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Free Netflix Cookies 2019  (My Cookies Netflix) – Are you looking for free Netflix cookies 2019? Well, it is very common for people these days to look for the shortcut to enjoy Netflix without paying. As we all know, Netflix is the biggest entertainment streaming platform the world has today.

By subscribing to this service, you will be able to watch anything you want, starting from TV series to original content made by Netflix. If you want to use the streaming platform legally, you should subscribe to Netflix and pay the monthly fee. For some people, they just do not feel like paying the fee.

Free Netflix Cookies 2019

Free Netflix Cookies 2019
Free Netflix Cookies 2019

They want to enjoy Netflix service for free. Is there any way for people to watch Netflix for free? Of course, there are numerous ways that people can try to cheat the system and eventually watch anything from the streaming platform without having to pay the subscription fee.

One of the best ways to do that is by using free Netflix cookies 2019. By adding the cookies, you will be able to access premium account without having to own any user name and password. Are you interested? Keep reading to find everything you need to know about these cookies.

Where to Get Free Netflix Cookies 2019?

Where to Get Free Netflix Cookies 2019
Where to Get Free Netflix Cookies 2019

Netflix cookies are basically available all across the internet. They are scattered around in numerous websites. Indeed, there are a lot of websites that can provide you with legit Netflix cookies that work 100%. By visiting these websites, you will be able to copy the cookies and paste them into the Netflix files.

In order to avoid disappointment of broken cookies that won’t work at all, make sure you copy the cookies from a good website that gains the cookies by subscribing legally to Netflix. To help you out, here are seven of the best websites you can find on internet that provide free Netflix cookies 2019.

  1. Tricks Nation

Tricks Nation is a great website owned by a tech geek. This website provides many hacks and shortcuts for those who want to get premium access to lots of platforms, including Netflix.

The cookies for Netflix provided by this website are working 100% because they are generated by real, paying, Netflix account. There are so many of them and you can try each one of them at a time. This way, you will be able to watch Netflix as long as you want without having to subscribe and pay.

  1. Premium Chronicle

There are many websites indeed to provide Netflix cookies. However, nothing is more elaborate than this Premium Chronicle website. This website is not only providing Netflix cookies, but it is also providing the link to the browser extension you need to use the cookies.

They also have the access to many kinds of plan in Netflix, starting from the trial pack to the premium plan. They have all the cookies you need to get those plans. This is why this website is often considered as the best website to get free Netflix cookies 2019.

  1. club

If you ask about Netflix cookies, especially the free ones, probably many people are going to tell you to get them from website. This website is indeed very helpful to get you access to unlimited Netflix experience.

You can basically gain unlimited access to the entertainment streaming platform without having to pay for the subscription fee. The cookies are fully tested and gained from legitimate users of Netflix. That is why they work 100% and won’t let you down.

  1. Tech Bats

Whether it is Netflix cookies or Netflix premium user name and password, Tech Bats has all of them. The website allows you to get free access to watch Neflix. By using the cookies from Tech Bats, you will be able to sneak into Netflix unnoticed and watch whatever you feel to watch.

The website also gives you the link to get the browser extension to use the cookies. Tech Bats also provides many other ways for you to use Netflix for free, including the list of premium user name and password.

  1. Tricks Club

Tricks club is the right website to get free Neftlix cookies you so desire. The website generates the cookies from many sources, including from real Netflix users. By gaining cookies from real Netflix account that pay the fee, the cookies are certainly working all the time.

There is no way that you will be blocked or unable to use the cookies from Tricks Club. They can be copied and pasted into a browser extension with ease. The cookies from Tricks Club will allow you to get premium Netflix access as well as the other plans, including the trial plan.

  1. The TechRim

For those who are looking for Netflix cookies without having to signing up for anything, the website The TechRim is the perfect one to visit. This website is very simple to access and essentially give away the desired Netflix cookies for free all the time.

The website allows you to freely copy the cookies and you can paste them in the browser extension or in the Netflix files afterward. The TechRim also has numerous other great things for you to see, starting from free accounts for many platforms to clever internet hacks.

  1. Cookies Download

The last website listed here is called Cookies Download. As the name implies, this website literally gives away cookies for many websites and platforms. Netflix is one of them. The cookies for Netflix are widely available on this website.

They are generated from real and legitimate sources so that they can be used safely and work 100%. This is the website you should visit if you want to get a working Netflix cookie that gives you free access to the platform instead of damaging your browser.

How to Use Free Netflix Cookies 2019?

