The Best Simple Steps to Delete Skype Account in 2019

Once or twice you may need a Skype account, but more often than not you can also delete Skype account once you finish with it. A Skype account has a lot of functions when it comes to connecting with people. It is very useful when you live far away from your family or your friends. In some cases, you may also need Skype to make video calls for a professional need, such as conference and job interviews.

When the time of deleting a Skype account has come, most people often find it hard to do it. Rather than the reasoning, it often deals with the technicality. Deleting a Skype account does not require an app like a registry cleaner app or a complicated method to remove Service Host Superfetch. Although you may not delete it entirely, you can still make use of some methods we have curated in this article.

Deleting a Skype account has a lot more to do with deleting your information on the Skype database. In case you think of no longer use your Skype account, deleting an account may not be a big problem for you. By removing your own Skype account, you will be able to remove your information from the database. After the information is removed from the Sype database, no one will be able to search your account.

As a communication app, Skype has proven to be the most effective program to connect with people. As time passes, a lot of communication software has started to appear. Ever since then, Skype loses its appeal to most of its users. If you already make your choice of a communication app you often use, then you can delete your Skype account at once.

Deleting Your Skype Account

Deleting Your Skype Account
Deleting Your Skype Account

Unlike any other communication apps, Skype requires some time to delete an account. Instead of deactivating, you can simply remove the account completely. If you deactivate it, you can always come back and use it again. On the other hand, deleting it will eventually remove your information even though it takes roughly two weeks to delete it.

Since Skype account is connected to your Microsft tools, the account removal process may get a little bit more complicated than it should. In a way, deleting a Skype account takes quite an additional time than you may think. Other than the account itself, you need to remove the payment methods, cancel any subscriptions you made, disconnect the link to your Microsoft account from your Skype account, and several others.

In order to delete your Skype account, you will need to do more than logging in and deactivating the account. Lucky for you, we have curated a list of steps you can try to remove your Skype account completely. Aside from that, you can also disconnect some of the merchant links from your Skype account. Some of the merchants will no longer present on your Skype lists or related search of your account.

Before deactivating a Skype account, it is advised to remove your personal information first. In order to do that, you will need to log in to your account first and get into your personal settings. Start to delete your name, phone number, and area from your Skype account before proceeding to deactivate it. In doing so, you will completely remove your personal information and everyone cannot look for your information. No one can search for your personal information or your Skype account with it gone. In case you want to make it more secure, you can use a non-personal e-mail as well. By removing your personal e-mail and using another e-mail which has no relation to you, you will eliminate the risk of getting your account known.

How to Delete Your Skype Account

How to Delete Your Skype Account
How to Delete Your Skype Account

In order o delete your Skype account completely, you will need to follow several steps below. Since removing your Skype account can be pretty complicated, you may check other Microsoft apps connected to it first. Other than that, you may also need to secure other listed merchants connected to it. Check your contact list as well to make sure you have the people on the list connected to your other communication apps.

After you make sure all of these things have taken care of, you can simply look at the steps below and follow them. Check out everything you need to do to delete your Skype account by following these simple steps.

Remove Personal Information on Skype

Before you delete the entire account, make sure to remove your personal information first. In order to do that, you must follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to Skype and fill in the username and password of your account. Enter the correct data on the search bar.
  2. Once you get into the main page, select the option Manage. Soon your account page will appear.
  3. Navigate your way on the page and look for Personal Information section.
  4. Proceed to select the Edit option to continue.
  5. Remove the personal information of your Skype account completely.

Once you finish with the personal data removal, continue to the next steps below.

Changing the Skype Account Image

After the personal data has been removed, you can move to change your Skype account image. Follow these steps below to change the image.

  1. Start off again by logging in to your Skype account.
  2. Operate the Skype page and go to the Profile section.
  3. Select the option Avatar.
  4. Choose the new image to be associated with your account.

After you change your Skype image, you can now proceed to delete your Skype account.

Delete Your Skype Account

  1. Go to the Login page and select Delete Your Account option.
  2. On the dialog box, click Run and press Enter.
  3. Afterward, type in %appdata%\Skype and click OK.
  4. Remove the folder with the name of your Skype account.
  5. Delete your username from the Skype directory.
  6. Once you have done it, reboot your system.


Since most people find it hard to delete Skype accounts, it may help to provide an article about it. Since the process is quite simple, you can follow it without any extensive knowledge about tech. Take your time to delete your Skype account because the account may be lost forever. If you already make up your mind, then nothing will get in your way of removing it completely from the Skype database itself.

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