Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card 2019

Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card 2019 – Welcome to the digital era! This is the time when everybody gets easier access to almost everything. Whether you want to go somewhere or buy something, you will get them in no time. More or less, it also changes people’s behavior including in spending their money.

While more and more online shops are established, you have plenty of choices to satisfy your desire. One among reliable online store is EMI. Thing that make EMI different with other stores is the fact that it allows you to shop without credit card. How to do Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card?

Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card

Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card
Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card

This is what every shopaholic should know about EMI store. While having credit card brings several advantages in one side, it is undeniable that credit card potentially triggers problem.

If you are not careful in choosing the right place to make online transactions, the chance is your credit card number will be the target of fraud. Surely everybody wants to avoid this, including you. The convenience to purchase some stuff without credit card makes people feel safe when buying online.

Available Products on Shopping on EMI without Credit Card

Available Products on Shopping on EMI without Credit Card
Available Products on Shopping on EMI without Credit Card

First and foremost, you are about to know what EMI store is. Based in India, EMI store is an online store that makes shopping activity more fun. Combining technology and professionalism in offering service to the customer, EMI employs technology to create easy, quick, and inclusive financing.

With EMI platform, the customers do not only get instant loan from EMI’s loan partners but also trust of preferred online shop throughout India.

To spread their business, EMI builds multi-channel that not only focus on online stores but also offline stores as well. Both of them provide the same convenience as the customers will be catered with the best treatment.

The most important, EMI also has an idea to build commerce which focuses on Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card. The idea becomes a core amongst purchasing with credit card and other methods.

What can be found on EMI? As a one-stop online store, EMI provides almost all your needs. Whether you want to keep yourself updated with the latest mobile phone, EMI has it for you.

If you need a new laptop to help accomplish your project, you only need to mention it. Even if you wish to upgrade your look with new jewelry collections, EMI store has plenty of choices that will indulge your eyes. To make everything easier, here is the list of categories that you can find on EMI:

  1. Mobile

Do you plan to purchase a new mobile phone? Are you too busy to visit an offline store and choose the most suitable phone that meets your preference? Finding an online store is what you need to do.

You can scroll up and down while doing your job in the workplace. EMI store provides a lot of choices of mobile phone from various brands including Samsung, Oppo, Sony, Micromax, Vibo. Nokia, Blackberry, and iPhone.

  1. Watch



Watch is essential gear for men. EMI store provides bunch of options when it comes to up-to-date and trendy men’s watch. There are various brands that you can find on EMI store such as Casio, Titan, Timex, Nautica, and many others.

Different brands offer different prices that can be chosen according to your budget. It ranges from 400 Rupee up to 1,000 Rupee.

  1. Laptop

Are you looking for laptop and plan to purchase without credit card? EMI is where you should go. There is a long list of laptop choices that you can explore. You can find laptop device from various brands such as Lenovo, HP, Apple, Acer, Dell, Toshiba, and Sony.

What is the benefit of purchasing laptop from EMI store? Aside from buying laptop without card, you will also get finance options from various finance partners. This is what makes everything easier to get what you need.

  1. Camera

Whether you love travelling and would like to perpetuate the memories, camera is what you are looking for. EMI store provides you several choices of camera devices with various functions. You can mention some brands such as Sony, Nikon, or Canon to be a professional photographer. The price widely varies from 3,000 Rupee up to 7,000 Rupee.

  1. Home and Kitchen Appliances

As one-stop online store, EMI understands that you also need to upgrade your home particularly kitchen. Now you can easily scroll down to look for home and kitchen appliances from several brands including LG, Haier, Daikin, Electrolux, and many others.

There is nothing to worry about as Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card is also available for this category. It also offers you convenience in getting finance option from financing partner as you desire.

Shopping on EMI without Credit Card Procedures

Shopping on EMI without Credit Card Procedures
Shopping on EMI without Credit Card Procedures

Are you interested to make a purchase right away? Wait up! You need to understand how to shop on EMI without credit card. Knowing the procedures allow you to have smooth access and transactions without problem.

How would probably the customer purchase items from EMI without credit card? Actually there are several payment methods that you can choose whenever buying from EMI. Let’s reveal each of them in details:

  • Card-less checkout

This is the first payment method that you can choose to buy products from EMI store. You can choose wide range of products from various brands on EMI. There are cameras, laptops, mobile, home appliances, even toys that can be purchased using this method. It is quite simple to do Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card.

On checkout page, you need to select ‘EMI without card”. When selecting this option, you will be directed to financing options available on EMI store. Choose the suitable financing option as you desire.

There are some advantages that you can get from this feature. For total price ranging from 1,000 Rupee up to 9,900 Rupee, you will get instant approval that does not require documentation. You also need to pay 10% of down payment.

To pay the remaining amount, it can be done 30 days after purchase date. If your total price ranges from 9,901 Rupee up to 1,500,000, you need to upload minimum KYC document and the application will be approved within 24 hours.

  • Third-party payment

There is another way to do Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card. Offering instant approval and 100 percent online process, payment method through third party will be a good option to go. The procedure to purchase items from third party is quite easy. There are some online websites that provide this feature such as Snapmint and Zestmoney.

How to shop on EMI from Snapmint? First, complete the application and you will get approved instantly. Choose EMI plan as you desire and make the down payment. Right after you get Aadhaar and verify, you can confirm the order.

If choosing this, you need to make monthly payment through bank account. Snapmint is good news since it facilitates you to shop on 0 percent EMI from various products such as Amazon, Samsung, The IT Depot, Flipkart, and many others. You can choose the banking partners ranging from Kotak, InCred, and DCB Bank.

Zestmoney works with the quite same principle as Snapmint. You need to set up EMI with Aadhaar number, bank details and ID. You also have to make down payment then make monthly payment. Zestmoney is very flexible choice that allows you to choose the term as desired.

If you want to pre-pay early, you will not get penalty. Why choose Zetmoney? There are several reasons that will make you consider Zestmoney as the right partner. Not only flexible in making purchase, Zestmoney also boasts fastest digital process and high approval rates. Not to mention it includes automatic EMI payments.

Both Snapmint and Zestmoney offers solution for customers who would like to do Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card. Not only providing flexible and easy access, you are also allowed to choose the finance option as your preference.

With various products you can choose, it is possible to get anything you need ranging from mobile phone, laptop, camera, home appliances and many others.

So far, EMI store is a one-stop store that provides various needs ranging from fashion to technology. Now it is no longer impossible to purchase items from EMI without credit cards.

How To Buy Mobile In Emi Without Credit Card In Flipkart

Basically, there are two methods that you can choose to pay the products from this online store. First, you can choose EMI without card option on checkout page. The other choice allows you to make use of third party to make payment.

Last but not least, whether you do not have credit card or want to keep it save from irresponsible people, Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card is worth. With several conveniences such as instant approval and payment terms that can be adjusted with your desire, it helps in purchasing any stuff you would like to have.

Not to mention there are finance partners that is ready to choose. Access EMI store, scroll down to get your favorite stuff, and make your card-less payment.

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