8 Best Free Project Management Software 2019

8 Best Free Project Management Software 2019 – Project management software is really useful if your business firm consists of fewer than five people and under minimum budget. The software also enables you to work all activities on premium features. The best thing is it is free.

There is also another alternative for getting the software, which is by getting the paid project management software with a free feature. It is known as a freemium application and offers a simple and easy access for your team.

However, if you need additional features for your work, just upgrade it to the paid version. This article will help you to find the best free project management software 2019. Most of them are easy to upgrade and come with a low budget for upgrade.

The Best Free Project Management Software 2019

The Best Free Project Management Software 2019
The Best Free Project Management Software 2019

Before discussing further, there are some kinds of free project management software that available around. They are free task management software, free project management software, and open source project management software.

Generally, they have similar features for the basic business activities, such as managing the task, distributing tasks to the team, providing Gantt charts, scheduling, planning, and other Agile supports.

The software is also easy to customize, comprehensive, and accurate. Here, we narrow down the topic into the free project management software which you can choose for helping your business.

The Best Free Project Management Software with Benefits and Drawbacks

The Best Free Project Management Software with Benefits and Drawbacks
The Best Free Project Management Software with Benefits and Drawbacks


It is considered as complete Agile support and the best free project management software 2019 which supports portfolio management. You can also use Scrum or Kanban boards or both. Hygger is found in 2017 and it has gained 5 stars for Capterra rating.

This app works on both Android and iOS. The benefits of this app are various. First, it handles multiple projects at once without lagging. So, users are able to run and work on multiple projects based on specific field. Second, it provides the flexible layouts.

It is supported by fast Kanban boards, backlogs, road maps, swim lines, and burndowns. In Hygger, you can use all of them for free to five users. It is enough number for a small team.

Meanwhile, the loss is about bugs. Users have reported that there are some bugs that are not cleaned yet. It is because Hygger is new, so it still works in progress. The desktop version features are still being transferred to the mobile app.

Another bug is the layout switch that doesn’t run smooth. For example, the switch of the Kanban board to the backlog. Therefore, you have to make a copy of data from one single layout to another.


This kind of best free project management software 2019 is the right choice for software project team. It is lighter than others and brings a scaled-back support which may not enough for every project. It becomes the highest Scrum tool with worth look. However, this app is only for iOS.

The best benefit is its specificity. It serves all aspects of the project management. The design is for a team which applies Scrum to handle the software projects. So, you can mark the history, usher, and plot epics through a Kanban board design with the automatic setting updates.

Moreover, the data is also safe due to encrypted backups in every ten minutes to AWS and Amazon S3 that’s supported by SSL login and https. Unfortunately, Clubhouse only facilitates three users for the free version.

If it is more than three, it will cost $8.50 for each user in a month. Another loss is there is no storage option which can be integrated with other tools. Well, this is not for a big project team.

The whole supports in this app are free. Therefore, it has more sophisticated project plans with the freemium version compared to others. You can tailor the project template, conversation boards, file sharing, and editing. It works on both Android and iOS. Yes, it is surely the best free project management software 2018.

Let’s review the benefits. Users are able to add the milestones, tasks and time history to the project plan. It also has Kanban bards for tracking the tasks, so you can monitor the personal task private.

Meanwhile, the weakness is Freedcap has many limitations. Since it is free, you need to upgrade two levels for project reporting. People also expect that Freedcamp has more additional layers for the subtasks.


Coming at iOS and Android, this software is collaborated the project and task management for organizing and sharing the work in a workspace. You can move the conversations, notes, tasks, and files. The free plan supports up to ten users and 2 GB of storage with two active workspaces.

Other good thing is Redbooth has packed task management in the free version. Therefore, users can share the tasks down, arrange the emails into tasks, imports tasks, create the subtasks, assign due dates and the doer. For the lack, this software free plan won’t support the external users for the team collaboration outside of organization, and 2 GB free storage is not enough. Users usually use the DropBox or Google Drive.

The next best free project management software 2019 is Agile tool which specialty is the simplicity. All you need to do is just push the button. It is derived from Pivotal Software that is merged with Dell as the biggest tech companies.

The benefits are many. It offers some advanced supports, such as multi-project sheets, automated fast planning, deep analytics, and shares more than 100 integrations. It runs smoothly on iOS and Android in the free version. The free plan comes with unlimited projects which are targeted for educators, public projects, and non-profitable.

What are the weaknesses?  It only covers three users, only 2 GB of file storage and two projects in one time. Since it is originally from Agile, you should have a background about it as well.

It is famous as the Toggl time-tracking software with internal supports. It is still in a transition period, but earning a good position for the solid team support. It is best for a small business with the simple Gantt-based project plan.

The strengths of Teamweek are supporting the whole team, so the software is completed with calendar, timelines, milestones, and shared assets. It also integrates Github, Slack, Chrome and other competitive planning sights. Meanwhile, the weaknesses are that Teamweek. It has a project roadmap, so you can only monitor the large projects rather than the detailed short projects on Gantt chart.

It is for an Agile supported team which comes with Scrum and Kanban boards as the project management tool. Besides, there are also team capacity plan, issue management, custom workflows, and time records. More than 1,000 projects are supported by the free version as the basic support, for example acknowledge base and live chat.

The good thing is Targetprocess is developed with customizable workflow with estimated user stories, planning sprints, and backlog grooming. You can also generate excellent reporting with records and tracking.

It can be seen on the dashboard summary of project progress. The time spent by team and granular report are also obvious there. Something bad about this app is it has some features which are not relevant for the non-technical teams. The interface is also not easy to use. So, sometimes the newbies need times to learn.

It offers support for a small and large business which offers the project management, human resources, and customer relationship management in one automate workflow. The free plan version supports until 12 users with 5 GB of online file storage! That’s why it is included as the best free project management software 2018.

The project management supports free unlimited project and task, such as document management, checklists, Gantt charts, and time records. Users also have communication tools like chat/IM, social network, and video conference.

The customer relationship management features are email marketing, sales automation, and contact management. Moreover, the human resource support is featuring employee self-service, gamification, and employee directory. In shorts, the additional customer relationship management sends Bitrix24 as ideal software for service firms and sales teams.

The best strength of this app is it has no limit for the number of projects and tasks on its free version. It is rich for free product rather than the others. On the other hand, Bitrix24 is poor in technical support and has insufficient training media for advanced functionality.

As a result, the newcomers will need some exploration to get used to it. You must understand to give space for your newbie team to be well-prepared in using this app free plan.

Finally, those are the best free project management software 2019 with their unique features. Most of them work on iOS and Android, so it is easy for users to use in any device.

There are also some alternatives to open source project management software you might want to use which we don’t discuss here. The examples of them are OpenProject, GanttProject, ProjectLibre, OrangeScrum, and ProjeQtOr. Each of software has its own specialty, so choose which fits your business.

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