15 Best Free Music Download Sites 2019

Best Free Music Download Sites 2019 – People love listening to the songs based on their personal preference. You can get pop, rock, metal, jazz, soul, blues, and hip-hop genre. Each genre has its own fans around the world. To listen and get music content, you can do several options. Download the songs is what people do to play in their device. You can visit some of the best free music download sites 2019 to fulfill such need.

Best Free Music Download Sites 2019

Best Free Music Download Sites 2019
Best Free Music Download Sites 2019

The download site for music is not new thing. Internet era changes the way people listen to music. In past time, you need to download file then play directly on your device. Today, download process is still similar but some differences are added.

For example, the music is DRM content where only limited devices have an access to play them. You can download, but the player is strictly on their website. The content will be in your storage to play offline at limited period. Those steps are what music providers do to make sure everything is legal.

Recommendations of the Best Music Download Sites 2019

Recommendations of the Best Music Download Sites 2019
Recommendations of the Best Music Download Sites 2019
  1. Purevolume

You can look for free music in Purevolume. This website provides wide range of genre and artist from indie to professional label. You can go to search section and type what song or artist you want to find.

Tons of tracks are available, but it’s still limited to legally download content. Indie labels often share their music without charge or completely free. Some popular names might be available, although they are non-complete tracks. However, you can still enjoy great music from Purevolume.

  1. Jamendo

The next website is Jamendo where you will find interesting contents. This website is for users who want different experience in music world. Many composers, artists, and songwriters let users to download the songs freely.

The contents are protected using Creative Common license. This means you can legally download and share to others. The website also has radio station and playlist. As you know, music is fast to change every day.

You need to update playlist in order to get better and recent content. That’s why Jamendo becomes one of the best free music download sites 2019.

  1. Soundclick

If you want to get free music, Soundclick is the best site to visit. It has tons of music from many artists from various backgrounds. They are signed, unsigned, independent, indie label, even amateur songwriters.

As you know, having signed into label does not mean the artists have good quality.

In fact, many indie and amateurs are the top music producers and artists due to their unique and excellent skill. That’s why you should explore Soundclick. You can find free music to fulfill your curiosity. The website also provides paid version with more features.

  1. Amazon music


Amazon is the top name in digital era as retail and marketplace. You will find many products, books, digital contents, and music. Interesting thing about Amazon Music is mp3 files. The music in this service consists of two categories, paid and free ones. Paid contents are only for users who purchase legally.

There is sample before you do that thing. On the other side, Amazon provides tons of free mp3 files from various music backgrounds. You can find compilation, collection, and the best albums in this site.

  1. Soundcloud

One of popular names in digital era is Soundcloud. In early years, this website served as music sharing where users could download freely. As time goes by, Soundcloud is stricter to copyright infringement.

However, you still find many free contents due to vast members and community. As one of the best free music download sites 2019, free content is completely no charge at all. That’s why Soundcloud becomes favorite choice to get more music freely.

  1. Wynk


Wynk offers many songs from many genres, mostly Hindi language. It is good place to start when you intend to find something different. In order to download, visitors have to be member through registration.

After that, the contents are available to download legally. Besides website, you can install Wynk in smartphone and connect it directly to your account.

  1. Reverbnation

Music sharing still exists and becomes starting point to many major artists. For example, Imagine Dragons started to create account to promote their songs freely. After gaining big fan base, the artist will receive recognition and signed to major label.

That’s what Imagine Dragons did. What site is for such purpose? You can visit Reverbnation where many artists share their music freely. People pay the song because they already know what you are and how good your music is.

Moreover, major labels like to bring popular artists after they have accomplishment. In Reverbnation, users can download the songs freely depending on what the artists want to share.

  1. Datpiff

For hip-hop and rap lovers, Datpiff is website that needs to visit. Majority genre is hip-hop or related one. You can find the songs, tapes, mixing, and other contents that artists create to make the name on themselves. The contents are relatively free without charge. You will find the new and big names every day.

  1. Free music archive

Some people want to share their live performance and song freely. This is where Free Music Archive becomes the right platform. If you ask about the best free music download sites 2019, this website is definitely on the list.

The contents are available for streaming and download mode. Good news is the file will be in your device. You can play again anytime and anywhere without DRM restriction. This website also has app version for smartphone and other mobile devices.

  1. last.fm

You know that last.fm is a place to find radio stations. At early released, website was for that purpose. People could listen to good music through radio from many channels.

After that, the website expands into several features, such as artist catalogue and biography, content sharing, and radio channels. For content sharing, you can play the music freely and download it automatically via streaming service.

  1. Musopen


Musopen is organization dedicated to classical music. It is good place to find various classical performances. You can download them then play again in your device. As one of the best free music download sites 2019, This Website does not charge files and contents because most of them are already in public domain.

You can use search tool to find the performance based on artist, song title, instrument, and period.

  1. YouTube

After Google, the second place in top visited website is YouTube. You might wonder why YouTube is in this list. In general, it is video sharing to let people watch freely. You will find tons of music video from various artists and genres. Moreover, some videos can be downloaded to play in offline mode.

Many artists use YouTube to promote their musical skill and performance. The beginner may start from doing cover and gain more views. After that, people start to follow and subscribe.

In fact, YouTube has platform to promote independent creators as long as they follow the copyright rule. Instead of recording on their own, they start to make video and share it freely. That’s why YouTube becomes your favorite site to download free music.

There are still many choices of the best free music download sites 2019 with tons of content. You can use search engine to find them easily. Make sure the websites do not charge when you download the contents from them. The next section will give the other perspective related to this topic.

The Best Free Music Download Sites 2019 and Copyright Issue

The Best Free Music Download Sites 2019 and Copyright Issue
The Best Free Music Download Sites 2019 and Copyright Issue

Music industry always fights to make sure the copyright infringement is demolished. In general, content in website is copyright violation as long as the website does not have permission to share it.

This thing seems natural in internet era, specifically for DRM contents. Moreover, you need to understand about this matter before downloading the file from unknown source.

The most popular file audio is mp3 because it’s easy to share, download, and play in any media player. It is lossy file type, but people still enjoy clear and vivid sound. Besides, the file size is small and easy to distribute via internet.

Through this file, many websites violate copyright because of distributing illegal content. You might be able to avoid them.

Internet users tempt to download the songs because of several reasons. Firstly, legal content has high price in comparison with free content. You can get high audio level in mp3 file as similar the quality as DRM purchase.

Best Free and Legal Music Download Sites 2019

  1. YouTube

  2. Free Music Archive

  3. Pandora

  4. SoundCloud

  5. Amazon

  6. Jamendo

  7. Grooveshark

Another reason is it’s difficult to find the legal one. Some old contents are no longer available at store. The only solution is downloading from the website. Old music starts to reproduce, but it still cannot replace the old vide.

On the other side, downloading content seems to bring back memory due to the same quality as old as they are in past time. The last reason is that it’s easy to move file and play without restriction. You can download and play the songs anytime.

Nowadays, music industry adapts to what listeners want. You can get free download music without violating anything. Streaming services extend the feature with download mode in order to keep the bandwidth in check.

That’s what you get from majority of the best free music download sites 2019. Users may stream music directly or download it for offline mode.

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