Free Netflix Account Generator 2019

Free Netflix Account Generator 2019 – A slang phrase “Netflix and chill” is widely used nowadays. The popular use of this phrase actually reflects the popularity of Netflix. Everyone knows about this online streaming service provider.

People worldwide utilize its service to watch movies, series, and reality shows. Anything that you want to watch is most likely available within the provider’s vast catalog. The service provided by this provider does not come for free, although it offers short trial period for new users.

Free Netflix Account Generator 2019

Free Netflix Account Generator 2019
Free Netflix Account Generator 2019

You may find the discussion about free Netflix account generator 2019 below useful. There are certain people who do not want to pay for monthly subscription for several reasons. On mid-January 2019, the number of paying subscribers to Netflix service had reached 139 million.

This number is projected to continue increasing. For the middle class, the subscription fee to this service provider is actually not too high. The provider even comes up with three different subscription plans with varied price points and features.

Nonetheless, some people may find that subscribing fee is a luxury that cannot be included in monthly budget plan. Lucky for them, there are few chances to gain free accounts with passwords that will allow them to enjoy Netflix’s service.

Interesting Free Netflix Account Generator 2019 Services that You Can Try

Interesting Free Netflix Account Generator 2019 Services that You Can Try
Interesting Free Netflix Account Generator 2019 Services that You Can Try

If you do not feel like paying subscription fee just to watch movies or series in your device, there is no need to worry. Several websites and blogs are offering free accounts that can be used to enjoy the service. User may find luck by trying generated accounts by free Netflix account generator 2019 that will be discussed in the following part.

Utilizing search engine and the right keywords, user will be able to find blogs and websites that offer account generating service. These websites even provide list of accounts with passwords that are said can help them accessing Netflix service. The way to make use of accounts found in these sites is quite straightforward. Here are the steps to do that.

  • Head to any account generating web page of your choice.
  • Scroll through the introduction paragraph until a list of email addresses and password.
  • Copy a pair of email address and password from the list.
  • Go to Netflix website at
  • Click on “Sign In” button which is located on the top right corner of its homepage.
  • Paste the email address and password you have copied from the blog.
  • Click “Sign In”.
  • Account can be used as it is intended to be.

This method sounds like a dream comes true. Without even having to download anything, user can get a free account that they can access to receive Netflix’s streaming service. It can be obtained just through few clicks. However, this method certainly has several flaws.

  1. Each Account has Its Specific Plan

When you get an account from website that uses free Netflix account generator 2019, it is important to know that each account has specific plan. Some sites will specify the types of plan in accounts that they have posted while others may not.

There are free accounts that can only be used for 30 days. There are accounts that follow Basic plan. Standard and Premium accounts might be available too. User needs to be aware of the account’s plan when using it.

  1. Accounts Can No Longer be Used

Copying then pasting account information to get Netflix’s service for free is a very easy job. The sites that provide such service are actually being very generous. Unfortunately, when user tries to log into Netflix using account offered by a generating site, they find that the account is not working.

This situation may occur because the account is already expired. Another possible thing is that someone else had used the account first and changed its password. The account might be blocked as well by service provider.

  1. Clickbait Title for Useless Content

When you are looking for account generator on the search engine, you will be directed to several websites. You may have already gone through a website’s lengthy article without finding what you are looking for. The links that are said to lead user to generator downloader probably directs them to unrelated pages.

Some links do not work at all. The webpage title is being used as a clickbait so that people will head to the page, generating more traffic. There is nothing more disappointing than finding out that you have wasted time reading useless content not related to account generator.

It is user’s decision to use such website to look for Netflix account that can be used to enjoy the company’s service. This method may not always be legit. Sometimes the website that promises use the direct access to get free membership accounts using the useful generator. The free Netflix account generator 2019 may not be obtained through.

Alternative Methods to Using Free Netflix Account Generator 2019 That You Must Try

Alternative Methods to Using Free Netflix Account Generator 2019 That You Must Try
Alternative Methods to Using Free Netflix Account Generator 2019 That You Must Try

It is tempting to look for free account that can be used to access Netflix. However, without you knowing, you can still find ways to pay as little as possible to gain access to this streaming service website.

The methods to get access to Netflix account is actually still considered as legitimate methods, unlike the utilization of account generator which is often illegal. Here are some alternative methods that you must try.

  1. Account Sharing with Other Netflix Users

Netflix is actually quite affordable, particularly for middle income group. All the plans are under $20 a month. User can opt between Basic, Standard, and Premium plans. In Basic Plan, user can only access Netflix using a device at one time.

The video quality is also limited. However, in Standard and Premium plans videos can be accessed using more than a device at a time. Standard Plan allows two devices while the Premium one allows four.

To lower the subscription fee burden, user can actually share a Netflix account with their friends or family members. As an example, you are signing up for Premium subscription. The account is being used by three people other than you.

Because of that, each person should contribute only a fourth of total subscription fee every month. It is a great deal because user can still access Netflix service legitimately using the best plan at significantly cheaper price.

  1. Using Free Trial Option Extensively

An alternative to using free Netflix account generator 2019 is by utilizing the free trial. This streaming service provider offers 30 days trial period for new user. During this time, user will not be charged when accessing Netflix service.

Premium Plan trial is available for free. User needs to be aware that payment tool information such as credit or debit card is required for this method. After the trial ends, Netflix will immediately charge user by their card account.

It is important to cancel the plan if you do not want to pay at all. User can continuously create new account using different information each time if they want to get free trial as long as possible.

Here are the steps to get one free trial period.

  • Go to the Netflix’s website at
  • Click on “Watch Free for 30 Days” button located at the front page.
  • Choose between available plans by clicking “See the Plans” button.
  • Click on “Continue”.
  • Type down email address and password to be used as login credentials.
  • Select payment method by typing down card information. User can use card information obtained from credit and debit card generator for this purpose.
  • Go to the registered email account to verify newly created Netflix account.
  • The free trial can be used immediately after that.
  1. Winning Gift Voucher for Netflix

Another nice alternative to using free Netflix account generator 2019 is by winning gift voucher. There are giveaway programs which offer Netflix gift voucher to the winner. Social media influencer or big websites tend to hold such giveaways.

Gift voucher for this streaming service is quite popular reward offered in such events. You just have to stay vigilant so you will not miss any information. You also get a great chance for Netflix gift voucher from family or friends. People love exchanging this gift voucher to be given to loved ones during special holidays.

Follow these steps to redeem your voucher.

  • Scratch foil layer located at the back of your gift voucher to reveal 11-digit PIN code using coin carefully.
  • Log into your Netflix account.
  • Head straight to the webpage for redeeming voucher at
  • Enter the 11-digit PIN code from the gift voucher to provided bar.
  • Tap on “Enter” button.
  • The amount of balance written on gift voucher will immediately be transferred to user’s account. Subscription fee will be deducted from that balance.

Of course, the notion of using free Netflix account generator 2019 is tempting. For many people, though, this method will not work at all. The nicer alternatives to that method are explained. They have higher success rate than the generator method.

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