Best Games Like Life Is Strange 2019

Best Games Like Life Is Strange 2019 – Game developers always have a way to attract gamers. There are various games in various genres. Some of them are very popular indeed and it can be caused by its graphic visual, good plot, and surely challenges in the game. One of great games is ‘life is strange’.

This game is so popular that makes people crave for more. If you have finished playing one, is there any alternative game? Of course, there are the best games like life is strange 2019. They are all recommended to play on while you are having spare time. Before talking about them, what game is ‘life is strange’?

Best Games Like Life Is Strange 2019

Best Games like Life Is Strange 2019
Best Games like Life Is Strange 2019

The game is in adventure genre. People who are always into this kind of genre will like this for sure. Developed by Dontnod, this game draws a lot of attention. It has five episodes in total and all of them have interesting story. Although it is an adventure game, it is a mix of adventure graphic, drama, and also action.

The main characters are Max Caulfield and her friend, Chloe Price. In the game, you are presented by unexplainable events and some mysterious happenings. The game involves dialogue mechanics, third-person perspective, quests, and challenging puzzles. This one is really worth to play.

List of the Best Games like Life Is Strange 2019

List of the Best Games like Life Is Strange 2019
List of the Best Games like Life Is Strange 2019

As mentioned earlier, there must be people who have done playing this game and is craving for more. The game is addicting, really. For your information, there will be the part 2 of this game.

Such a good news. It is planned to be released in 2019. While you are waiting for the game to release, there are best games like life is strange 2019 that can be an alternative for you. Let’s check what games are in the list.

  1. A. Noire

Historic era is the background of the game. You are brought back to the 1947 and will be an officer in the LA Police Department. This game is in action and drama genre. As you are being a detective in the game, there will be cases to be solved.

The game has objectives that you should complete. The plot element is very interesting. Similar to the ‘life is strange’, it has third-person perspective that will create an excitement. Coming to Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3, L.A. Noire is the first alternative you can try.

  1. To the moon

This is another one of best games like life is strange 2019. Developed by Freebird Games, it is an interactive action, adventure, and RPG video game that should be played. The characters include Dr. Watts, Dr. Rosalind, and Johnny.

The game has something to do with artificial memories. As player, you can jump from one memory to another. There are things to be collected in each memory. Solving puzzles is necessary that will be a help to leap towards Johnny’s childhood.

  1. Syberia 2

Feel enthusiastic with adventure game? This one is a must-try game. As seen by its name, it is a sequel game from a previous name with the same title, Syberia. There are more characters in this sequel game compared to the first one.

The visual system is also improved a lot that will make you love to play it. Although this is a sequel, it is okay if you haven’t played the first game. Again, a third-person perspective is brought here and makes it look like the game ‘life is strange’.

  1. The Wolf Among Us

Telltale Games is the one who develop The Wolf Among Us. It offers adventure, mystical drama, and interactive-fiction video game. The game is very stand out I term of its graphics element and psychological thriller.

As a stand-out game, it can be an alternative and one of best games like life is strange 2019. A skilled detective namely Bigby Wolf is the main character that will lead you to play it.

There are cases to solve and clues are given during the game. The important parts include interaction with objects, ability to act on information, and dialogue in the story.

  1. The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey takes place in two parallel universes namely Arcadia and Stark. The game is another action and adventure game. The plot is multi-layered and the characters are very various. They are presented uniquely.

The characters will explore the world with a help of yours. The main character of the game is a girl named April who can shift from Stark universe to Arcadia universe. Overall, the game offers beautiful visuals and a dialogue-rich plot. This is such an addictive gameplay.

  1. Echo: Secrets of the Lost Cavern

This is quite old, yet gold indeed. The gamers are still in love with the game with several reasons. If you haven’t had a chance to play it, just try it out soon. Echo: Secrets of the Lost Cavern consists of adventures and puzzles.  For your information, it takes a place in prehistoric era.

The main character will be a man from that era for sure. His name is Arok and he is a Homo sapiens. Furthermore, it needs your survival skills to continue playing in the game. The skills are important to go through difficult situations, environmental hazards, and even predatory threats.

  1. Remember Me

Remember Me is another game that is developed by Dontnod—the same developer from the Life is Strange. It offers simple, yet interesting story. It is easy to relate to the story for the players. It has something to do with the use of social media.

As known, it is used widely by now. In this game, it is created as if the privacy has been seized by them. It leads people to buy, sell, trade, and digitize the memories.

Taking set in 2084, the character is Nilin. Nilin is a memory hunter who is trying to take back her memories. Those are stripped away by Memorize, a mega corporation.

  1. Alan Wake

Alan Wake is believed to be the closest game to the life is strange. It is indeed one of best games like life is strange 2019. The set is in a small town named Bright Falls. The main character, Alan Wake, has to save his loved ones.

It will push his sanity to the limits. It sounds very interesting, right? The objective is to discover the mystery in the game. It was released back then in 2012. However, it is still worth to play.

  1. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Great adventure games can be listed in a long list and this is one of them. the elements in the game is not only about the adventure, but also horror side.

Those are well-combined and create a nice game to play. The characters involve Ethan as a young boy and Paul Prospero as a paranormal investigator.

The visuals are stunning and the journey is challenging. As the player, you should make an interaction with several items that are found in the events. Those are able to help you solving the mysteries.

  1. Kentucky Route Zero

This is another point-and-click game and also an episodic adventure one. Conway is the main character, and he works as a truck driver. There are five episodes with quite twisted narrative. There will be no challenges and traditional puzzles at all.

What to do then? The player’s ability to handle every situation in the game is an important part. A text-based-layout is presented and there are several dialogues to choose. The next action depends on the dialogue you choose.

  1. Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy

It is created by Aspyre and Quantic Dreams. The video game is an adventure, interactive-fiction, and action. The game involves paranormal phenomena that will attract your interest. There are mysterious murders to solve.

The paranormal powers should be found out too in order to play Fahrenheit. The main character of this game is Lucas Kane. His journey begins when the main character stabs a stranger. The narrative and gameplay is simple to follow. In addition, it has good visuals and a brilliant story.

  1. Fran Bow

The game has a young girl namely Fran as its main character. The game is an adventure and psychological horror game. As a point-and-click game, the set of this game is in 1944. The story mentions that Fran has a mental illness that should be treated.

In her journey, a cat namely Mr. Midnight is her companion. Sadly, it is separated from her during the treatment process. After waking up from the treatment, she has heavy hallucinations.

It leads the player to get into dark worlds and the player must help Fran to get out of it and get back home safely. As one of best games like life is strange 2019, you will enjoy playing Fran Bow.

They are all the best games like life is strange 2019. Having different story, each of them offers interesting journey for the gamers. While waiting for the season 2 of Life is Strange, playing those games are worth to try. Just play the games and join the excitement.

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