18 Best Ad Blocker for Android 2019 (Android Ad Blocker Apps)

18 Best Ad Blocker for Android 2019 (Android Ad Blocker Apps) – Ad blocker is not new thing because it has been around since internet inception. In PC or laptop, you can add the extension in browser to protect it from ads. You might often find pop-up ads and marketing videos that always inconvenient when come at excessive amount. It also occurs in smartphone, specifically for Android platform. To overcome this situation, you can rely on the best ad blocker for android 2019.

Best Ad Blocker for Android 2019

Best Ad Blocker for Android 2019
Best Ad Blocker for Android 2019

Basically, ad blocker will protect and prevent users from seeing the ad on screen. As we know, the apps use ad in order to gain revenue. If you want the app with no ad, choose the paid or subscription mode. In Play Store, you wil see the app with sign as in-app purchase. It means users will see the app if they do not choose paid version.

List of the Best Ad Blocker for Android 2019

List of the Best Ad Blocker for Android 2019
List of the Best Ad Blocker for Android 2019
  1. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is reliable app to block advertisement in Android phone. It is available as app for preventing pop-up ad and browser. This comes in handy when you want to install particular app or game, but do not like their advertisement. Furthermore, it is also capable to keep video appears as low as possible during gaming. You can browse using its browser easily without worrying about disruptive ad.

  1. Adaway

One of the best ad blocker for android 2019 is Adaway. It is open source app for Android users where you can install easily. Due to nature of this app, you might not find at Play Store and installation will be from APK mode.

This app is capable to block any advertisement. To do such thing, the system will direct ad to localhost. Therefore, you will find pop-up ad or video appears on screen. It is effective and efficient way if you feel annoyed with excessive advertisement.

  1. Adguard

Preventing ad is not enough for Android smartphone. The devices might have issue related to online tracking, phishing, malware, excess bandwidth, and loading time. In that case, you should try Adguard. This app is very resilient to get rid of unwanted advertisement by blocking and directing to different host.

Moreover, the device does not need to take root process during installation. Any smartphone is compatible for Adguard. For your information, this app consists of free and paid version. For further features, paid subscription will give advanced protection.

  1. Adclear

Another app to protect from ad is Adclear. As similar to previous one, this app works well in un-root smartphone. The installation is easy using APK file that you find from official website. Moreover, the app is free and no charge at all. Small file leads to less memory to work when this app is in protection mode. As the best ad blocker for android 2019, the result is very good and reliable to make sure that any annoying ad will not appear anymore.

  1. Block This

Ad in smartphone appears due to recognizable DNS. You will see ads that related to your preference based on personal history. It is quite annoying when you do not want privacy intrusion. In order to block such ad, you need to install Block This. It is not just ad blocker, but DNS and VPS service.

The app will protect and cover your history when accessing app and browser. The service is free, and the VPS is integrated to app system. You do not need to install separate VPS or DNS service at all. Another benefit is friendly to non-root smartphone. You do not need to root the entire system in device just to install Block This.

  1. DNS66

To block ad, you just need to direct unwanted request to different direction. This is what DNS88 does in order to protect device from advertisement. The system creates VPS as privacy and protection that goes side by side.

For privacy purpose, you will get cover from tracking and cache. VPS also works to direct ad into different traffic. DNS maintains traffic in proper way and get rid of unwanted things immediately. This best ad blocker for android 2019 is easy to install without rooting.

  1. Cygery Adskip for YouTube

Some blockers are designed to protect from specific ad or app. If you do not like to watch ad in YouTube, one of recommended apps to solve is Cygery Adskip for YouTube.

From its name, you can grasp what this app can do. Basically, it protects any kind of ad in YouTube. When you see videos, some ads appear longer without skip option. Moreover, the videos have tons of app every five minutes. That’s not comfortable way to enjoy YouTube. As solution, there is Cygery Adskip for YouTube.

  1. Netguard

Netguard uses different method to protect from ads. It is blocking app to prevent other apps accessing internet directly. You can set the apps that have access to take bandwidth from phone.

