Best Buy Credit Card Review 2019

Best Buy Credit Card Review 2019 – Credit card comes in handy to do online shopping. One of top marketplaces is Best Buy where you can visit the retailer store or order via online service. Both provide credit card transaction for buyers and customers.

To attract more customers, Best Buy released credit card specifically for shopping and transaction in Best Buy store, merchant, website, and application. To know more about this card, this article will explore Best Buy Credit Card Review 2019 from several aspects.

Best Buy Credit Card Review 2019

Best Buy Credit Card Review 2019
Best Buy Credit Card Review 2019

The review starts from what Best Buy credit is and where you can obtain it. Then, you need to know the benefits that cardholder can get. For your information, cardholder is person who uses the card for transaction.

He has authority for such action, but it might be different form the person who signs the card. The next thing is about the fee that you must pay. Moreover, Best Buy also provides support and customer service to handle any trouble.

What You Should Know from Best Buy Credit Card Review 2019

What You Should Know from Best Buy Credit Card Review 2019
What You Should Know from Best Buy Credit Card Review 2019

Before going further, you need to know that Best Buy Credit Card Review 2019 analyzes two types of credit card. There are Best Buy credit card and Best Buy Visa card. Both have Best Buy emblem, but Visa card has more features since it uses Visa network.

  1. Where do you get Best Buy Credit Card


You can visit nearby store and apply the credit card directly. Customer service will help to complete necessary documents. Applying credit card might take longer to proceed if there is issue regarding financial history and credit score. As you know, Best Buy uses score to assess whether customer is eligible to obtain this card.

You can visit Best Buy website and go to credit card application. Fill the form and wait until the process is done. You need to register and create online account. In general, the account is useful when doing online shopping. You can use your own credit for any transaction in Best Buy. If you need Best Buy Credit Card or Visa, the account feature is expanded.

Before sending application, read term of service and policy agreement related to this card. Best Buy has general rules regarding what customer has to do and get. The term of service stated that only person with age at least 17 years old who has legal permit to apply for credit card.

Parents are able to apply their kids as cardholder. Moreover, joint account has more than one person that uses the same card. They have obligation to pay the bill and interest.

  1. Benefits

Best Buy Credit Card Review 2019 also explores benefits that cardholder get. If you already have one of Best Buy cards, the next thing is to know its benefits. Firstly, cardholder has to know where he should use this card.

Best Buy Credit Card is eligible only in Best Buy store and online shopping. You cannot use this card to purchase goods or appliance from other marketplaces. The card is definitely limited to Best Buy retailer.

Meanwhile, Best Buy Visa Card is issued by Citibank and Visa network. It has the same feature as previous one, but it can do what Visa card does. Cardholder may pay anything that he purchased in Best Buy store.

Furthermore, the card is eligible to do financial transaction in other merchant, either direct purchase or online shopping. Therefore, Visa card version is the Best Buy Credit Card with extended Visa benefits.

Another reason why people use this credit card is cashback. Each purchase will earn 5% cashback received on your account. For first customer, additional cashback is added up to 10% based on recent purchase.

Moreover, the card is suitable option for financing activity. Best Buy offers interesting financing plan based on 6-month term and credit limit. For 6-month, you have financing for any items at least $199. More financing is available for 18-month and 24-month if you intend to buy major appliance and home theater. Both have limit $599 and $799.

In using credit card, there is interest that you should to pay before due time. Best Buy Credit Card has 15 to 30 days limit for paying without interest. It means customer has chance to get the same price but need to complete payment before up to 30 days.

If you cannot pay up to due time, the rate will be applied from purchasing time. This information is important thing to put in Best Buy Credit Card Review 2019.

  1. Cost and fees

Is there any fee or cost in the credit card? Two cards have the same basic features, but slightly different in fee or cost. The credit card is only for transaction in Best Buy store or website. Customer does not have to pay fee for such transaction.

Furthermore, annual fee is $0 due to such limitation. On the other side, Visa Credit Card has annual fee between $0 and $59. It depends on credit worthiness based on credit score.

If there is no issue for such payment, you are in good score. The banks, credit card issuers, and financial institutions will be happy to assist you for obtaining credit card. This situation is different when you have difficulty to complete bill regularly. The bank sees this sign as high risk for giving credit card that affect to low score.

This credit card is only for internal transaction in a Best Buy merchant. There is small risk for credit default. Best Buy has agreement with Citibank to back this card. On the other side, Best Buy Visa Card involves Visa as card network. There is additional system to assist transaction. That’s why cardholder has to pay fee. Higher credit score will decrease the fee and vice versa.

  1. Upgrade status

The next thing in Best Buy Credit Card Review 2019 is upgrade status. Customer receives standard feature at beginning. After many transactions, there is offer to upgrade your credit card into new level. You will get Elite and Elite Plus status after upgrading this card. This level is only available for frequent shopper.

With this status, you will get many additional benefits. Transaction and shopping become simpler, easier, and cheaper. Best Buy provides many discounts if you purchase goods every day. Of course, this status automatically goes down if cardholder does not spend money at minimum level. Elite has minimum credit $1500 and Elite Plus is $3500. Both are only for purchase transaction per year.

Credit limit is the factor that differs this card and debit or prepaid. Credit card relies on loan which bank gives to cardholder. When you pay, this means the money from bank is sent to seller. You have obligation to complete this loan at monthly basis including its interest.

On the other side, debit card uses your own money in saving to pay goods. There is no limitation as long as you have enough saving. Prepaid card is similar to debit card, but you pay to third party provider at certain amount.

  1. Support and customer service

Best Buy has customer service to handle everything related to credit card service. As it mentioned above, you can visit or call them to send application. They provide guidance until the card is ready.

The support includes credit card fraud and security issue. For Visa card, you may consider to ask Visa or Citibank if finding any trouble. The support from Best Buy also includes online service related to customer account.

Well, Best Buy Credit Card Review 2019 gives you information about what this card can and cannot do. As payment method, using credit is simpler and easier. Best Buy has many products from small to the big items. You just pay using this card and receive cashback. Besides, there is a reward if customer becomes frequent shopper with higher status as Elite.

The Verdict to Choose Best Buy Credit Card 2019

The Verdict to Choose Best Buy Credit Card 2018
The Verdict to Choose Best Buy Credit Card 2019

This section is important because it acts as a verdict after analyzing every aspect from Best Buy credit card. First thing is necessary whether you need this card or not. For people who always buy in Best Buy, this credit card is their favorite.

More purchase and transaction means the higher cashback and benefits. On the other hand, this card is not quite eligible for customers who only buy small items, but not frequently. They only waste time for having this card.

Which one is better between Best Buy Credit Card and Visa one? If you already have Visa card from other service, there is no need to choose Best Buy Visa. On contrary, you can have Visa card with Best Buy benefits. It helps to reduce unnecessary card since the issuer is in the same network.

Best Buy has credit card service for one reason, which is customer payment. The transaction becomes easy and reliable as customers use the system from Best Buy. Well, that’s the verdict from Best Buy Credit Card Review 2019. It is useful as reference and guideline for Best Buy customers, either the new or existing ones.

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