15 Best Free Music Download App for Android 2019

15 Best Free Music Download App for Android 2019 – Android is the top operating system in smartphone with millions users. You can find ton of apps in Play Store to fulfill what you need, including music player and downloader. What is the best free music download app for android 2019?

In this article, you will find some interesting apps that can be installed directly from Play Store. The basic function is music player, but users may download and listen to the song via offline mode. This kind of app comes in handy when internet connection is not available. Furthermore, you can save bandwidth from continuous streaming.

Music industry is in big change since internet and smartphone era. In past time, you could download music from artists without legal purchase. It is illegal action because of violating the copyright infringement.

Best Free Music Download App for Android 2019

Best Free Music Download App for Android 2019
Best Free Music Download App for Android 2019

Nowadays, there are many websites that provide free music to be downloaded into local storage. However, new era has begun with streaming. Everyone with internet connection has access to the tons of music directly.

Streaming service uses internet to play songs directly on device. It is quite similar to download, but the song is a product from legal source. Users do not violate anything because they pay for this service. To attract more users, some apps offer free services that go side by side with premium plan.

List of the Best Free Music Download App for Android 2019

List of the Best Free Music Download App for Android 2019
List of the Best Free Music Download App for Android 2019

Keep in mind that all apps below are legal to download. Most of them offer downloading that’s capable to play in offline mode. However, you only play via those apps, but not accessible from internal storage.

Music is stored as cache data from internet. You cannot get this file and copy to other devices. Users should use their account to enjoy music completely. That’s what it means when you ask about the best free music download app for android 2019.

  1. Google Play Music


Google Play Music is native app in Android smartphone since the version of 4.0 or Kitkat. You get this app automatically as bundling in Android OS. You can play the song directly from your storage or stream from vast database.

Millions of songs from vary artist and genre will fulfill your preference regarding music. Besides streaming, those songs are also available for download mode. This app is at the top list because it comes from Google and completely legal to access every file.

  1. Spotify

Spotify changes the way people enjoy music. It is not first app that offers streaming service. However, Spotify provides user-friendly interface where users can listen and download music easily.

Developer offers free and paid subscription with different feature. You do not have to worry about this matter because free offer is enough to enjoy music. The download might be limited, but you still find tons of good songs in Spotify catalogue.

  1. Soundcloud

The other best free music download app for android 2019 is Soundcloud. There are many reasons why this app is at the top list. In Soundcloud, users can stream for listening and downloading in offline mode.

The songs consist of many genres, artist, and albums. This is a place where you will find remix songs that rare to find in official catalogue. Soundcloud is also a base for new artist and indie label. User interface is easy to access with friendly GUI. You can follow artists to keep up to date with what they do.

  1. JOOX

Next app for free download music is JOOX. It is similar to Spotify where user can stream and download music legally. Good thing about JOOX is automatic download as a cache after streaming. Any music you listen will be stored, and you can play without streaming again and again.

That’s why JOOX becomes the most recommendation app at all. You can change its appearance with skin and theme to get more attractive interface. Users get millions songs from various genres and artists. Furthermore, you can do singing and share to others to let people know your voice.

  1. Napster

Napster is one of favorite apps to listen to music. It has free offer where users can stream and download easily. In order to get Napster, you need to install it from Play Store and create account.

Napster has collections from more than 50 countries. Besides, this app also provides podcast and online radio. You just choose what you want to listen and enjoy vast music catalogue.

  1. YouTube

Why YouTube is in list of the best free music download app for android 2018? There is no doubt that music becomes inseparable part in YouTube service. Basically, it is video streaming service where you can enjoy music video from many artists. Besides, some videos are not completely video you usually think.

In fact, the video content does not have real graphic, but only sound or audio. This is where you get music from YouTube without bothering video you see. Many contents are audio based, but using video as basis.

YouTube has download mode where users can watch again without internet. That’s enough to consider this app as music downloader.

  1. Amazon

The next list is Amazon where you might have big question about it. Amazon is popular as retail, online marketplace, and shopping service. In fact, there is also music service where users can purchase DRM contents.

Most of songs are not free, but you can find the contents without charge at all. Moreover, those contents are very interesting where you will not find in many streaming service. Amazon offers free music and it can be downloaded easily to Android device. Good thing is the content will be available at internal storage as file to play in another media player.

  1. 4shared

You might recognize 4shared as cloud storage service. In general, it is not music player, but users can store audio files and play them in 4shared. Developer expands this service with search mode. Users might get files from others, including music and audio. That’s why this app is in list of the best free music download app for android 2019.

You will get 15 GB free cloud storage to store your file and access it again anywhere. Be careful when downloading file because the contents might be DRM file. Well, 4shared operates in grey area where there is possibility to violate copyright regulation. However, it does not discourage your intention to enjoy music from interesting artist.

  1. Rock my Run

Rock My Run is interesting app because it contains vast catalogue for gym-based activity. From its name, the app is dedicated for people who like running. The music consists of compilation from various genres. You can choose the modern, EDM, pop, rock, even jazz in this app. Of course, the songs can be downloaded and play again in offline mode.

  1. Audiomack

Audiomack is another app to download music and play it at your device. Developer provides platform to let new artists share their music. Most popular genres are hip-hop and reggae. You can find familiar contents that go viral and popular.

It starts from Audiomack before it becomes the global recognition. Offline mode gives access to user in order to download and play at offline mode.

  1. Live Music Archive

Live Music Archive takes the contents from Internet Archive catalogue. The contents focus to offer live performance from various genres, artists, culture, and songs. For your information, all contents in Internet Archive are free because of public domain regulation. Therefore, you do not pay anything to enjoy them.

  1. Free Music Archive

The next best free music download app for android 2019 is Free Music Archive. All contents are related to music, such as songs, live performance, and video. You can enjoy it anytime and anywhere, although the internet connection is not available. Try offline mode to download file.

Things to Note Related to the Best Free Music Download App for Android

Things to Note Related to the Best Free Music Download App for Android
Things to Note Related to the Best Free Music Download App for Android

There are still many apps with music download features. You can search it in Play Store and install one in your device. When discussing free download app, you will face two important things. Firstly, the app might provide illegal download.

It is the risk in internet era where people can share many things without border. Secondly, you might rely on APK because the app is not available in Play Store.

Illegal content in digital era becomes the major issue. This is the reason why Google released Play Store in order to prevent illegitimate action that violates copyright law. Every app in Play Store has been through inspection to make sure everything is in proper order. You will not find the app that offers contents from illegal source.

Free Music Download Apps For Android

  1. Skull Mp3 Music Downloader Pro

  2. Copyleft MP3 Downloader

  3. Music Download Elite

  4. Free Mp3 Downloads

  5. Advanced Download Manager

  6. Simple MP3 Downloader

On the other side, Android users have option to install the app from APK. It is an installation file that does not come from Play Store. You need to enable unknown source in order to let the device to do installation.

APK is an issue in music downloads service because it’s difficult to trace whether the content is legal or not. Furthermore, your device might be harm as there is no guarantee that the app is safe. The risk is high, but users like it due to several advantages.

Those things are important to know since they are closely related to the best free music download app for android 2019. It depends what you think about free music. Therefore, you will get what you choose and do about it.

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