From this feature, you can save amount of bandwidth to faster smartphone performance. It comes in handy to keep mobile data in balance. When the apps are blocked, there are no ads at all that will show in screen. This method seems old school, but very reliable. You can terminate app with excess ads directly to their source. The installation does not need rooting process, which is simple and safe.

  1. Adbrain ad detector

The next app is Adbrain ad Detector with capability to recognize potential ad, spam, and threat. This app is reliable to make sure no ads will appear in screen. To do such thing, the app isolates spam from its source to show users what ad developer does and uses to build the system.

This is not just blocking, but keeps privacy and security at the top priority. You can browse without privacy instruction after installing Adbrain ad Detector.

  1. Trustgo

Trustgo is another choice of the best ad blocker for android 2019 with additional capability as identity protection. Advertisement shows based on personal information and history. Many apps send this information to analyze what users do, want, and need. That’s quite annoying for person who values privacy. In that case, you need Trustgo to keep any personal information in safe mode. There is no intrusion anymore from unwanted apps to collect the data from users.

  1. Droidwall

Firewall in PC is protection system to make sure no malicious program is running. In Android, you can use Droidwall with similar feature as firewall system. Just install it and see the list of apps installed in device. Select particular app and terminate the process from background running. It helps to prevent app for showing ads without you knowing.

  1. Opera mini

Opera mini is popular browser for mobile device. The new version is more reliable due to capability to block the apps directly on its source. Moreover, you can integrate this app to phone performance in order to reduce bandwidth. Ads usually appear as notification and Opera mini will block everything. Another feature is private mode to browse anonymous using VPN.

  1. Bromite

The next best ad blocker for android 2019 is Bromite. It is developed for ad free browsing with the same interface and features as Chrome. In fact, Bromite uses Chrome API as core. You can go with incognito mode and explore the internet without knowing what you see and do. Privacy intrusion is no longer issue if you decide to access Bromite.

  1. Brave Browser

This app is suitable for users who concern about privacy. Internet uses cache to store in user’s memory. It has pros and cons for users. As you know, cache helps to load faster because it shortens the request. On the other side, you let others to collect history and personal information for advertising. To protect such thing, it is time to rely on Brave Browser. It is capable to block and prevent online tracking.

  1. Yubrowser

No ad is what you get from this browser. Developer understands that ad is the reason why users want to look for alternative. The app will keep any ad from direct appearing. It is also capable to reduce battery usage and low bandwidth. Therefore, you can browse faster, longer, and more reliable.

Check 15 Best Android ad blocker For You To Try Now

  1. AppBrain Ad Detector

  2. TrustGo Ad Detector

  3. Free Ad Blocker Browser

  4. Block this

  5. AdClear

  6. DNS66

  7. AdAway

  8. Adblock Plus

  9. Adguard

  10. Disconnect Pro

  11. Cygery Ad Skip

  12. Netguard

  13. Brave Browser

  14. YuBrowser

  15. Opera Mini

Related Things about the Best Ad Blocker for Android

List of the Best Ad Blocker for Android 2019
List of the Best Ad Blocker for Android 2019

Why do you need ad blocker? The answer might be complicated because it involves several parties, such as users, developer, online marketer, and Google as Android developer. Users do not like ad, but they want to get full feature and benefit from developer.

On the other side, developers need income to develop those apps and keep them running every time. Online marketers see Android as the biggest platform that attracts many advertisers. Google has policy regarding ad in Android app.

They have different role and agenda regarding this issue. It is common to put ad for free app. Users can get the feature, but developer does not lose the revenue. One critical problem is excessive ad on screen.

You might experience in PC or laptop where pop-up ads appear when you click it every time. This is very annoying ad and users do not have choice to control or block them.

Moreover, ad blocker works with several methods. Most common one is to direct ad into different host. It prevents smartphone to get the ad because none is sent to device. The next process is to block directly from its source.

The best ad blocker for android 2019 will isolate server related to app. The next one is DNS mode alongside VPS. This is usually for ad blocker with privacy protection.

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