How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership 2019

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership 2019 – Amazon is website to get almost anything. It is leading marketplace and online retailer in the world. Moreover, Amazon operates in many fields with various contents that consist of goods, electronic, fashion, digital product, service, and streaming online.

To attract more users, Amazon released Prime Membership with several benefits. You can start from trial section then subscribe monthly or annually. However, some users might have different intention that leads to cancel their membership. So, how to cancel Amazon Prime membership 2019? This question will be answered in the next sections.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership 2019

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership 2019
How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership 2019

For your information, Prime subscription is different from regular Amazon account. Users should pay certain money in order to get more services. What do you can get with this membership? Prime account will give option to receive shipping service without charge.

It is useful for buyers as it reduces the fee significantly. Moreover, you might receive what you purchase at the same day if the seller is at the same city or nearby. It is only one benefit that comes from Prime.

The Steps to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

The Steps to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership
The Steps to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

How to cancel Amazon Prime membership 2019? It starts from how long you are as Prime membership. Amazon offers free trial for 30 days to new users. One account only has a chance to experience this trial period at once. Even though you are in trial session, canceling is still possible. Follow the below steps to do such things.

  1. Amazon account

Amazon account
Amazon account

Firstly, you should login or sign in to Amazon account. It needs email and password. You can access through browser mode in laptop or smartphone. Amazon also provides mobile app for smartphone where Prime is an integrated part.

After you are in Amazon account, look for Prime account. It will appear at pop-up menu at the top or right side. It depends on the interface you have on screen. Prime button is very vivid that you will find it easily.

If you do not have Amazon account, registration process is simple. Go to the top menu and find registration link. Select it and you will be in registration form. For mobile app, users can synchronize to email or phone number directly.

Make sure to create strong password for security purpose. After that, you can start to enjoy Prime via trial version. If you need to cancel, the next step will do what you need to do.

  1. Cancel trial or do not continue

Cancel trial or do not continue
Cancel trial or do not continue

The next step is to select cancelation button or link. You see two options in that area: cancel and do not continue. Each option will stop or cancel further subscription. Cancel means your free trial is no longer continue immediately. If you choose it, the account is not in trial mode after logout.

‘Do not continue option’ means you are still in trial session. However, Amazon will not charge after 30 days is done. In this case, you should enjoy the rest of membership before everything is no longer accessible. This is a common choice if you want to know how to cancel Amazon Prime membership 2019 during trial session.

Trial session is only for new member. In fact, Prime membership is not new program. For users who want to cancel subscription, some steps might look similar but few additional things will need to put into consideration.

  • Amazon Prime account

Amazon Prime account
Amazon Prime account

Firstly and foremost, you need to be in Amazon account. Amazon provides many ways to make sure everyone can login anytime and anywhere. It is better to utilize browser mode because some menus might not be compatible in mobile app.

  • Cancel membership

Cancel membership

Next, look for Prime menu. It is easy to find, mostly at left side with vivid color. Choose it and you can select cancelation immediately. It is straightforward action to cancel Prime immediately.

If you want to explore more before cancelation, find ‘Manage Your Prime Membership’. Then, cancel it immediately, and the process takes one click. Therefore, you are no longer in Prime Membership for the next day.

Beside the steps related to how to cancel Amazon Prime membership 2019, you might want to know about refund. Why this thing is important? Users pay money to get Prime benefits. After cancelation, Amazon needs to refund and give money back to user based on certain condition. It is a part of further process after cancelation steps are done.

  • Full refund

Full refund
Full refund

Full refund means users receive the entire money with deduction. It is possible if you just get three days from the next month, but cancel it. Money is already paid for one or more months ahead in your account.

Amazon will refund the rest of money starts from the month you will not be the Prime’s user anymore. This thing happens since you do not take benefits or any profit from membership. Therefore, you will receive the full refund.

  • Partial refund

Partial refund
Partial refund

Partial refund is available if cancelation is not at the end or early Prime membership. For example, you cancel it after one week, ten days, or one week before the next period. It this case, Amazon will look more to your account. If you receive Prime benefits, there is deduction depending on how much you get

For example, you enjoyed movie and music service but not purchase or use free shipping. In this situation, Amazon only reduces money based on service you have been obtained. To do this calculation, Amazon has particular software to make sure you deserve what you have.

You already know how to cancel Amazon Prime membership 2019. The steps include refund process if the cancelation is at the middle of subscription. After the process is done, you still have a chance to get Prime membership again. As usual, you need to pay subscription again for the next session. Unfortunately, free trial is no longer available because you already experience the Prime’s benefit.

Important Points to Know on How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership 2019

Important Points to Know on How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership 2019
Important Points to Know on How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership 2019

Why does Amazon have Prime subscription service? It is interesting part to explore because Amazon started as retailer. In early development, Amazon only served in US then expanded to Europe and Asia.

Nowadays, almost every country has access to Amazon. However, your products may come from abroad, not from local merchant. Only few countries have Amazon service as local retailer, such as US, UK, Australia, and Japan.

Shipping is the key in retailer business. To reduce the cost, Amazon has to build shipping system and make sure everything is efficient. Buyers do not have to pay more for shipping and sellers can sell at lower price.

Both parties will be happy because they get what they want. If buyers purchase product at particular quantity, there is offer called free shipping. Amazon gave free shipping option to many products.

To put everything in one place, Prime is suitable option as it’s different from regular account. You only get the basic service from the regular one. Besides shipping, Amazon expands on many areas. The most interesting part is streaming business. The complete benefits of Prime are listed below.

  1. Free shipping

As it mentioned above, you do not have to pay the shipping fee when buying products at minimum amount. It is the most attractive offer, especially for people who love shipping. With no fee, buyers tend to purchase more.

  1. Music and video

The next service from Prime membership is streaming content. In Amazon, you can watch a movie and enjoy music. At first, both were part of the digital content that Amazon provided for users. Due to high demand for streaming content, Amazon decided to open streaming section as a part of further service. To enjoy it, users needed to pay the subscription fee.

To distinct between regular users and subscription one, Prime was introduced. You just pay monthly or annually to get the content directly on your device. Music and songs are available to download then you can enjoy them offline. It also happens to movie with various qualities.

  1. Kindle book

One of top services from Amazon is book. You can buy book directly from seller, or obtain eBook via Kindle. Prime also expands to this area with kindle offer. If users become Prime membership, there is discount for buying book in bundle.

  1. Storage

The most recent service is cloud storage. Amazon provides storage where users can keep their file, data, or anything. Prime users receive more capacity depending on subscription level. With cloud storage service, Amazon enters new era and becomes a part of could computing revolution.

Aside from those features and benefits, some users still want to know how to cancel Amazon Prime membership 2019. It is their right to stop or continue the subscription. However, Amazon Prime seems to be one stop service for almost everything.

You do not need to pay anymore just to get streaming content. It goes side by side with free shipping. Moreover, Prime users receive priority and more discounts that are irresistible.

Well, the cancelation process is simple without hassle steps. Amazon makes sure that all information is safe and it does not be shared to outside party. The steps above already explain what you should do if you intend to cancel Prime membership. That’s enough to explain the basic thing about how to cancel Amazon Prime membership 2019.

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