10 Best Teamviewer Alternative 2019 (Performance Comparison)

10 Best Teamviewer Alternative 2019 (Performance Comparison) – In technology era, a lot of software is offered to support people doing their activities. It is no doubt that technology has significant role in the daily life activities. Among the software, TeamViewer is one of a kind that’s used by many people.

This computer app is used for desktop sharing, remote control, file transfer between two computers or more, online meetings, and web conferencing. However, there are some reasons that make people looking for the best TeamViewer alternative 2019.

Best Teamviewer Alternative 2019

Best Teamviewer Alternative 2019
Best Teamviewer Alternative 2019

In fact, TeamViewer always develops its software. It was available only for PC. Nowadays, people can enjoy this software from their smartphone. Nevertheless, it has drawbacks that make people want to find the other alternatives. If you are interested in knowing more about the alternatives, let’s dig more!

10 Best TeamViewer Alternative 2019 You Should Try

10 Best TeamViewer Alternative 2019 You Should Try
10 Best TeamViewer Alternative 2019 You Should Try

TeamViewer is available for free. It means you can download and use it for free. When you are running the software, there are features that can be enjoyed. Since it is a good one, people will also look for alternative software that has similar features at least. In order to give you reference, here is a list of software that can be chosen instead of the TeamViewer.

  1. AnyDesk

The first choice of the TeamViewer alternative 2019 is AnyDesk. This one is quite similar to the software we’ve been talking about. There are features that will please you to use this software. As expected, you can remote devices from anywhere. It is amazing. One thing that should be highlighted is the high speed of data transmission rates.

It reaches 60 FPS for screen sharing and it is such a good thing to hear. Again, it has protected the users very well. Unauthorized access is not able to access your connection; meaning that the privacy is safe and fully protected.

Recently, new upgrade adds several features that will make you love this software. How about the price? Don’t worry about that since it is free.

  1. LogMeIn

TeamViewer focuses on remote desktop control, but LogMeIn does not work the same. This software enables users to remote their personal computers from anywhere. Therefore, users are still able to access their PC to continue their work. In addition, there is 1TB cloud storage that is free to use.

Sharing files with anyone else can be done securely and quickly. If you currently need this kind of software, this one is worth to try.  Overall, the pros of this best TeamViewer alternative 2019 are: the setup is easy, the record sessions are available, and there is supporting whiteboard.  Moreover, the trial is free, but you can pay $30 per month if interested further.

  1. Chrome remote desktop

This one is perfect for those who are looking for completely free software. Is this fully free? Yes, it is! Chrome Remote Desktop is accessible from Chromebook or Chrome browser. It works the same basically. You can access another computer by accessing this software through those two apps mentioned before.

In addition, it can be set up to be a short-term and long-term basis. Ad-hoc remotes support is an example of short-term basis and accessing files or apps is an example of long-term basis.

The best reasons why you should use this: it is available across platforms and end-to-end encrypted. Actually, as long as your device has a Chrome browser, remotely access can be done with no difficulties. For users who only have light usage, this one is a great option.

  1. Parallel Access

Parallel Access is reliable, fast, and simple. You will like it for sure. What does it have? Let’s see. First of all, it offers flexibility to access your PC from wherever you are. It is merely similar to the other best TeamViewer alternative 2019.

What makes it special is its mobile app. You might think that it is also similar to others, but it is not. The mobile app can remote your desktop. Yet, you are also able to access all of the desktop apps. This software gives the best experience in terms of mobile viewing. Interested in using the software? It is brought to you for free.

  1. Bomgar Remote Support

Many people feel insecure related to the security of software like TeamViewer. It is no doubt since this kind of technology can be hacked. There are always people who are able to hack things.

Do you want software that prior its users’ security? Bomgar Remote Support is the answer. This software highlights its security the most compared to others. They are cool, indeed.

How about the features? Well, you must be happy since it offers various features. You will feel like you are facing your customers by using this one. Other features include compliance, app integration, branding, customization, team managements, and many more.

The superior security is the main highlight of this software. Well, those who are very into the security, it is perfect to use. The trial is free, but you need to pay later for about $1995 for one year.

  1. NoMachine

The next is NoMachine. It is another best TeamViewer alternative 2019 that you can add to your list. It offers fast and high quality of remote desktop software. As usual, the users can access files and transfer them. Record sessions are also given as one of its features. Streaming live video or audio can be done from the users’ remote PC.

Similar to others, it works well with common operating systems, such as iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows. Additionally, this software is fully free to be enjoyed. Free software is interesting indeed. Again, you will find no ads in the software and there are no restrictions in using NoMachine.

  1. Lite Manager

This one is helpful if you are targeting to use remote desktop software in a local network. Supervising administration of computers can be done through internet and this one is easy to use.

If you are a boss who wants to take a look carefully to the employees’ computer administration, Lite Manager is your answer. As information, it can control up to 30 computers.

Available in cross-platform, it works with major operating systems like iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, Windows, and Wine. This one is cheap version of TeamViewer and free for you. If you like the software, just simply go to the paid version that only charges with $10 per license.

  1. ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control is more suitable for companies. It can control computers just like Lite Manager. The security that’s used by this software is two-factor authentication and AES-256 encryption. It is totally secure for the users to access computers of a client.

The third-party integrations are amazing and it is better than TeamViewer. Namely FreshDesk, Google Analytics, and Slack are integrated with ConnectWise Control. If you are interested to use the software, the trial is free, but you can upgrade the plan if necessary. It costs $19 per month for each user.

  1. Supremo

The next choice of the best TeamViewer alternative 2019 is Supremo. They claim themselves to be easy and powerful remote desktop control you should try instead of TeamViewer.

It will not take time too long to host meetings or access a personal computer. One thing to be highlighted, Supremo does not need to be installed or patch anything. Unlike common software, very small executable file is given, so there is no installation to be done.

Furthermore, users are allowed to customize their interface. You cannot meet this feature on TeamViewer. Customizing the interface means you can display the logo of your company for example.

This is astonishing considering on how other software does not have this feature. It can be accessed for free with one term: you use it for the local networks. However, you must buy a license if you wish to access a remote personal computer from anywhere.

  1. Ammyy Adminn

This one is favorable as well. Ammyy Adminn is designed for individuals and companies. It is effortless to enjoy the software since it is users friendly. It gives you simplicity to share and manage remote desktop control. Available as an application, it is ready to download for less than 1 MB only. What a small number for such a useful application.

Many people opt for this app since it is very simple to use. The features are complete, such as voice chat, built-in text, good system administration, remote presentations and office, etc. This software is basically free. Yet, there are also paid options that can be matched to your need.

Here is the end of a list of remote desktop control that you can try by now. Each option of the best TeamViewer alternative 2019 above has pros and cons. How can you select the best one? It is simple. Just list what you need in a remote desktop control and try to sort it out from all the software available. There, you will find which one is the best. That’s all that can be shared and hope it useful.

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