10 Best Free Small Business Accounting Software 2019

10 Best Free Small Business Accounting Software 2019 – Business and finance are inseparable things because they relate each other. In running business, you need to manage financing aspect, such as income, revenue, profit, loss, cost, etc. This is where accounting software plays the major part.

New era brings more computerized and digital platforms in business industry. Besides company, family and freelancers also need this kind of software. However, big and advanced one is very expensive. To accommodate the needs in this area, you can rely on the best free small business accounting software 2019.

Best Free Small Business Accounting Software 2019

Best Free Small Business Accounting Software 2019
Best Free Small Business Accounting Software 2019

What is accounting software? In simple term, it is application to manage money in particular organization, mostly business and personal. You get the basic features like financial history, tracing and tracking, cost allocation, and any mathematical calculation related to financial.

Moreover, the software also handles tax and connects to server in order to create backup via cloud computing. It is for advanced one, but you can store the data on your own computer. More about the best free small business accounting software 2019 will be discussed in list at below section.

Top Options of the Best Free Small Business Accounting Software 2019

Top Options of the Best Free Small Business Accounting Software 2019
Top Options of the Best Free Small Business Accounting Software 2019

You do not need to spend bulk of money just to obtain this software. The best software for accounting is not about price, although money will guarantee the feature and support. The most important thing is compatibility between what you need and software performance.

  1. Gnucash

The top software in this area is Gnu cash. It is open source software dedicated to personal and small business. Of course, you do not need pay anything because it’s free to install. At early released, this software was only available for Linux. Now, you can install it in major platforms, such as Linux, OSX, and windows. It can handle invoicing, account received and payable; manage employee wage, and revenue management. Moreover, you can create report to know information only with simple click. That’s why Gnucash always becomes preferable choice for many small businesses to handle the accounting aspect.

  1. Turbocash

Simple bookkeeping might not be enough for small business. You need more advanced features to handle complex activities. In order to fulfill such role, Turbocash is good option to try. It is free software that has been around since 1980s. Developer is specifically developed this software to handle small business transaction as equal to big one. This app is very popular in America, Canada, and Europe. Moreover, you may look for a help from community that will give tips and tricks.

As the best free small business accounting software 2019, Turbo cash manage creditor and debtor, VAT, taxes, purchase order, and a multiple company. Furthermore, you may create multiple accounts for several users in order to access and send the data. With 23 languages as option, this is the real deal for small business because there is no cost to install at all.

  1. Money Manager Ex

Simple and reliable is what you get from Money Manager Ex. It is open source software specifically for small business, sole trader, freelancer, and home office. The features consist of basic accounting task, record and history, backup and report, and manage order. All of them are what you get from Money Manager Ex.

This software can fight head to head with premium one in term of feature and capability. However, you do not need much space and memory to install Money manager Ex. Developer creates this software to be portable in USB stick. You just plug and run the software automatically. Furthermore, it will start to move into mobile version, specifically Android.

  1. Wave

Everything is in cloud nowadays. That’s what you should consider when looking for the best free small business accounting software 2019. There is no need to install at local hardware to keep the space and memory at efficient as possible.

The top choice for cloud accounting software is Wave. You can get many features, mostly the basic ones due to free service. Besides, you may choose paid version for support.

Several things are the reasons to put Wave in the top list. It is cloud-based software which can be accessed from browser. You can do that anywhere and anytime with various devices.

Moreover, its interface is user friendly and very nice. Each menu and feature is easy to follow with simple instruction. Well, Wave is suitable for personal, small, and medium-size business.

  1. VT Cash Book

Keep everything as simple as possible. It might be the basic principle of VT Cash Book. The main purpose is for keeping and preparing VAT. This app is not fancy design with attractive interface and interactive menu.

You only see a plain design as similar to worksheet platform. In spite of its appearance, the feature is enough to do simple accountancy processing. That’s enough for many users. Moreover, it is free with no charge at all to install.

  1. NCH Express Invoice

The next option for free accounting software is NCH Express Invoice. From its name, you can expect what to get. It creates form, report, invoice, and order for small business. Basic feature is only accessible for five users. In small business, you will not find many workers. In this case, NCH Express Invoice becomes the top choice.

As the best free small business accounting software 2019, you do not need much space because everything is running via internet. This app uses browser to accommodate and integrate every task.

So, make sure to have decent internet connection in your place. The app is available for many platforms such as desktop and mobile. Moreover, you can access it in several operating systems, such as Windows, OSX, and Linux.

  1. Invoice Expert

Invoice Expert is the app specifically for purchase and order management. You can have 100 products in category then manage their order. Other features are customer management and inventory system.

The basic version is free for small and medium business. It is the right app for online store. At first glance, you might not be comfortable with its interface. It looks complex with many menus and tools. Developer makes sure that those features are suitable for inventory management in your business.

  1. Quickfile

Another app in cloud platform is Quickfile. Users do not need to install the app directly at their hardware. It is accessible though cloud and it uses internet to manage everything. You can do quoting, invoice, receipt management, purchase and order, completed with currency support.

The latter is a feature to adjust with payment in order to get right currency. If your buyers are from abroad, the currency is important thing to adjust. Basic software is free with ad. If you need more features and tools, developer provide paid version with advanced support. However, the free one is enough for small and medium business.

  1. Adminsoft Accounts

The next best free small business accounting software 2019 is Adminsoft Accounts. What do you get from this software? Well, it is free with bulks of features. You can do an order and invoice, stock control, purchases management, remittance, HR function, and budgeting.

Those things are what you get without charge at all. The basic currency is only for UK, but users might adjust it to suit the local one. This is complete free software, though it’s not open source. However, the features are enough to handle daily basis task in small business.

  1. Apache Openoffice

Accounting software does not have to be real app to install, both for cloud or local platform. You can create your template using worksheet software. For such purpose, Apache Openoffice is enough to handle straightforward calculation.

The software is free and open source. Several templates are available based on accounting feature. For example, you can create a form for order and purchase. Besides accounting, the software comes in handy for business related task, even daily calculation and form-based activity.

Choosing the Right Free Small Business Accounting Software

Choosing the Right Free Small Business Accounting Software
Choosing the Right Free Small Business Accounting Software

Each of software above has pros and cons. So, which one is better? It is tough question because the software might be good for one user, but not for others. You need to consider several things, such as business area, task and activity, number of employee, income, and business scale.

Usually, small business will be enough with basic accounting service. You just manage the order, purchase, inventory, and invoice through this software. Moreover, the business scale and capacity is not big enough for complex task.

On the other side, free software is restricted to expansion. If the business grows, you need more than free service. Besides, cost is the key why free software becomes popular. With less cost in software, the business will focus to the core activity. Some applications are free to install, but you still need the hardware and infrastructure.

Nowadays, cloud computing emerges to replace dedicated server including accounting software. If you decide to utilize cloud platform, make sure the internet access is decent.

Cloud software does not need to install directly on your hardware. You just need to open browser then do accounting work directly. It saves your time and cost with reliable and real time support.

Any software you choose from the best free small business accounting software 2019 has to be useful to

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