17 Best Free Image Hosting Sites 2019

17 Best Free Image Hosting Sites 2019 – Finding out the best free image hosting sites 2019 is essential if you take photos and selfies on daily basis. If you just keep those tons of images on phone, sooner or later the storage is going to be full and it will slow down the performance for sure.

That’s why you need to find another storage option to keep the image safe. Using image hosting websites is probably the best solution to this matter. These websites allow you to keep the images and make them ready 24/7 just in case you want to upload and share them on social media account or share them online elsewhere.

Best Free Image Hosting Sites 2019

Top Best Free Image Hosting Sites 2019
Top Best Free Image Hosting Sites 2019

Considering that being active on social media is very common these days, people do consider to use the help of image hosting websites. Transferring the selfies and photos from a smart phone to the hosting website gives lots of benefits, including releasing huge storage burden from phone and getting full access to all photos for free.

There are numerous hosting sites that can be used to save photos. Down below, you will find out some of them. They are all used by lots of people to keep their photos for free. None of the websites below costs you a dime for the service.

The Best Free Image Hosting Sites 2019 from Google and Microsoft

The Best Free Image Hosting Sites 2019 from Google and Microsoft
The Best Free Image Hosting Sites 2019 from Google and Microsoft

When it comes to hosting websites and anything else related to internet and technology, of course the first thought comes across your mind is Google and Microsoft. Yes, they are the giants of internet innovation, computer software, and advanced technology.

Do Google and Microsoft have free image hosting websites? The answer is yes. They certainly have excellent websites as image hosting that you can use for free. Here are some of the best products of Google and Microsoft related to the best free image hosting sites 2019.

  1. Google Photos

If you love Google service and often use apps created by Google, then your perfect image hosting website or app is probably the Google Photos. This website is of course also available in form of Android app. If you use Android smartphone, Google Photos is one of the apps you will find on the phone right from the beginning.

Google Photos is a basic image hosting website that you can use quite easily. You can synchronize the camera with Google Photos, so the pictures will get automatically transferred and backed up on the image hosting website.

There are no advanced features on this web. However, if you are just looking for a website to safely keep your photos, Google Photos is the answer. It is free and already there without making you install any additional apps.

  1. Google Drive

If you are looking for a hosting website to store your photos as well as other kinds of documents all together, Google Drive is the perfect solution. It is not a dedicated image hosting websites. However, it has a great function as an image storage site.

The good thing about Google Drive is the fact that you can easily get access to your photos when needing to share, upload, or even print them. Google Drive is very much like Google Photos, except on this one you can also keep the other kinds of files.

  1. OneDrive

Microsoft is the king of computer software. This is why you do not have to second-guess the products on free image hosting website. It is called OneDrive. This image storage service is completely free and allows everyone to try the service with ease.

The features you will get from the free version of OneDrive are pretty basic. However, if you just need to store photos, this hosting website is more than enough. Moreover, if you need more advanced and sophisticated features, just upgrade to the paid plans.

Other Options of the Best Free Image Hosting Sites 2019

Other Options of the Best Free Image Hosting Sites 2019
Other Options of the Best Free Image Hosting Sites 2019

Besides Google and Microsoft, there are other companies and developers who also established free image hosting websites. Therefore, you do not have to completely rely on Google Drive, Google Photo, and OneDrive.

There are still so many options out there and some of them have even bigger name and reputation compared to those mentioned above. Here is the list of the best free image hosting sites 2019 from the other companies and developers.

  1. Imgur


Imgur is probably the most prominent image hosting websites across the world. The website was established in 2009 and thus has been around for almost 10 years. All these years, Imgur has been used by over 150 million users. They upload and keep the photos on Imgur and they can have access to take a look at those photos as well as take them anytime they want to get those photos uploaded or shared.

Imgur allows users to upload pictures from lots of media, including from desktop, mobile phones, and even from emails. This is probably why Imgur is always considered as the best free image hosting sites 2019 and for the years to come.

  1. Flickr

Even though Flickr is not a hosting website specifically built for images, it is still considered as one of the finest sites for storing your photos. This website has lots of great features, including the ones to enhance its service as image host.

If you need a basic storage for your photos, Flickr is the right answer. It works perfectly fine and quite easy to use. The best of all, this web can be used for free. However, you need to be patient when using the web because it is packed with ads.

  1. TinyPic

If you are familiar with PhotoBucket and just love its service, you are going to love TinyPic as well. It is established by the same developer that created PhotoBucket. It has basic features to serve as image hosting.

Plus, it allows you to upload videos there. You can use the service for free. However, if you want to enhance the service, you can take the paid service where more features and sophisticated tools can be used.

  1. 500px

If you are looking for a professional image hosting, you need 500px. This hosting site is not for ordinary people who take pictures with their smartphone. Instead, this web is specifically built for professional photographers who take large-sized pictures and ready to share the captured images with other professionals.

As information, 500px provides lots of different plans; most of them are paid plans. However, do not worry about the cost of money if you just want to try. There is always a free plan for beginners.

  1. imgbox

Not everyone is an expert when it comes to use internet and computer. Sometimes, most people just want to use an easy image hosting website, so they can save their pictures. That’s just it and it is that simple.

If you think of this way too, the best free image hosting sites 2019 that you should choose is imgbox. This web has simple user interface, so everyone can use it with ease. It also allows the users to upload pictures and share them if they want to. The formats of image that can be stored in imgbox are including JPG, PNG, and GIF.

  1. imgbb

Most free image hosting websites have small limit for users. If you need to store lots of photos, you surely need the bigger limit. Imgbb is the right choice in this case. It allows you to upload photos up until 16 MB of size.

You can also store any formats of image that you want, including the common ones like JPG and GIF. Using this web is also a piece of cake for most people. Once you open the website, you will get directed right away to a drag-and-drop function where you can upload the photos immediately.

  1. Supload

The last item on this list of the best free image hosting sites 2019 is Supload. This is the perfect image hosting web for those who are looking for a safe place to keep their photos as well as making money out of those pictures.

Supload has double functions. It serves as photo storage website and it comes with “stock picture” kind of concept as well. You can upload any photos here and decide which pictures are going to be seen by other users. If other users like the photos and want them, you will get paid by Bitcoin. Isn’t great?

Another List of 15 Best Free Image Hosting WebSites 2019

  1. Use.com
  2. PostImage
  3. Imgbox
  4. ImageTitan
  5. ImageFra.me
  6. GifyU
  7. IMGhst
  8. Flickr
  9. Photobucket
  10. Uploads.im
  11. TinyPic
  12. ImageVenue
  13. ImageBam
  14. Imagebin

Well, if previously you were completely oblivious about image hosting websites, now you can be more familiar with it. Instead of stuffing your smartphone with hundreds of selfies and photos, it is better to transfer those images to the image hosting website of your choice.

The list of websites above can surely help you to choose which website suits your need the most as the free image hosting site. Just remember to consider it carefully and wisely when you make the decision of which best free image hosting sites 2019 that you should trust to keep the picture collections.

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