How to Get Free Grammarly Premium 2019

How to Get Free Grammarly Premium 2019 – Grammarly is helpful to correct grammar errors that people may do in common. Therefore, many people try to get free Grammarly premium 2019. Grammarly premium offers something good that’s surely different from the free version.

As known, there are many people who need to write in English properly. As international language, English has been used as a communication language. There are even many bloggers outside there that come from non-native English speakers, but try the best to write in English to reach out more readers.

Free Grammarly Premium 2019

Free Grammarly Premium 2019
Free Grammarly Premium 2019

Additionally, students can also use this tool to help them in writing task. This tool can be obtained through browser extension and window software. Simply to use is another reason why people love to use Grammarly.

As for writer that can afford to get a premium account, it may be impossible for all of students to afford paying the charge. Therefore, there are ways that can be applied to get the premium for free. The further information about that is elaborated below. Let’s check them out right now.

Learn How to Get Free Grammarly Premium 2019

Learn How to Get Free Grammarly Premium 2019
Learn How to Get Free Grammarly Premium 2019

Before giving you more about ways to get free Grammarly premium 2019, let’s know this tool way better. This tool is suitable for those who work in writing field, especially in English language. Developed by Grammarly Inc. and released in 2009, there are a large number of the users.

This online grammar checking was firstly available for browser extensions back then. Now, you can enjoy the tool in browser extensions for Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and even Android and iOS. Yes, it has been available as an app in both Android and iOS.

If you take a look at the app, it is quite popular that the download has reached million in number. The rating is good as well. You can enjoy free account that is still helpful, but premium version will provide you with more features. If you are interested to enjoy the premium version for free, here are ways to follow.

  1. Refer and earn

Refer and earn
Refer and earn

You need to create a new account to be able using this way. This is a simple way to do since all you can do is to refer the tool to your friends and you can enjoy the tool longer. For your information, referring Grammarly to friends can help you earn one week free access. Therefore, you should refer it to many friends to get free Grammarly premium 2019 longer. Follow these steps below.

  • Create an account on Grammarly page.
  • Get Grammarly though browser extension on your browser that is compatible with it.
  • After you have added the extension, you can log in to the account.
  • After entering the extension, find ‘invite and earn’ option. It will lead you to invite friends to use Grammarly.
  • Referring can be done by sharing the affiliate link with your family or friends. Ask those people to create an account, so you can get another one week free access.
  1. Bloggers can get a free access

Bloggers can get a free access
Bloggers can get a free access

For bloggers outside there, there is a chance for you to get free Grammarly premium 2019. What bloggers can do to get this tool is to make sure that their blog has a good rank. It is even better if the readers are in a large number. The steps are given here.

  • Go to Grammarly premium option on their page. Hit that option.
  • What you need to next is to use the tool for several days and send an email to official team of Grammarly. The email contains your statement that you want to give a sponsored post related to the tool. Therefore you need to a free access on it.
  • If the team give you approve, they will send you username and password to access free premium account.
  • Don’t be happy yet. It is not over. You need to write a review about the tool and post it on the blog
  • Remember that you need to send the article to Grammarly team. In this way, they will give you premium account for free. This must be a privilege for well-known bloggers outside there to improve their writing accuracy.
  1. ‘Edit this cookie’ extension

‘Edit this cookie’ extension
‘Edit this cookie’ extension

Another extension in your browser can be used to get a free premium account of Grammarly. It is another simple way you can do if you won’t pay the charge monthly.

  • Firstly, you need to get the extension that will help you obtaining the free access. As for Chrome, you can go to the chrome web store and type down “edit this cookie”. Search the extension and add the extension to the browser.
  • After you are success on adding the extension, now go to and type down Grammarly. Then, search for that.
  • You will see a ‘show cookie’ option and hit it. Characters will pop up after hitting the option and it needs to be copied.
  • Now go back to Grammarly extension. On that page, you will also see the icon of ‘edit this cookie’ extension. Click on it and choose the recycle bin icon. It is meant to remove the cookies there.
  • Now you need to paste the characters that you get before by clicking on the import icon.
  • At the bottom, you will see a green check sign and click on it.
  • Refresh the page for now and then you can enjoy Grammarly for free.
  1. Join giveaway

Join giveaway
Join giveaway

There are many websites that will give free Grammarly premium 2019. Mostly they share some rules to follow and will give several free accounts for their readers. Each blog or website may give different rules so just pay attention to what they inform to the readers. In addition, you need to find well known websites or blogs since those are the ones that usually share giveaway like this. Good luck.

  1. Buy shared accounts

This is not really free from the charge since you still need to spend some money. However, the price will get much cheaper than the original. You can find websites that sell shared accounts. One account is usually used by 3 to 4 users. You can get premium features with cheap price. Hence, this one is worth to try since you can still contribute to the Grammarly.

Let’s move to the features that are offered by the tool. Free version has given you the very basic feature which is to check grammar and spelling. However, the premium version enables you to access all the best things from the tool.

There are surely something more about the premium. The premium is a paid version as you know. No wonder people want to get free Grammarly premium 2019. What’s featured in the premium version? Let’s check them out below.

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  1. Checking grammar and spelling

It is available in both free and premium version. It is the basic, so it is not a new thing for both users of free and premium account. For your information, free version only has this feature. It is very different from the premium tool.

  1. Advanced checks

This one is not available in the free version as mentioned earlier. In this feature, the tool will check the sentence structure, punctuation, context, and grammar. It is incredible, isn’t it? The tool can show you the right things regarding your writing, so you know which one is not good.

  1. Vocabulary suggestions

The vocabulary suggestions are available in a wide range of vocabulary. You will be able to use something better and proper vocabulary. The vocabulary bank of this tool is rich, so no worries about being boring for using the same words over and over again.

  1. Checking writing style

This is amazing since the tool can direct your writing to a particular genre or writing style. You will be shown the right arrangement to get a proper genre that you aim. Hence, the users love this tool. Have you had the premium version? Looking at how great the offers, you should have the premium one.

  1. Plagiarism detector

It’s a wrap, totally. Grammarly has all you need. It is a perfect tool for those who mainly work on writing article or similar. One thing that writers are worried is about plagiarism. Although you have written all the articles on your own, one or more sentences may have similarities to others’ writing.

In order to avoid people to assume your writing is a plagiarism, you can use this tool to check the writing. Grammarly can compare to more than 8 billion websites. It is trusted and worth to have.

Now you have known what Grammarly is and ways to get free Grammarly premium 2019. As seen, there are several ways to follow to get a free access to premium version. Great features are given for those who access premium account.

No wonder many people want to get the best version of this tool. Among methods mentioned above, you need to try which one is the best method to have for you. Good luck and enjoy the tool.

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