Now you know the website to get the free Netflix cookies 2019. However, the cookies won’t be useful at all if you do not know exactly how to use it. There are many ways for people to use the cookies. However, the basic way is to copy-and-paste them into an extension.

If you have no idea of how to use the cookies you get from the internet, here is the step-by-step guide you should follow. After you do all the steps below, you will be able to watch Netflix for free without having to pay for anything at all.

  1. Download an Extension

The first thing that you need to do in order to put the cookies to work is by downloading a browser extension. This step is simply mandatory and you cannot skip it. The best extension for this purpose is EditThisCookie. This extension is compatible to most browsers, including Chrome and Mozilla. EditThisCookie can be downloaded easily from many websites around the internet.

  1. Install Extension

Now you need to install the extension or add the extension in your browser. Follow the instruction from the zip or file you download. After the installation is done, EditThisCookie extension should be available on your browser. Normally, the icon of the extension (literally a picture of a chocolate chip cookie) is going to be found on the top right corner of your website.

  1. Copy and Paste the Netflix Cookies

Now you are ready to use the free Netflix cookies 2019 you get from the websites listed above. Go to any of the websites above and copy the desired Netflix cookies. Now, click the EditThisCookie icon. A box will appear right under the icon.

Find an import button there. It is the button right in the middle with an arrow pointing into a window. Click that import button and a box will appear right under it. Paste the cookies for Netflix you have just copied into that box. Then, click a save button to save the cookies.

  1. Open Netflix Website

The last thing you have to do here is opening the Netflix website. Because you have copied a Netflix cookie into the file system, you will be automatically redirected to Netflix premium whenever you open the Netflix website. You do not have to log in or anything else.

You just need to open the website and enjoy watching anything you want to watch. This method of copy and paste the cookie should work but over time, the cookies will get overpowered by the new ones and you will no longer have access to the premium account.

Using Netflix cookies is indeed very beneficial, especially when you know how to use it right. By using the cookies, you can have full access to Netflix premium. Every time you open the Netflix website, you do not have to do anything at all and you will get into the premium account.

How to Use Netflix Cookies – Netflix is very popular for providing various favorite shows. Popular for giving countless happiness to its users, it has gained massive attention from around the world. No wonder that this streaming service is spreading its wings outside the origin country, which is United States.

How to Use Netflix Cookies 

How to Use Netflix Cookies
How to Use Netflix Cookies

However, the premium version that’s a paid version cannot be afforded by some people. Therefore, those people try to learn how to use Netflix cookies. Using Netflix cookies is one of ways to enjoy Netflix premium version for free. It can be applied for those who cannot afford to use Netflix but want to be up-to-date.

Before stepping any further, have you known Netflix cookies? Just so you know, it is not something you eat called cookies. It is a browser cookie. Later on, you will be given an explanation about what a browser cookie is and further information about Netflix cookies. Are you ready? Here you go.

How to Use Netflix Cookies Properly To Enjoy All the Features

How to Use Netflix Cookies Properly To Enjoy All the Features
How to Use Netflix Cookies Properly To Enjoy All the Features

First of all, it is necessary to know what a browser cookie is. A cookie in browser is actually an important feature that enables people to log into a website. You may meet some websites that ask you to enable or disable cookies, right? If you hit the disable option, the website won’t give you permission to get into the page.

Therefore, it is important to enable cookies to get into web pages. Once you know how to use Netflix cookies, you may be able apply the same method to others. In fact, cookies contain information and bits of text. It is mostly stored in your browser.

What is the text about then? In the cookies, it may contain session ID, user ID, or another text. As mentioned earlier, enabling cookies when you are entering a web page enable you to access it. Thus, you may not be able to get into any web page that you have visited once you clear the cookies.

Netflix Cookies Updated Every Hour

Any setting that has been applied to that web page won’t be shown too. As suggestion, clear cookies when you do really need to remove them from browser. Further, here are several facts about cookies.

  1. Web browser is the one that stores and also manages cookies.
  2. Each browser that is used has its own cookies in which each of them may have different cookies.
  3. Each website can only look at its own cookies. Surely a website won’t be able to take a look at another website’s cookies. In this way, malicious website may won’t be able to steal or snoop login sessions
  4. Web pages can identify and remember you through the stored cookies.
  5. Preferences on websites are also stored by cookies. Therefore, people cannot change settings.
  6. Personalized content can be given with a help of cookies in the websites. A good example can be seen in a marketplace. Once you shop something in a marketplace, it will give you recommendation that show similar products you have purchased.

What’s given to you above is an overview of a browser cookie. Looking at the explanation, that’s why there are so-called Netflix cookies. As you can see, there will be ‘something’ cookies as well according to cookies owned by each website. Now, let’s learn how to use Netflix cookies.

