Most Creative Evite Alternatives You Should Use in 2019

Evite is probably most people’s go-to choice when it comes to online invitation cards, but you can look for Evite alternatives to make your own invitation card designs as well. Open yourself to many types of online invitation card designer sites scattered all over the internet. With Evite as an example, you can find many other alternatives which will help you design your event invitation cards.

If you have planned a special event, one thing which you probably have in mind is to make a great impression to your guests. Other than making party foods, you can spend your time on the more crucial stuff of the event. In order to do that, you can simply create engaging invitation cards on cute templates. Instead of using plain background and casual fonts, you can use some decorative features. We can guarantee you that most people will be instantly engaged with the creative choice on your invitation cards before noticing the details of the party or the event. In doing so, you will get the attention of your guests while making sure they get the impressions of the event you plan.

What if you cannot make a design on your own? One easy way to create beautiful invitation cards is through online invitation card makers. This is where most people use Evite as their go-to invitation card creator.

What is Evite?


As one of the well-known online invitation card platforms, Evite is surely heard by many people by now. As of today, sending physical invitation cards can sometimes be bothersome, especially knowing the time it will take to do so. Since we live in a digital era, we can now easily send online invitation cards to the guests of our planned event. This method allows us to manage the invitation distribution fairly and effectively.

Evite provides such service of creating as well as sending invitation cards to your event’s guests. As long as you have the addresses required, then you can send any invitations to everyone on your contact list, including friends, relatives, and many others. By using Evite, you can send invitations easily and get the reply for the said invitations automatically.

Since you may not know whether Evite can still operate by the time you need it, you can prepare to look for Evite alternatives. In any events, any online invitation card makers and distributors will help you arrange the event better. By searching for Evite alternatives, you can prepare for the worst case scenario which is the shutdown of Evite itself.

Evite Alternatives

Evite Alternatives
Evite Alternatives

If you do not have time to search for Evite alternatives on your own, then you can take a look at Evite alternative we have curated on this list. In case something happens to Evite, you can easily use one of many online invitation cards makers out there. The main feature we have to consider in finding these alternatives is the features of the sites themselves. It is important that these Evite alternatives resemble the functions which Evite displays in making these invitation cards.

In addition to the features, we also consider things about the efficiency of the distribution. Just like Evite, these alternatives we will offer you shall fulfill the criteria of what Evite has. In a way, each one of these Evite alternatives should provide similar creative features and the effective invitation cards sharing options. Thus, you can still use these Evite alternatives easily because of their familiar features.

Among many online invitation card creators, we manage to list the best five of Evite alternative sites. Each one of these alternatives will help you create and distribute your invitation cards evenly. Without further ado, let’s check five of the options for Evite alternatives below.

Celebrations (Pingg)

If you look for the merriest Evite alternative, then you can use Celebrations. As one of the best Evite alternative sites, you can use this site to create an invitation card and send it to your guests. In addition to the general invitation card features, you can also arrange your invitation cards according to the event you plan.

Celebrations have a bunch of templates which you can use according to every occasion and festival. Once you choose the template you prefer, you can fill in the details of your event. After you finish with the invitation cards, you can send them via social media, email or direct transfer. Similarly to Punchbowl, Celebrations also allows you to check in the information of the people on your contact list. Other than that, Celebrations also arranges all of their options on a single page.


If you look for a colorful online invitation card maker, you can use Purpletrail. As you plan your event, you must need a beautiful invitation card design to go with it. Worry not for Purpletrail will gladly provide you such service. Along with the online invitation creator, you can also use Purpletrail to send the invitation to your guests. No matter what events you plan, Purpletrail will help you arrange it.

Unlike any other card makers, Purpletrail offers a library full of themes which you can use to make your own invitation cards. Each theme differs according to the occasion of the party, event, or gathering. Once you select your invitation card theme, you can fill in the rest of the details of your event on the card. If you look for one of the best Evite alternative sites which provide no crappy ads, then Purpletrail can be your best bet.


As an Evite alternative, you can use Anyvite to send invitation cards to your guests. Anyvite makes an excellent online invitation card maker aside from a platform to send personalized invitations to your closest ones. With Anyvite, you can connect to the people closest to you easily. This site is equipped with a feature to notify someone about your event via text messages. Anyvite also provides an option which helps you to organize your own event. In addition to that, you can sell tickets via the invitations you have made.

Aside from inviting people on your guest list, Anyvite also has an option which allows your guests to bring their plus ones. This site has an option to invite guests’ friends as one of its features. You can enable or disable this option according to your needs. Other than that, Anyvite also gives you an option to limit the number of people the guests can invite.


As one of the well-known online invitation card creators, Punchbowl can be one of the best Evite alternative sites in 2019. When you have an event planned, make sure to visit Punchbowl to make your own invitation cards. With Punchbowl, you can create a creative invitation card and invite everyone on your contact list to attend it. In addition to creating and sending invitation cards, you can also use this site to plan your event. If you still plan about the programs on your event, you can list everything on the invitation cards properly.

Navigate your way to the beautiful and simple interface and create your own invitation cards. Punchbowl has the user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use. Other than the simple interface, Punchbowl also has a bunch of features including viewing the guests’ replies as well as many other things within a few seconds. Aside from the features regarding the invitation, Punchbowl also allows you to look at all the information of your guests. By checking on each one of the guests’ information, you will get to make an accurate arrangement on the card distribution.

Paperless Post

Nothing can come close to an online invitation card site as Paperless Post. As one of the best Evite alternative sites in 2019, this online site allows you to reach out to your closest ones and send invitations to them. Paperless Post provides a number of great invitation card designs as well. With the designs on deck, you can easily fill in the details of your party on it.

As an online invitation card, Paperless Post also has a unique feature which no other Evite alternatives on this list have. Aside from arranging the time on your own, you can also reschedule your event any time. The changes will then be synced with the cards you have sent to your guests. There will be no miscommunication once the changes have been made. Other than rescheduling, Paperless Post also gives you report on every single invitation card you sent. As one of the best Evite alternative sites, Paperless Post offers a premium plan which offers an option of sending invitations to more than 15000 people on your contact list.


Despite the convenience of using Evite, you can look for the alternatives to Evite which have more or less similar features. Create your own invitation cards with ease with Evite alternatives we have curated above in 2019. As the year gets busier and busier, you can use the service of these Evite alternatives to do the invitation card distribution for you. Simply click on the templates you prefer, fill in the details of your event, and Evite alternatives will send them out to your guests. All you need to do is clicking and typing the required information, then wait for the guests to confirm their attendances.

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