American Express Card Number Format 2019

American Express Card Number Format 2019 – Payment transaction is easier nowadays. Now, physical money is no longer the only access and means of transaction.

Things have changed and technology makes transaction easier and faster to do. People do not need to bring big amount of physical money in their wallet or case. The payment and other things can be done just by using a card.

Related to this, there is debit and credit card. Lately, credit card gets more attention instead of debit card, although some people still have both of them to secure transaction and saving in bank.

Both cards are used as the key to access bank account. So, when the card is used, authorization can be given and the payment is completed. This runs fast and easily, thanks to technology.

American Express Card Number Format 2019

American Express Card Number Format
American Express Card Number Format

There are many issuers of credit card, and American Express is one of them. For you who have American Express Card, you may want to know important information about American Express card number format and related information.

Credit cards have special format. The issuers apply format in order to give special identification for the card. Of course, the format can be different from other issuers.

It is not just a random combination. There is special treatment used in the format and it is applied in all credit cards. In case of American Express, the formula is applied in all its credit card.

Of course, it is interesting to know some points about this. This time, we will discuss this issue deeper. Let’s begin with the basic knowledge about American Express credit card.

Understanding the American Express Card Number Format

Understanding the American Express Card Number Format
Understanding the American Express Card Number Format

For your information, the American Express or AmEx Credit Card becomes one of the popular cards used in transaction. Many people use this and there can be hundreds and even thousands of transactions done in a day by this credit card.

As the user of AmEx card, you may want to know the card well. For your information, one of the important points about the card is its numbers.

Surely, you know this well. You will need to know the numbers when going to make online transaction. In fact, those numbers are not just random digits. There are some interesting points related to the format. Let’s check them now.

  • The special format of card numbers

In fact, the special formula is used to get the format and combination of digit. The issuer does not combine the number randomly. There is special algorithm used and this is necessary for its validation.

This is not just to make the format of numbers special, but it is also part of its security feature. With this, people will not be able to make fake numbers of AmEx.

Even if they could generate numbers, procedure of validating always runs automatically. That’s why it is not easy to break unless people know the formula or algorithm.

  •  First digit

The other special thing about American Express card number format is found in the first digit. For the case of American Express credit card, first digit is always 3.

This becomes special identifier of issuer and company. Of course, this number is not just picked randomly. It is registered, so all banking systems will be able to identify the credit card based on this identification number.

  • Second digit

After the first digit, second digit is also special. For American Express Card, the second number is 4 or 7. This applies for all card of AmEx. This will be the second identifier of this card.

  • Number length

AmEx also has special length of number as its format. There are 15 digits of number used as its length and this applies for all its cards. Then, these digits are separated in special combination.

All of the digits are separated by space and divided into three parts. The first part has 4 digits, continued by 6 digits, and the last part is 5 digits.

Related to the length of number, it is different from other cards. Even, each issuer has its own length or amount of digits. For example, MasterCard has 16 digits started with 5, while Maestro has no special amount of digit, but the maximum length is 19 digits with first digit are between 5 or 6. Then, Visa has length up to 19 digits and the first number is 4.

Those are some special information about American Express card number format. The issuer uses special combination as its identification.

Moreover, this also becomes special security feature, so it can increase its security in order to avoid any fake numbers and abuse of credit card number.

Other important Information Related to American Express Card Number Format

Other important Information Related to American Express Card Number Format
Other important Information Related to American Express Card Number Format

Number of credit card is essential. As the owner or holder of AmEx credit card, it is important to know the number well. This is also necessary when you are going to make transaction.

It may be less important when you make transactions in physical outlets or stores since you can use the card. You can slide the card and give authorization for transaction, and then it is done.

However, when you have online transaction or payment, you need to know and remember the card numbers. These are helpful for you in filling the form and complete the process.

In some occasions, you may also need to know the card numbers if losing the card. Even if you do not remember them, you can make note as prevention.

Numbers are important, but those are not the only crucial things to know. You need to know other supporting information as well to use the cards, especially in online transaction.

This becomes important because only knowing the numbers will not make you able to complete the process. You need to know supporting information, such as the name of owner, address and security code.

  • Name of cardholder

The first information to know is about the name. It is important point because sometimes the user of card is not the real owner or holder. It can be family or relative. In this case, it becomes necessary to know the name and registered address.

Related to the name, in American Express card number format, the name can be found in lower part of card, specifically on the left corner. The number is in abbreviation and it mentions last name of cardholder.

  • Identification number

The other information of American Express card number format is about identification number. In other credit cards issued by other companies, it is called as CVV2 or CVC.

Simply, this refers to security code of the card. Other issues may use three digits as code, but American Express uses four digits and they can be found in the front side of card, above credit card number.

  • Expiration date

The next information is expiration date. For your information, the card has its limit of date to use, so it can be expired. Of course, users need to know this date since the card cannot be used once it has passed the date.

In American Express card, the date is in format of “mm/yy” or month followed by year. It is located between the card numbers and names.

These three points of information are necessary. Without these points, transactions cannot be run and completed. In this case, these all are sensitive and important information.

That’s why it is important to keep the information and its card. It is advised not to give or lend the card to other people if those are not trustworthy.

Strangers can use the cards and abuse may happen. In addition there are also other important points to pay attention related to these matters.

  • Keep the information safe

This becomes first thing to do. Therefore, you cannot just share the card and its personal information to other people. Even, taking picture and sharing it is prohibited since other people can abuse the information for their own benefit.

Related to this, you may need to make note about the information and save them well. Yes, there can be conditions where you need these all. Although you may not expect bad things to happen, things can be so unpredictable.

  • Do not use the information carelessly

People tend to use credit card and its information carelessly. Usually, it happens when there is form to fulfill in online platform or other website. In this case, you must be careful.

You cannot just fill random forms if you are not sure about the publishers or people behind the forms. This becomes risky. Even when it is for online transaction, you need to make sure that it is trusted shop, so you can use the information in American Express card number format for the payment.

All of these things are necessary. When you already know the American Express card number format and functions of those kinds of information, you must be more careful. Your credit is so helpful for transactions, but it can also bring a problem when you are careless in using the card.  

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