling is good thing to do, but the car is far from fair condition. Charity will use tax deduction as donation. Therefore, the owner can claim it after donation process is done.

What do you need to do for this option? First thing is to check whether the car belongs to tax deduction category or not. California has regulation regarding this inquiry. Besides the car, other vehicles include, such as boat, plane, and truck. In general, any vehicles for a public street or road become eligible to put in tax deduction program.

You need to know fair price for your own car. Deduction uses price to reduce your tax automatically. Use website to value the car. That’s why car’s information becomes crucial. It provides starting point to compare the brand, model, year, condition, and mileage to others.

For your information, tax deduction puts some category, like individual, household, and joint couple to calculate how much you get. Individual receives lowest, while married couple receives the biggest portion from tax deduction. The last step is paperwork to be completed. After all process is done, you will receive notification regarding what you get.

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Scam or fraud is what owners always put on guard every time they decide to donate the vehicle. As you know, charities and car donation try to convince people to choose their service. Website looks interesting and their activity seems legit. Unfortunately, they are not what you see on surface.

Some of them might use car donation to get profit from selling the car. They sell the car on market, but only certain amount is for charity.

Another issue is they might claim to be non-profit organization, but do profiting from the car sales. When this happens, car owner cannot apply for tax deduction. Furthermore, you might be in trouble because the paperwork is not completed.

Best Place To Donate A Car In California 2019


  2. Car Donation Wizard

  3. The Arc

  4. Allstate Car Donations

  5. Riteway Charity Services

  6. V-DAC

Normally, your name is no longer in car plate, but they do not do the proper paperwork. As the result, you have trouble for illegal donation. This is serious thing and cannot be ignored when you ask for how to donate a car in California 2019.

Car donation seems gallant way to dispose the car. You can donate to charity and save environment from unused car. Follow every step when you decide to choose this action. Dedicate your time and effort to monitor every process.

You might not care what charity will do to your car. However, how to donate a car in California 2019 is more than procedure. The car owner still has responsibility to make sure that everything is in proper order.

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