13 Best Computer Business Ideas Can Make More Earning

13 Best Computer Business Ideas Can Make More Earning – Today’s generation is almost going to become technology based. In all areas of any type of business computer is the only one device which is used in everywhere. As we know any device need some maintenance and some services also. So I have described some computer business ideas for all those who want to work part time or full time for extra earning.

13 Best Computer Business Ideas Can Make More Earning

Best Computer Business Ideas
Best Computer Business Ideas

There are many ways that you can earn money by using your computer. Computer business ideas are easy to implement because there is very less investment required for start-up rather than other businesses and also it required less effort. Want More Details then check Computer business ideas from financeglad here mentor 30 More Ideas.

  • Selling computers online

In market there are too many academies who required numbers of computers at once. By using Facebook market place you can start selling computers in bulk online.it requires only internet connection and your computer. You have to start dealership with known brands like dell , HP etc.

  • By selling computer parts

In this idea you have to make more connections and relations to institutes, companies, and organizations. You can start selling computer parts like graphic cards, RAM , or others parts which as per their requirement.

  • Email marketing

Email marketing is the most innovative and growing business that you have to start as soon as possible. This business is very simple in that case you have to register on freelancer sites like fiverr.com. This is the platform where you can start your small computer based business start-up. many companies required to connect people as much as possible, But they cannot reach maximum people so they hire people who can send bulk mailing and do marketing for their organisation or companies.

  • Writing paid blogs

In now scenario is online making blogs and earn money. There are numbers of bloggers who are making blogs but they don’t have to time for typing blogs. In that case if you have computer and you are good at typing then this is the best way to earning. They will hire you for wring blog or article for their blog and they will pay good price for that. It’s very easy computer based business.

  • Making your own website

For making your own website and earn money you have some basic knowledge of WordPress, SEO, Backlinks etc. But this business will earn you more than you had think. By making your website you can start earning.

  • Video editing services

If you have knowledge of editing videos, then you can start editing videos for any YouTube channel. Nowadays many YouTube channel starts as it making more revenue for their passion.it will require good video editing software and your skill then you can start by contacting YouTube channel owner.

  • Cartridge refilling

Many organizations are using printers. After some times their printer’s cartridge require to be refill and also require to replace the tonner. You can start this service for free deliveries. You can tie up with the companies who selling tonners and Inks for printer. This service can also good for your start-up. You can start your business by refilling cartridges and replace the tonner.

  • Data wiping service

Many companies are changing their computers almost every year or in 2 years. They have many confidential data that must be wiped out for their business secrete. You can give them this service if you have some advanced computer skills.

  • Affiliate marketing

If you are good at marketing, then you can start affiliate marketing. In that case you have to make an affiliate account on website like amazon, flip kart, many other. This sites are giving much commission for making their sales. This payment will directly come into your bank account given while sign up for affiliate account on any site. Want tutorial About Android Then Visit technologyboxer once.

  • Online selling E-Books

If you are not good at writing your book still, there is chance to sell e-books online by taking franchises to re-sell the books. Also this business can be start by affiliate marketing as shown in above point.  You can sell e-books by affiliate marketing by amazon site or any other who selling e-books and giving affiliate account.

  • By making design for component

If you are good at some mechanical design software then you can register with fiverr.com and can start work for other companies by making desired design of mechanical component as per customer requirement. But, it will have required some software skills like AutoCAD, Catia, solid works, AutoCAD etc. design software.

  • By giving some networking services

Networking service is most favourite business. In this type business you can start giving online networking service to companies. By using team viewer, you can solve little problems and give services to customer.

  • Become an online Tutor

If anyone wants to work part time or full time and also they have skills to give tuition, then they can start earning by giving online tuitions. There many sites like mytutor.com in which after registration you can start giving tuitions online to other countries student as well as India’s students.  If you good at mechanical engineering subjects or you are student of mechanical engineer, then you can start giving tuitions to other students by cheggindia.com website. This are best platforms where you can start earning online with your computer.


So friends this are best computer business ideas I have shared in this article. You can go through any computer business idea and start your own business and you can scale –up it in future.

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