25 Best Free Web Hosting Sites 2019

Best Free Web Hosting Sites 2019 – Web hosting is important part in website development. Internet user can access website because it is stored in web hosting. Nowadays, many providers offer free service with no cost at all. The offer includes space, bandwidth, domain, email, database, and server. What is the best free web hosting sites 2019? This question will be answered in the next section.

Best Free Web Hosting Sites 2019

Best Free Web Hosting 2019
Best Free Web Hosting 2019

Before going further, you should understand that free hosting has pros and cons. It is reliable for personal website just for hobby. For business and professional, free hosting is not good start because it’s related to credential and credibility.

Almost free is another service as additional cost for particular service, such as domain and bandwidth. However, people like something free and that’s what they get from below list.

List of the Best Free Web Hosting Sites 2019

List of the Best Free Web Hosting 2019
List of the Best Free Web Hosting 2019
  1. WordPress

When discussing about free web hosting, WordPress is the top choice. Is WordPress web hosting? The answer is yes because users have the features to host their website freely. For your information, more than 30% websites utilize WordPress platform.

At first released, developer wanted to provide simple way in website making. You just registered then built the website without worry about coding. This platform is called blog and turns into CMS. Every web hosting accepts WordPress to their system. You can customize website domain while using free hosting service.

What do you get from WordPress as free hosting? Developer provides storage 3GB and bandwidth 3GB. For personal website, that amount is enough because majority of content is text and article, with few picture or photo.

Bandwidth means the amount data that website use for sending and receiving request from users. What does happen if bandwidth is no longer capable to support website? WordPress offers various plans with affordable price. Therefore, this platform becomes the top list in the best free web hosting sites 2019.

  1. Wix

Wix has two purposes: website builder and hosting. Free users can develop their own website using drag and drop methods. It is reliable platform for creating website easily. There is no need to worry about coding, HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.

Users only focus to put tool, widget, or anything that suit the website. For hosting, Wix offers free service with limited features. You get 500 MB for storage and bandwidth. The service also includes email and subdomain. You still get Wix subdomain attached to your own domain.

  1. Bluehost

Bluehost is prominent hosting service with many clients and users. Besides the paid plan, you also have access to Bluehost service with no charge. In general, Bluehost only provides limited space and bandwidth. For domain, you need to purchase on your own.

Keep in mind this free mode is trial to give prior experience to users before purchasing full plan. However, that’s enough to keep personal website and let people access it through Bluehost.

  1. Hostgator

Hostgator offers free hosing to new users. You can use this service after registration. As web hosting, the provider gives option to choose platform that user has. Mostly, WordPress and Joomla are the top choices because the majority website incorporates their system to both CMS.

Another way is Weebly and Wix, but limited. Free service is enough for personal use in order to share your own website. However, limited space and bandwidth become an issue if the website has high traffic and big data.

  1. Weebly

Weebly is not new name in web hosting industry. In fact, it is one of top choices as the best free web hosting sites 2018. Developer intends to integrate web builder and hosting in one service. As web builder, users can register and create their website using Weebly platform, then choose hosting plan.

How much space you get from free feature? If choosing free service, the storage and bandwidth are only 500 MB. That’s quite small, but enough for simple website with articles.

You can choose domain and still get Weebly subdomain. The email is available for personal usage. Moreover, various templates give many designs to enhance website appearance. All of them are ready without charge or cost, unless you choose paid plan.

  1. Awardspace

Awardspace has been in hosting industry since ten years ago. Most of services are free without charge and decent features. Users will get 5GB bandwidth and 1GB space to store data. That’s enough for beginner, professional, even business website. Awardspace has million websites in the server located in Germany and United States.

The website businesses and developers often rely on Awardspace as testing place. Before the website is ready to launch, they will check the feature, integrity, and accessibility through this provider. Users get cPanel, and the system receives most of CMS platforms like WordPress. Those are enough to put Awardspace as the best free web hosting 2019.

