10 Best Virtual Machine Software 2019

10 Best Virtual Machine Software 2019 – Before we go further to talk about the best virtual machine software 2019, let’s acquainted ourselves with a virtual machine. What does it mean by virtual machine? Well, it is created to run various operating systems in a computer.

It is a kind of operating system that applied on software. Moreover, virtual machine has an ability to perform particular tasks that somehow quite different from the tasks on the origin area or the host.

Best Virtual Machine Software 2019

Best Virtual Machine Software 2019
Best Virtual Machine Software 2019

By applying this, you can operate lots of operating systems in a computer without experiencing any intervention. The benefits that you can get from this machine are wide option of support to help you overcoming the problems that you might encounter in the future.

After that, the maintenance process is simple and more affordable as well since you only need the software. However, what are the best virtual machines right now? You’d better keep reading to find them out.

The Choices of the Best Virtual Machine Software 2019

Choices of Best Virtual Machine Software
Choices of Best Virtual Machine Software

Why are these apps included in the best virtual machine software 2019? Well, it’s because they are equipped with features that truly support the process of virtualization. Then, most of the apps support many types of hosts and they can be used in every single available operating system.

Furthermore, these virtual machines can execute programs from other operating systems without experiencing “down time” or decreased performance and ability. In addition, these machines are able to assist the job of engineers, architects, and IT programmers.

Moreover, the data management and security are the things that should be considered as well. They deserve the title “Ranger” because of their abilities. Here are the options that are ready to do the virtualization process.

  1. Hyper-V by Microsoft


Microsoft released its own virtual machine software in 2008. Hyper V eases the beginners to build their server system. From now on, Hyper-V is integrated with Windows 10 Pro and Windows Server (2012 and 2016 version).

By using Hyper-V, you will be able to operate other operating systems, such as Windows XP, Linux, and FreeBSD. For those who is about to try virtual machine software for the first time, this surely becomes your go-to application.

  1. QEMU


Here comes the second software that listed in best virtual machine software 2019. The interesting thing that you can find from this software is its duality in function. It functions as the host of virtual machine itself and as machine imitator.

QEMU can imitate PowerPC, MIPS64, and MicroBlaze. It can only use Linux as its host. However, QEMU can give full support to other systems as well. Unfortunately, it still lacks of well-built user interface equipment.

  1. VMWare

VMWare offers a broad collection of products that help you run the virtualization process. Moreover, it has two types of program that can be adjusted to your own operating system, such as Fusion10 for Apple Mac operating system and Workstation 14 that works well within Windows.

Talking about the performance, both versions’ performance is undoubtedly amazing. VMWare can be an appropriate option for architect or engineer to help their job because it supports the operational of CAD and other applications that have GPU assistance.

In addition, if you use Mac, this software can run applications of Windows as they are integrated with Mac itself. The good news is you can enjoy the amazing features without cash needed!

  1. VirtualBox Oracle Virtual Machine

VirtualBox Oracle
VirtualBox Oracle

You can say that this software is inclusive software. Why is it? It supports numerous clients and hosts, from Windows XP, Solaris, Linux, Mac OS, and OpenBSD. Even some people using this virtual machine to run the classic operation systems, such as IBM OS/2 and Windows 3.x.

the existence of VirtualBox really helps the developers to do their task by providing pre-built programs. What makes it fun is you can download and use it without making your wallet sad.

  1. Parallels Desktop 13


Parallels Desktop 13 is the next software that is included in best virtual machine software 2019 list. Parallel Desktop is mainly used by Apple Mac users to run the virtualization period. It lets us, the Mac users to execute all Windows application with no hassle.

It is considered as versatile virtual machine software because it has an ability to operate other operating systems, like Linux, Chrome, and classic version of Mac. Furthermore, if you are a professional in IT world, you may want to opt into the Business edition to get lots of management devices’ license in order to ease your job.

  1. Red Hat KVM


It is exclusively designed for Linux users. Red Hat is equipped with refined devices that help you in creating your virtual machine and the application of the machine as well.

It has two versions of virtual machine, which are basic version and a more advanced version. The difference is the basic version has four virtual machines within a host. It also has included in the operating system itself.

On the other hand, the advanced version is equipped with more improved features. Additionally, it has various support plans. You can enjoy the Enterprise version by paying $349. Surely, it is worth the cost.

  1. Citrix XenServer


Citrix XenServer is always ready to face the well-planned and unplanned interruption because it has a strong virtualized data center. The paid version of Citrix is suitable for engineers and architects out there because it supports the execution of applications that needs the assistance of GPU, like CAD. Another interesting thing is it is available widely for numerous existing operating systems. This app is supposed to be defined as best virtual machine software 2019.

  1. Azure by Microsoft

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure

Another virtual machine coming from Microsoft is called Azure. By using Azure, your network will be well-secured because it has an amazing encryption system. You won’t have a difficulty in doing machine migration because Azure is able to assist the migration process.

In addition, Azure enables us to control the network from distance thanks to the Remote feature. In terms of monitoring the machine, you can count on Azure for doing such job. For data backup problem, it has an absolutely outstanding data backup management, so you should not worry that someday you will lose the data you have.

The Plus and Minus Points of the Best Virtual Machine Software 2019

Plus Minus Points of Virtual Machine Software
Plus Minus Points of Virtual Machine Software

After we have acquainted ourselves with the examples of outstanding virtual machines, let’s discuss the pluses and minuses of virtual machine software that have been explained above.

  1. The wide availability

Some virtual machines support each operating system, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. Furthermore, they can perform the programs from a system that different from the host or the origin of the programs without having intervention. The performance is surely highly-rated.

  1. A glimpse of heaven for some workers

If you are an expertise in IT or an engineer, the virtual machines, such as Parallels Desktop 13 and VMWare, supports the execution of CAD. As we know together that CAD is a crucial program for a lot of engineers. It is used for drawing in a precise manner.

In addition, to maximize the performance of CAD, it has to be supported by another program that doesn’t interrupt the CAD itself. Meanwhile, for IT programmers, this software has a Business version that contains lots of management devices’ license to help you create the programs freely.

However, behind the plus points there must be minuses that go along with them. What are the minus points of the best virtual machine software 2019?

  • A program doesn’t have more advanced features

This might be depended on the needs of each individual. If you are going to use virtual machine for the personal usage, that problem still can be tackled down. However, for those professionals out there, they must be longing for more sophisticated features that can support their jobs on the daily basis.

Hyper-V is the example of basic virtual machine software. Then, most of the apps provide tremendous features that can be gotten by paying a certain amount of money. Again, please consider your need and your usage.

  • The chance of slowed down performance is quite huge

Even if there are some programs that ensure the stable performance, some other programs might not consider this aspect. Performance aspect might become the most crucial thing because it can sustain the performance of a computer.

If the virtual machine can be operated smoothly, then, your computer is safe. If it is interfered, the device’ operational might be hampered and this situation can interrupt the work.

These are the examples of virtual machines that included in list of the best virtual machine software 2019. Despite their flaws here and there, the overall performance of them is not supposed to be underestimated. Choose the one that meets your needs.

Then, consider also the price and your preference too. If you need more specific features, you are allowed to pay certain amount of money to get them. The virtual machine software is always ready to maximize your work, so you will feel proud of it.

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