Obviously, Netflix cookies refer to cookies that are owned and stored in the Netflix’s web page. It may contain all the things happen in the website including the shows, movies, and others.

Edit My Cookies Netflix

Therefore, having the cookies is believed to be a way to access Netflix for free. Here are steps you can follow and apply to the browser before jumping on how to use Netflix cookies. Chrome browser is the one used in this method.

  • Open Chrome browser. If you haven’t had the browser, spare some time to find and install the browser. It is not difficult to find, so you will finish it soon.
  • Once you open it, get into the extensions section in the browser. It is one of features you will see in Chrome.
  • In the extension section, search ‘edit these cookies’ extension. Simply type its name down the search bar and press Enter to start the searching.
  • The extension will appear on the page and then, add the extension to the Chrome. It will be added soon.

Those simple steps enable you to use Netflix cookies later. Those are important things to do if you want to use Netflix whenever and wherever. The use of extensions is to customize users’ browsing experience. It is provided by Chrome, for example, to cope with users’ preferences or needs.

Steps How to use Netflix Cookies

Extensions are helpful indeed. As seen by its name, ‘edit these cookies’ allows users to edit cookies in a certain website into a desired website. It can be used for similar websites to Netflix such as Amazon prime premium, Hulu, and many more. Then, how to use Netflix cookies?

  • First thing to do is to access Netflix website.
  • Find ‘edit these cookies’ icon at the upper side. You can point the cursor if you cannot tell which one and wait for a moment ‘till it shows the name.
  • Once you find it, click on it. Now find an import option there.
  • In this section, you need to copy cookies for Netflix. It can be obtained by visiting various websites that provide the cookies. One of sites you can try is It provides various cookies and you only need to find Netflix cookies. Choose to show the cookies and characters will appear. Copy the characters. It is the one that will be imported into the extension. You may try others to get any Netflix cookie.
  • Now get back to the extension page. Paste character you have copied before into the import section. At the bottom side, there will be a green check icon and click on it to save the setting.
  • It is done. Next thing to do is to refresh the page.
  • You can enjoy all the things in Netflix by now and ahead. What’s greater is it is free.
  • Remember not to remove the cookies or you will be logged out from the website. Once you are out, you cannot access the web page anymore.

Hope those steps above can tell you how to use Netflix cookies. It is easy, isn’t it? People who really want to access Netflix without paying for the charge can use this ways. In addition, there may be cookies that cannot be used. It can be solved by using other cookies and it can be obtained from other websites.

There have been many websites that share the cookies, so no worries. Furthermore, this method can be applied to any other streaming service. Netflix is known to provide incredible movies, while Hulu is known to provide very up-to-date. You may want to enjoy both of streaming services without paying any charge.

Hence, cookies can be used to solve that. All the steps above can be applied to access free Hulu. Do you have another website to enjoy? You can find the cookies first. If there is any cookie that can be copied, you can do exactly the same with method given there. Everything can be easier if you know the way.

Regarding the Netflix, there are things offered by the premium plan that cannot be found in the basic or standard plan. What are they? Here are the features.

  • Premium plan allows users to enjoy movies, shows, and other contents in HD (high definition) and UHD (ultra-high definition). This must be pleasing looking at how clear and great the experience that the users will get.
  • Users that have premium plan will be able to access the site from four different devices. You can enjoy all the contents on your tablet, smartphone, or PC anytime you want.
  • The contents can be downloaded as well from those four different devices.

As seen, nothing can beat this premium plan. Between the subscription plans offered by Netflix, premium is surely the best of the best. Even the basic plan has provided the users with good features.

That’s why the premium can provide something more to the users. In addition, Netflix’s library is loaded with a lot of titles that you can watch every single day. Users can watch movies produced by the streaming service itself and other contents that come from Netflix’s partners.

A very well-known partner is Disney. For all Disney lovers, using Netflix as their streaming service is an amazing thing which they can access all the things produced by Disney. Overall, Netflix as one of leading streaming services in the world is able to provide various entertainments to its users.

Many people are willing to pay the subscription plan monthly in order to access free netflix account. For those who cannot pay but want to use free Netflix, learning how to use Netflix cookies can be helpful. That’s all that can be shared. Hope it useful.

From there, you can watch whatever you want with unlimited choice, no ads, and many other great features. With premium access, you will be able to watch Netflix exclusive series and many other things you cannot enjoy when you just own the trial account or the regular Netflix plan. All these great things start by finding the right website to get free Netflix cookies 2019.

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