  1. Freehostia

Freehostia belongs to this list as it offers interesting free hosting. The service is called chocolate plan consisting of 250MB storage and 6GB bandwidth. One reason to put Freehostia as favorable hosting is its support.

Many hosting providers only give limited access and support when users have trouble. That’s not what you get from Freehostia since the technical support is ready 24/7 to handle anything. Hosting is available for many platforms, such as Joomla and WordPress.

You can transfer data from another web hosting to this provider directly, including the domain. Email is also available with complete feature. Therefore, Freehostia is suitable for personal and business websites.

  1. 5gbfree

The next option is 5gbfree as free web hosting. This provider is relatively new and uses free offer to attract more customers. You get 5GB bandwidth and 20GB storage. Those numbers are bigger than most of free web hosting.

You need to pay if needing additional storage and bandwidth. With decent support and feature, 5gbfree gives enough service for personal website. It is better to include paid offer if your website is for business or professional use.

  1. Webhost

Webhost has long history in free hosting industry. It is more than the best free web hosting sites 2019 because it has the same tittle since long time ago. It is not company, but community with the main purpose to be affordable hosting.

After several years, Webhost still uses donation as money source for maintenance. However, there is also paid service if you want more features. For free hosting, you receive 1GB and 10GB for storage and bandwidth respectively. That’s enough to keep your website and content in server accessible through internet.

  1. Google hosting

As we know, Google has many products and one of them is cloud hosting. At first, it was a part of free hosting for website that utilizes Google platform. Nowadays, free offer is still available, but not as much as several years ago. However, that’s enough to attract users try this service. You can register via Google account and email then start to build your own website.

Another Choise The Best Free Web Hosting Sites 2019

  1. Wix

  2. WordPress

  3. Weebly

  4. Jimdo

  5. Byethost

  6. Webnode

  7. AwardSpace

  8. Angelfire

  9. Neocities

  10. Tripod.com

  11. uCoz

  12. FreeHostingEU

  13. U Host Full

  14. Free Web Hosting No Ads

  15. Free Virtual Servers

  16. 000webhost.com

  17. x10Hosting.com

  18. 5GBFree.com

  19. Freehostia.com

  20. FreeWebHostingArea.com

Things to Know about the Best Free Web Hosting Sites 2019

Things to Know about the Best Free Web Hosting 2019
Things to Know about the Best Free Web Hosting 2019

As it mentioned above, finding free hosting is easy and many providers offer such service. You can start from WordPress then go to other services. However, several things are important to know because they are related to the best free web hosting sites 2019 directly. Below list gives more explanation in that matter.

  • Storage and bandwidth

Storage is the capacity that you get to keep every file. Free hosting does not have much storage as you expected. Having 1GB is your lucky day because it’s rare to find provider with such generosity. Due to limited storage, users urge to keep only necessary files and keep the design as simple as possible.

Besides storage, bandwidth plays major role in web hosting industry. If you access website, there is data that comes from server to client. That data is called bandwidth and many traffic increase data utilization. That’s why free hosting becomes popular for new and personal website. The traffic is low and free offer is enough to handle it.

  • Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance is the key in web hosting business. You might have experience when accessing website; the browser has slow response and there is error message. In such situation, you need support and solution from web hosting.

Unfortunately, free service means limited support because you have signed the term and condition. The website is down because of overwhelming traffic, and the bandwidth is not sufficient. Provider still gives maintenance related to disk management, but not in completely full time.

  • Free vs. paid hosting

It seems that free hosting has many issues, such as bandwidth, storage, domain, and support. You get what you pay, and in this case, free means not much that will you get. However, some people still rely on free hosting for several reasons. It gives suitable environment for testing website. Beginner also starts from free offer before moving into paid service.

Free hosting is one way to attract more users. In certain website, free offer becomes primary service that brings millions website to be accessible.  List of the best free web hosting sites 2019 above provides good references if you decide to enter the web developer field.

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