10 Best Music Player for Android 2019

10 Best Music Player for Android 2019 – People love to listen to music and surely you are part of them. Various songs are listened to make you entertained. Sometimes, it is not just for entertainment since some people also have songs in their sadness and other condition.

It is like giving soundtrack to the moment of life and this brings great impact for your feeling. Even, some people are helped in focus for their study or work because of music. Now, you can do this activity anytime everywhere.

Best Music Player for Android 2019

Best Music Player for Android 2019
Best Music Player for Android 2019

Gadgets have provided great access for people, so they can enjoy music whenever they want to. The devices are equipped by music player and most devices have its default music player. However, some people who really love to listen to music may need the good reference of the best music player for android 2019.

Features of the Best Music Player for Android 2019

Features of the Best Music Player for Android 2019
Features of the Best Music Player for Android 2019

As we know, the default music players provided by operating system or manufacturer of the device can play the songs. Basically, there is no problem at all. The players are able to play and pause music, and show the playlist.

However, you may think that these basic functions are not enough and you need something more. That’s why there are many music players to choose. Third-party apps are available and you can find the best one. For your recommendation, Musicolet can be good option of the best music player because of features offered by the app.

  1. Free application

Musicolet is for free. If you want to use this app, you do not need to purchase or make subscription. This is fully great for you who are looking for alternative player to play collection of songs in the device. Considering about the other features offered by this app, surely its free access is great thing to obtain.

  1. Multifunction headset control

Common headsets and earphones come with buttons to play and pause the song played in your device. This function runs automatically right after you plug the headset in. By using this app, the button has more functions. It is not limited to the function to start and pause the songs, but you can use it to play the next track by double clicking the play button.

Then, you can play previous songs by clicking the button three times. If these are not enough, you can also fast-forward the songs that you play just by clicking the buttons. By having this interesting feature, you do not need to open your gadget to change the song. Moreover, the play button is what you need. Surely, this feature makes the app as the best music player for android 2019.

  1. Good user experience

User experience of UI becomes another thing offered by this player. The app gives interesting design, but it does not make this look complicated. The UI still can be accessed easily.

Finding the album, artists, and making playlists can be made easily because of its UI. Most of menus are easy to find in the front interface, so it can be accessed by several touches.

  1. Easy search

Then, you can also search songs easily. This app will access storage of your device to find your song collections. Those will be automatically shown in the lists. When you want to find certain songs, just search them from the app, and it can be done easily and quickly.

Related to list of song, the app will also make some lists based on the songs that you play most often. This will make category of most-played music, so it can be helpful playlist when you want to find favorite songs.

  1. No advertisement

No advertisement

One of common and annoying problems found in third-party app is about ads. These can easily appear while you are accessing the app. Even, some apps provide special spaces in its interface for ads. In case of music player, you do not need to worry about the ads.

You will not find any ads while opening and accessing this best music player for android 2019.

  1. No internet connection

The application will not ask your permission to use internet connection. Of course, this does not mean that it will use internet connection in the background. Well, it requires no internet connection to play music, so you will be able to use this player offline.

You will not need to worry about additional internet charge. This is also the reason why this app has no ads, since it never uses internet connections.

  1. Smooth process

With those features, you may think that it will take quite big space in RAM and make your device run slowly. In fact, the app provides fewer burdens for the storage and performance compared to other music players.

It means you will be able to enjoy accessing other apps although you are listening to music. This factor and the other features surely make Musicolet as the best music player for android 2019.

Those features are what you need to enjoy music and songs saved in the storage of device. This is not just common player that will work to play music. This is also supported by nice and easy user interface, so you may not be bored opening the app.

Then, there are features enabling you to enjoy music freely and flexibly. Even, you can change the song and jump to other ones just by using button in your headphone or earphone. With all of those features, this app is highly recommended for music lovers.

Other Alternative of the Best Music Player for Android 2019

Other Alternative of the Best Music Player for Android 2019
Other Alternative of the Best Music Player for Android 2019

As mentioned above, Musicolet is recommended player for you. This provides many useful features to get better experiences in listening music. However, it is not the only music players. When you need to have alternative of players, there are also some options giving you good experiences and easy access to enjoy the favorite songs.

  1. Pulsar

This app is great alternative of the best music player for android 2019 for you who want to get good music player that can run smoothly. This player can run well in device and it will not be burden for storage and performance.

Its lightweight becomes one of the powerful features. Then, similar to the Musicolet, the app is also ad-free, so you will not see any advertisements appear in the app.

Although this is lightweight, it does not mean that you have fewer features. In fact, there are some interesting features. For example, you can easily customize and personalize the appearance of the interface.

In addition, choosing favorite color for the theme is possible to do. Categorization of songs based on albums, genres and other options is able to do, so this can make your music library easier to access.

  1. Phonograph

This one is also good to use. It can be great choice for you who love to change appearance of the app. By using it, you can get access to make some changes toward its theme or appearance. Even, changing color can be done easily. These all are great for you who often get bored with the appearance and interface of the app.

Then, if you really love details and appreciate credits of songs you listen to, this app can help it. You can get complete information of singers, title, and even other specific information about the song.

This app even will automatically download information to complete the data. For its access, basically this app can work for free. However, you will get more features when purchasing the services. Sleep timer and lock screen management becomes some of paid features.

Best Music Player Apps for Android

  1. Retro Music Player

  2. Pi Music Player

  3. AIMP

  4. Musicolet Music Player

  5. BlackPlayer

  6. Shuttle Music Player

  7. Abbey Music Player

  8. Pulsar Music Player

  9. Poweramp Music Player

  10. Musixmatch Lyrics

Those are the good recommendations for the best music player for android 2019. These apps are great to play music and songs stored in your memory. All of those apps will access your storage to play music, so they can work offline and you do not need to make streaming to listen to songs that you love.

Each of features offered can make you enjoy music and there are still other features to give you better experiences in using the app. About its download source, most of them are available in official app store for Android devices. This means the external sources are not necessary and they are safer instead of downloading from unknown sources.

All of those three apps are also free to use. You do not need to pay or purchase in order to use the apps. With these references of the best music player for android 2019, you will have better alternative when needed the better music player than the default app in your device.

By using one of them, music can be listened to with style and comfort. Some features are also able to help you in accessing the music easier, such as the feature of button in Musicolet that enable you to change the playing song by pressing play button on headset.

Surely, these apps are made to give better experiences in enjoying every beats of music. Therefore, everyone can get their best soundtrack of life in all kinds of conditions.

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